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Wurr book 4: The book of sad.

Wurr stuff © me stuff.

This page is dedicated to Mirkku, the best cat ever and my first pet, who passed away during the making of this page.
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Tears of sad.

But good.
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tynethyneHobbyist General Artist
I am so sorry *hugs* it is very hard losing a pet. 
Felixcani's avatar
FelixcaniHobbyist Digital Artist
I am o very sorry for your loss. I know this comes late, but I too lost my first cat last December.
Loosing the pet we grew up alongside with is hard. *Hugs tight*
Kinn-Katze's avatar
the grief is palpable!!! 
Pan-Zareta's avatar
Pan-ZaretaHobbyist Photographer
My belated condolences on the loss of your Mikku.
Pan-Zareta's avatar
Pan-ZaretaHobbyist Photographer
Sorry Mirkku
Pencilartguy's avatar
Aww. Sorry about your cat. Last year I lost mine at late January like you did so I know how you are feeling right now. How old was your cat?
KittyKillAll-Art's avatar
so sorry about your cat
ceIine's avatar
ceIineHobbyist Digital Artist
I am so sorry about your cat.
Farseer-Lolotea's avatar
Aw, damn.   My condolences re: your kitty. :(
D-Rock92's avatar
D-Rock92Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry about your loss.

Also, this page only serves to remind me, this entire thing could have easily been avoided, but generations of hostility also made it inevitable.
MewTora17's avatar
MewTora17Hobbyist Artist
T-T I am sorry to heard that.... 
BoundertheWolf's avatar
Book of sad indeed.  That poor family. :( 
And my deepest condolences to you, too.  May they rest peacefully.
FaolanWolfStar's avatar
FaolanWolfStarStudent General Artist
What a lovely page,
So sad to hear that you lovely cat passed away,
I hope you are all right!
I know the feeling when you lose a pet, sad times!
Get better soon!
micowolf30000's avatar
micowolf30000Hobbyist General Artist
man that was sad...
LycanFairy's avatar
I seriously started to cry at that last panel it tore my heart
wolfian's avatar
Those are some mighty nicely done upset puppy expressions!

I'm sorry to hear of your loss, I also have lost a cat this year.
bonsha's avatar
bonshaProfessional Digital Artist
What I really love about this comic is there's technically no "bad" guy. Each side has their own very legit and reasonable motivation, and the conflict comes when these motivations clash. The fact that you show the soldiers honoring their fallen comrade really sells this, among other previous scenes, when a lesser story wouldn't have even bothered. I really wish this comic had more attention because it really is one of the very best on this site, and even better than some big named published work.

Rereading this through again, my only real complaint is Crippled forgetting Issan's gang was nearby until months later. That came of as a little too contrived for me, but if that's the only thing I can complain about, I'd say your all good.
BoundertheWolf's avatar
It may be just my opinion, but I think Mr. Soo is the one exception to there being no bad guys.  There's something sinister about him.
bonsha's avatar
bonshaProfessional Digital Artist
Haha yea, it does seem like he's hiding something else. Him and Bak Bak too.
Linkification's avatar
LinkificationHobbyist Digital Artist
oh god this is emotional
MistingWolf's avatar
MistingWolfHobbyist General Artist
T-the... the... feels. T____T
Myrethy's avatar
MyrethyHobbyist Writer
Cry forever 
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