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Wurr 269

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Apologies for veing a week late! My computer borked last week while I tried to do this originally (it keeps crashing few minutes after turning on and kindly corrupted my file two times). I had to scramble the page together in two minute pieces, and am now typing this on my phone after scrambling to shove the file to to get the update out!

So just to keep you guys updated too, I'm not sure I can keep up the weekly updates untill the pandemic loosenes enough for me to get my brother to fix my computer. Sorry for the delays! I shall keep working on the comic during this time anyway, but, you know.

I'll keep my tumblr (papermonkeyism) and twitter (paperiapina) up to date in the meantime. Stay safe, everyone!

I really enjoyed drawing the middle panel, can you tell?
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I miss Wurr so much, it's always been one of my favorite webcomics. I've always loved its beautiful art and meticulously thought out world building.

ookaookaooka's avatar

I love this comic so much. It's one of the webcomics that inspired me to start my own back in college and now pretty soon my comic's gonna be longer than this one. Reading Wurr brings back so many good memories ☺

Letiopa's avatar

i miss this comic sooooo much :'(

wurr... my beloved web comic... i miss you so much :'(

MistingWolf's avatar

Miss this comic SO MUCH

Scribbleloupe's avatar


K, time to resume my childhood from where I left off. <3

RannaHuskydrake's avatar

So glad to see you still among the living <3 I was worried for a bit ^^ great to see the new pages <3

Aschiavone's avatar

Just finished getting up to date with Wurr. Still as great as I remember. Glad it's still going after all this time.

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Btw, the program CCleaner is a great investment.  Often the reason why computers start slowing down and/or randomly restarting and BSD'ing is because of registry errors and junk files piling up in the system Temp folders.  I dealt with this same problem on my rig and the only other solution is a complete reformat which is a P.I.T.A.
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Really Surama?  Don't pick your nose with your tongue while in company!
Mokisaur's avatar
i'm so happy this is baaaaaaaack 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
FennecFyre's avatar

The awkward moment your bro doesn't seem to realize he's traveling with a mutant monster, likely followed by an even more awkward moment where he explains that oh no, he knows, and there's a whole bunch of mutants hiding just out of sight too.

thegriffin88's avatar
So I have to ask now that I'm all caught up, but do you sell the English translation of Wurr books? If so, where because I'm an avid collector of independent comics like this and would LOVE to add it to my collection. 
MrWitchblade's avatar
Here's to you getting your computer sorted.
I hope you have external back up drives!

And thanks for uploading!
Always enjoy it. :)
demiveemon's avatar

Shutdown after a few minutes sounds like an over heating issue. Could the cooling system be broken?

MistingWolf's avatar
If it comes down to it, I would be happy to read photographed versions until the scans can be provided, personally!
D-Rock92's avatar

Bakbak forgot that he was bringing the stuff of their nightmares over for a visit. Good on him for learning to see past that. As for Toddface, she might need some time. I can see the conversation going a certain ways;


Surama: And you stink, what of it?

cloudcover53's avatar
welp i binge read this in a day and i love it! i cant wait to see where it goes, thank you for sharing it!
Amethysmus's avatar

I love that look of realization. :D

Lopoddity's avatar
i'm sorry, i know you probably didn't intend it this way but

Luv by Lopoddity

Oh, dream weaver~
LotyWereFox's avatar

Surama like " This man stinks"

Murasaki99's avatar
Err, does Surama have a very sensitive sense of smell or I suspect Toddface has an "air" about her?  :D

I hope Toddface is cool with meeting the wurrfolk! 
Wasn't it mentioned earlier that Face has like a mushroom fixation or something?
Murasaki99's avatar
True, but to me, mushrooms smell nice.  What they grow in can be a bit "organic".  I used to work in Pennsylvania where there were "mushroom houses" that had heaps of horse manure and straw composting outside, which they used for growing medium, that was definitely organic-smelling.  :D   The mushrooms were worth it, though.  :hungry:
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