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Could you please just come down

By Paperiapina
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That cliff is clearly way too high and Ash Foot would totally die from stepping down. Obviously. She must scream about it loudly instead.

10/10 animal logic.
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Pokémon cliff logic reversed
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Are there any steps along the way?
"Just one."
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Oh sweetie. I know, sweetie. I know. It's just not fair. It's so scary, I know, such a huge leap. They're asking a lot of you. I know. Hush, hush... x3

From everyone's expressions, this isn't the first time poor Ash Foot has faced a DEADLY SHORT STEP DOWNWARD. Poor everyone. x3; That caution has probably saved her from some accidental injuries, though!
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Yep, seems right.
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Me too babe, me too
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yes the cliff is way to high poor animal is very sad
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[distressed moos intensify]
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Everyone is trying to kill her!!!
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Absolutely wonderful. :love: Love the work you've put into this world; seeing the Singing People in my inbox always makes my day!
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Aw, I love Ash Foot! She's such a sweet and goofy cow xD
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I'm the one faceclawing in the middle
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Cows in real life! Awesome, I love these characters.
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Omg I love the stuff you've been doing with the Singing People. It's one of the most unite head worlds I've seen. :heart:
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XD Reminds me of trying to get my dog down the stairs
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omg I went through almost exactly this with a horse once. XD  Been loving all the stuff you've done with the singing people.  
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I mean... apparently modern cows are much the same?  I've heard you can lead them up stairs but can't get them down the stairs.
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