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Emmiina Jokinen
Artist | Professional | Varied
You may call me Papermonkey.

email: varjotanssija (at)

27th July 2007, the first page of Wurr was uploaded online.

Wurr page 1 by Paperiapina

I have multiple feelings about this, and I don't know what to do with all of them. There's some confusing and conflicting for sure. There's good ones (wow, I've actually been able to commit to a story for this long!) and some less than good ones (I have about half as many pages as the time suggests).

I kind of wanted to do something big to celebrate the occasion, but, uh, I kinda forgot (I swear it was just June a moment ago, where did it go?). But, you know. Ten years.

It's weird to think this was originally just a moment's inspiration. All other stories I'd had never had gotten anywhere despite having years of planning behind them. Wurr just came as an idea of "hey, what if" and then like a week later I had a comic. 

Originally it was supposed to be just the first three pages, and nothing more, but it soon grew up when I started bouncing ideas on how I could use this world. Which is kind of funny in itself, originally the three pages were supposed to be a high fantasy thing, with orcs and elves (I had -and still have- lots of feelings about high fantasy and the pretty racist premise of it when you stop to think about it for too long. I mean I absolutely love fantasy, but the black and white good vs evil set up feels cheap and I DIGRESS), and I only turned it into a canine story because at the time I couldn't draw humany faces worth a damn. And then the story just took off.

A lot has changed since then, though. The characters were pretty much stereotype templates at the beginning (The Hero TM (Iacar), the Funny One (Morri) the Timid One (Hafmar) the Nerdy One (Iralbe), the Female TM... Did you know that Surama was supposed to be an elegant and mysterious woman? Pfffft, yeah. That lasted exactly untill the first time she opened her mouth). No wonder I had trouble writing them in the beginning, when they weren't actually interesting to me. (Also forever regret not making Morri female.)

I didn't really have a story when I started, beyond "I want these characters to get out of the Crater" (which was supposed to happen within the first ten pages. Hah!). The whole Niftynose episode was an ass pull to keep the story going, and I have regrets about it, but what can you do. In the early days Wurr was supposed to be a straight up fantasy story with actual magic and stuff. There were WIZARDS! And the dogs were lead by a corrupt military, and they bred giant monster birds that they harvested wings from, which they then connected to their elite soldiers to have an air force, except that Black Touch was the source of magic, which could twist its users to hellhounds too, but the dogs' government was lying to its own citizens about the hellhounds and...

And at some point I realized that in order to run from the "good vs evil" premise I had actually just bent over backwards to have the exact same premise myself, but with the good and evil halves swapped. So yeah, I rewrote the whole thing. (Also that's why Niftynose shoots lightning from his nose. It's not biologically possible, but he was written into the story back when Actual Magic was still a thing in the setting, and it's too late to change it now.)

This is kind of also the reason why in the first couple of years I only updated like one page every three months. There was no script, no proper story let alone an ending to write towards, so I was stuck all the time. I can actually point to a page where I drew couple of filler panels, because it was taking me a month to get a single panel drawn as I didn't know where I was going.

In the end I left my own interests guide the worldbuilding (prehistory/early history and cultures are fascinating!).

After having drawn the comic for two years I went to Liminka School of Arts for a year long comic making course, and suddenly I found inspiration (and peer pressure) to get working on the comic for real. Around this point I also finally figured out the plot of the comic with the help of my Brainstorm Buddy, and for the first time I had an ending to aim at.

Also thanks for my Liminka buddies for pressuring me to print the first book of Wurr. I never would have done it without them.

A lot has changed since the early days. Mostly my methods of writing (I actually plan my pages before drawing now) and of course the story itself. There's no more magic, but I find myself more invested in the world without it. The characters have grown their third dimensions, so to speak, and I'm just plain having more fun. 

I still occasionally struggle with the writing (I cannot concentrate unless I get out of the house, which wasn't a problem back when I was still studying. Surviving through three different art school meant countless lectures that were absolutely the best thing to get work done on a comic. I'm still kind of adjusting to not having an access to that now that I've graduated.) but at least I have actual goals now.

So here's to ten years! *raises a cup of tea*

Let's hope it doesn't take me another decade to finish it.

(Also huge thank yous to everyone who keeps reading the comic! There's no way I could have stuck with it this long without knowing you were there.)

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