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TLS Polymer Clay Tutorial

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From hence forward, if you ask me a TLS related question, you will be directed to this tutorial. If your question cannot be answered by this tutorial, I will answer it forthwith without re-routation to this tutorial.


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Drawstoria Digital Artist
Can you mix tls with paints? (im just wondering because painting clay doesn't look very nice but if you mix the paint with tls for the color... does it work?)
paperfaceparade's avatar
I think so. I've never done it myself, but here is a good resource:…
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Dragona15Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for your detailed info about the TLS. I am beginning with polymer clay and have had some difficulty understanding what it was for XD
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It really looks like a macaron!! So good! I want to eat it ^^
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Laugh245Student General Artist
When it bakes, does the tsl stay shinny?
paperfaceparade's avatar
Not really. It will usually be a little bit shiny when compared with regular clay, but if you want it to have a nice glossy finish, you'll have to glaze it with some kind of clay glaze or clear fingernail polish. 
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Laugh245Student General Artist
ok thank you
peg1950's avatar
Thank you again!!! Peg :)
cocoakokoa's avatar
For never seeing a macaroon, that is amazing!
orziloveKTE's avatar
Even see the process step-by-step, it still felt incredible... :wow:
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iStoleUrLlamaHobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm.. Interesting macaroon. The ones I make are basically balls of coconut.And I mean real food, not clay
paperfaceparade's avatar
Yeah, that's what I originally thought of when someone asked me to make a macaroon tutorial and then they showed me these other funny looking ones that I'd never seen before. Now at least I've seen the real thing, but I still haven't tasted one.

Coconut macaroons, on the other hand-- delicious. :)
iStoleUrLlama's avatar
iStoleUrLlamaHobbyist Digital Artist
I think Ive seen the bread-ey part like a biscuty cookie (if that makes sense) but never with a filling.
And my favorite are my grandmothers chocolate ones!
xMissDirectionx's avatar
I think I know the confusion. The coconut-y balls are macaroons, whilst the ones made here are actually called macarons (with one o)- but these days most people use the term macaroon to describe both (much to the chagrin of the French and patissiers).

I haven't had macaroons before, but macarons - good quality ones - are possibly the nicest thing you could munch on. Vanilla, salted caramel, lavender and white chocolate, mango and passionfruit, cookies and cream, watermelon, pistachio, mocha...literally any flavor you can think of. And it's all absolutely beautiful. Evil to bake from scratch though; one of the most technical and fussy baking you could ever do.
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Hello, i was wondering if i can store the tls i made so i can reuse it in another time
paperfaceparade's avatar
I'm not sure, I haven't really tried storing it. I usually try to use up whatever I make whenever I make it. I'd say if it's in an airtight container, it should be fine. It might get hard or dry out over time, but if you're using it within a few days, I think it would work. :)
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Talty Artisan Crafter
Hi! This tutorial was featured in the article Polymer Clay Food Tutorials Collection for #projecteducate. This is a very outstanding tutorial, and your kindness to share your techniques is admirable. Keep up the good work!
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Talty Artisan Crafter
You're welcome ^^
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Hmm, but when I use TLS and bake it, even when it's only a thin layer, it does'nt turn out translucent D:
paperfaceparade's avatar
Interesting... Both Liquid Fimo and TLS should turn translucent. They're not transparent (sort of a slightly opaque/foggy translucent) but you should be able to see light through it (unless you add a ton of chalk to it-- that might make it look more like dried paint). Try increasing the baking time/temp ever so slightly and see if that helps at all.
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Very AWESOME tutorial!
marieke1312's avatar
can i youse school glue to .....
paperfaceparade's avatar
sorry, no. not if you want to use it to mix it with the clay. if you just want to drizzle it like syrup and let it dry (without baking it again) that should be fine. =)
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