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Ice Cream Poly-Clay Tutorial

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Well, I thought I'd share more of my polymer clay knowledge with the world. I get frustrated when no one will share special techniques with me, so it's only fair that I share my most prized techniques with all of you. ^^

Oh, yeah, little warning about embossing powder--- it does really weird things in the oven, so you really will want to find something different if you want to make vanilla bean. I just started experimenting with it. Maybe I got the cheapy brand... *shrugs* The main thing about this tutorial is the texturing technique-- it really doesn't matter what kind of ice cream you decide to make. ^^

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apocalypticCrusaderStudent Writer
OhmyGod thank you ejndsakjncw
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conniethehedgecat777Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. You are really talented. I've seen all your tutorials and I hope that you make more soon. :3
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I'm hoping to do more. School ended for the summer and then it's been full time work, so I haven't had much time to do a full-blown tutorial. But I would love to make some more, so keep an eye out and I just might get around to it. :)
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conniethehedgecat777Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool, can't wait.
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Thank you again for another great tutorial. You make it seem so simple. I appreciate your sharing. :) Peg
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Awesome tutorial
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JazyXIIIHobbyist Digital Artist
This is more than amazing, but I have one strange question -- are you wearing fake nails? They look so nice so close up XD
paperfaceparade's avatar
haha thank you! those are my real nails. :)
D-Avarice-S's avatar
Wow, that's impressive! :D Very good! I'll have to utilize the technique when I made ice cream for my dolls... u__u /nods
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mynameisjade General Artist
Love the idea of adding sand/embossing powder to make it look like vanilla bean! Thanks!! :heart:
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I really wanted to learn how to create nice ice cream scoops and this really helped. Thank you so much!
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Have you ever tried using a knife to make that rough texture? c:
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Okay, you mentioned that you got frustrated when you had trouble finding info on how to do perhaps you can give me some insight into my problems with polyclay?

My main problem is...well, basically that it's very hard to work with, if you know what I'm saying? Once I get it soft enough to be workable, it becomes very sticky and any delicate work I try to do I have problems with as the clay sticks to my hands and to the surface I'm working it on. Any advice on how to avoid this problem?
paperfaceparade's avatar
Yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about. Usually, it's only certain colors from certain brands. What brand of clay are you using?

As for a remedy, some talcum powder (baby powder) spread on your work surface and on your hands might help a bit. Flour and cornstarch might substitute for the baby powder, but I don't know how well.

Hope that helps!
str4yk1tt3n's avatar
I will definitely try those for the clay I'm working with...totally generic 'Craftsmart Polymer Clay' in white. I got the same brand in a couple colors of green a while back for a school project (which turned out great) and since I ended up entirely over-painting every piece in acrylics, thought that just using a white base made sense, cost-wise. But I do seem to be having more trouble with the white when it comes to it's workability.
Another issue I've been having -- that I've seen totally avoided on many tutorials -- is um...I know there's a word for it...when you have two separate pieces and squish them together, blending them together to make them more like one piece, to prevent them from falling apart once dried. I have had this happen and have tried make sure I properly blend the pieces together, which often causes squishing and messing up of the completed pieces...sorry...I don't think that was very understandable... But basically, I've seen a lot of projects and tuts on here that don't bother with that...just stick on piece on top of another and apparently they hold fine?

Thank you again so much for your advice...I will try the talcum powder for sure. And I'll stop asking you annoying questions. :)
paperfaceparade's avatar
haha, it's fine, sorry i took so long to get back to you!

if you take a toothpick or other tiny round thing like maybe a paintbrush and roll it across where the two pieces need to attach, it'll help blend the clay together so it bakes as one piece. and/or you can glue them together with a bit of TLS before (or after) you bake the pieces, just make sure you bake them again if you put the TLS on AFTER you've already baked the seperate pieces.
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XD I wrinkly ball. XD jk. :D thanks~
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XD I wrinkly ball. XD jk. :D thanks~
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Thank you so much! :) :sun: lovely tutorial and very helpful!
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aww thank you so much, i've always wondered how to do this! i think this is the best poly-clay tutorial ever so i will fav it! :D :hug:
thanks again for sharing!
paperfaceparade's avatar
You're welcome, and thank you! ^^
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Onyx-JadeHobbyist Writer
I've just seen all of your Tutorials and I think I've put all of them in my collections. YOU ROCK AT TUTORIALS AND CLAY ART. You rock, I swear, as in... Seriously rock :D :+favlove: :love: :hug: :kiss: :glomp:
paperfaceparade's avatar
^^ aww thanks!!
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Onyx-JadeHobbyist Writer
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