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Hand Polymer Clay Tutorial

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Sooooo... someone requested a human figure tutorial. And I think I'm going to do it in parts. So, here's the tutorial for hands, and I've got one for feet that I can put up, too.

My tutorials:

Avocado Cane (Skinner Blend): [link]
Cake: [link]
Carrot: [link]
Corn on the Cob: [link]
Dumbledore: [link]
Human Feet: [link]
Human Hands: [link]
Key Lime Pie: [link]
Kiwi Cane: [link]
Milkshake: [link]
Orange Cane: [link]
Pea Pod: [link]
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich: [link]
Pepperoni Pizza: [link]
TLS (Translucent Liquid Sculpey): [link]
Tomato: [link]
Treble Clef: [link]
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: [link]
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Wiend-HyuuRaHobbyist General Artist
Kinda creepy, but it's good (y)
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TammysoulHobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial :)
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mine didn't turn out as good as yours :(
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don't be afraid to keep trying :) it takes a lot of trying and failing. the hardest part is getting that first basic shape right-- getting it the right size, and getting the curvy shape of the fingertips right. knowing what length to cut the fingers is really hard too... my suggestions-- start HUGE so you can just keep cutting and whittling away at the clay until you get the proportions right. leave yourself room for error. make it big so you can cut the fingers extra long and then cut them down to the right size as you begin to shape them.
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Thank you, this is great! :D
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you dont suck at all ur pretty good actually :D im impresed!
SoraSlipheed's avatar
I must admit it looked creepy at first but turned out great :3
LadyNapolde's avatar
thank you for the great tutorial :)
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sapphire44456Student Artisan Crafter
I was making this at night and felt like there was a little demon holding my finger while I was putting on the fingernails
damnheliotrope's avatar
damnheliotropeHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I LOVE THIS TUTORIAL!! thank you so much for it, my little hands look so real because of you! :D
except they kinda creep out my friends ahaha :P
Zwagyzonk's avatar
Zwagyzonk Digital Artist
that's aamazing~! such detail o.o
Fraise-Bonbon's avatar
Fraise-BonbonHobbyist Artisan Crafter
wwooow! this z amazing,, thx for all the tutorials!
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Grendich's avatar
GrendichStudent General Artist
omg it looks so real eep!
eLiLLy815's avatar
I think it actually looks pretty scary :D
I must say your clay work is definitely awesome, I'm gonna try some of your tutorials :) thanks for that!
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Pseudo27Hobbyist General Artist
used but my hands dont look as good as yours.
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Amazing! Thanks! The ninth picture sort of freaked me out. It looked real. Like it was holding your finger and was saying, "I'mma keell youuu" XD
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Excelente tutorial! excelent tutorial!! i love it!
Eskuichi's avatar
Excelente tutorial! excelent tutorial!! i love it!
kittykatklub1's avatar
haha nice hands! :D

I could totally make them like scary hands and keep em white and freaky and stuff and then make a halloween charm with that and like a foot! (feet scare one of my friends XD)
paperfaceparade's avatar
haha! that'd be pretty great. then you'd need to make some red tls and smear it all over and make like veins and bone and flesh sticking out of the end. XD
kittykatklub1's avatar
heheheheh >:D i could totally scare my friend with that *thinks about having a hand crawl on my friends shoulder like thAT*
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