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Corn Polymer Clay Tutorial

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As promised, here are a few vegetable tutorials.

My tutorials:

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i like the first step (army of small yellow balls) :D Very cute!
itsatruemiracle's avatar
not bad. the balls aren't all the same size though.
paperfaceparade's avatar
they're not supposed to be. have you ever had an ear of corn with identical kernels?
itsatruemiracle's avatar
yes. everytime. or atleast similar sizes.
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iloveALLYOUR TUTORIALSSSS. it makes me wantt to make claayyy. what kind of polymer do you use? any fav brands? id love to know thanks!
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I'm eating a corn :)
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Hugsy25 Traditional Artist
Awesome! I'm going to try this tomorrow. :)
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So cute! I think I will try this. Nice technique on making the individual kernels too.
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Made this!! it turned out good like yours. Did you use sculpey?? I THINK i have used exact colors. Maybe something you can add to the leaves is that you can use a sharp needle and lightly make lines on the leaves so that you dont need to have plain leaves.
paperfaceparade's avatar
yea i've made detailed ones but i was doing lots of tutorials at once and i was too lazy to detail any of them.
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thanks for the tutorial i love it:)
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you're welcome, and thank you. ^^
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yayyyy~~ I will totally try this soon!! thanks :D
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