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Gallery Folders

Papercut: Tanjirou Kamado by The-Old-Y
Entrance Gate to Halloween Hotel - Book Art by MalenaValcarcel
Halloween Hotel  - Book Sculpture by MalenaValcarcel
Entrapping the Thunder Wyvern, Astalos. by arthlevy
Symmetrical - Themed
Midnight Orchids by SinistrosePhosphate
CodaFlake by ChimeraDragonfang
DalSegnoFlake by ChimeraDragonfang
8thFlake by ChimeraDragonfang
Symmetrical - Fan Art
Xenomorph Mandala by zippybluedwarf
Pinkie Pie Snowflake by countschlick
PearFlake by ChimeraDragonfang
White Lantern Flake by ChimeraDragonfang
Symmetrical - Bilateral
Cuttings by Horyan
Cat tree 2 by daegfire
Cat tree 1 by daegfire
Blue vine heart by daegfire
Symmetrical - Triangular
Cycles of Reunion by SinistrosePhosphate
Abstract Flake 14 - Node by ChimeraDragonfang
ScrapFlakes by ChimeraDragonfang
Snowflake1 by EnsoDancer
Symmetrical - Quadrilateral
Untitled by NorthernRavenWolf
FlowerBurst Card by nintaa
Papercutting by TheMilkyWayGalaxy
3-layer papercut, attempt #2 by nintaa
Symmetrical - Pentagonal
tree star by murckat
sf7 by murckat
Symmetrical - Hexagonal
blue mandala papercut by Aurora66
Abstract Flake 15 - Oscillation by ChimeraDragonfang
Abstract Flake 13 - Diamant by ChimeraDragonfang
Abstract12 - Mandibular by ChimeraDragonfang
Symmetrical - Octagonal
drops and circles by Eirieniel
Verdant maelstrom by SinistrosePhosphate
miniature papercut by ParthKothekar
Paper Mandala by nintaa
Papercut roses and butterfly by Thessatoria
Papercut Barn owl by Thessatoria
The Plague Doctor by SinistrosePhosphate
Dive Deep by Aurora66
Asymmetrical - Fan Art
chibi-ObiWan Happy Halloween! by Yuki-Shibaura
Asymmetrical - Layered
bat zentangle scherenschnitt by Eirieniel
Asymmetrical - Text
Eye of the storm by SinistrosePhosphate
3d Papercutting art handcut papercuts paper craft by ParthKothekar
Paper Snowflake Tutorial (Link in Description) by ChimeraDragonfang
Related Products
Christmas cards by Redilion






:lightbulb: Fellow deviants, you will now enter the magical world of papercutting!

:lightbulb: This is a group where all papercutting artists inspire each other with our imagination.

:lightbulb: Here you can show others what you can cut out from a piece of paper, or simply admire the delicate pieces of art.

:lightbulb: You can also learn more about papercutting from our blog entries.

:lightbulb: So join us now and make new friends that love, as much as you, the art of papercutting!


RULES :gallery:

:bulletblue: Please submit to the right folders based on the type of your art.

:bulletblue: For example, symmetrical cut outs should be classified according to the number of sides. Or, in other words, how many times the pattern repeats.

:bulletblue: However, if the cut out features objects then it will belong to the "Themed Flakes" group (strictly symmetrical papercuttings only). Those that features existing characters or such belong to the "FanFlakes" group.

:bulletblue: The "Related Products" folder is meant for stuff which features paper cut outs, but are not technically one.

:bulletblue: Asymmetrical cut-outs (no folding of the paper involved) have four folders: "Fan Art" is for exactly that, "Layered" is for cuttings using multiple layers of paper, "Text" is for designs with words, and "Asymmetrical" is for anything that doesn't fit into the other folders.

:bulletblue: Note that we only accept snowflake/stained glass type of papercutting. Please notify us if you want to submit other types of papercutting.

:bulletblue: Remember not to submit to the "Featured" folder as we will choose the featured art ourselves. Thank you for your cooperation.




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christ8ph Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for requesting to submit my snowflakes! It was unexpected and very pleasant to me. :)
ChimeraDragonfang Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2017
You're welcome! IF you have more papercutting art, please do submit it to the Group at any time!
MarieAyme Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the invitation to join this wonderful group!! So much talent I'm impressed and stressed :-P
ChimeraDragonfang Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016
Welcome aboard! Looking forward to seeing more submissions from you. :w00t:
MarieAyme Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I'm so happy to meet other people fond of papercutting :happybounce: 
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