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Gallery Folders

Mr .incredible Papercraft by sibred
Origami Hedgehogs by Orestigami
DeLorean and Marty Fan Art Paper Toy by jimbox31
Origami Battleship B by BoyarTactics
Papercraft - Animals 'n Nature
Papercraft - Rose by KhotsoDube
Papercraft - Dove by KhotsoDube
Shanxiao by teamoth
Vaso Blu con Narcisi by Geena93
Papercraft - Figures
Megatron by Darknlord91
Optimus Prime Animated by Darknlord91
Sharkticon by Darknlord91
Zack Ryder by Darknlord91
Papercraft - Mechs 'n Robots
Pepakura papercraft sci-fi helmet free download by ValterJHerson
Ein wirklich erstaunliches Ding by RetSamys
German Carl by RetSamys
Noisy Boy - In the light of the searchlight by JakoHun
Papercraft - Miscellaneous
Suitcase living room 2 by Iveyn-Adler
Suitcase living room 1 by Iveyn-Adler
3D swan card by Iveyn-Adler
Quilled Knight Shield Wall Art by quillingbug
Papercraft - TV, Movies, 'n Anime
Team Rocket Papercraft by PatrykGPL
Ninetales Papercraft by PatrykGPL
Vulpix Papercraft by PatrykGPL
Krookodile Papercraft by PatrykGPL
Papercraft - Vehicles
Green Star Wars Airspeeder Paper Model by Tektonten
MiG 29 UB Papercraft by Mironius
Hovercraft Zakyntos Papercraft by Mironius
Fire Tanker Truck Papercraft by Mironius
Papercraft - Video Games
Arctic Peeper by Metalfist0
Subnautica Peeper Papercraft by Metalfist0
CATHERINE FULL BODY by smilerobinson
Subnautica Seamoth Papercraft by Metalfist0
Papercraft - Weaponry
Thranduil's sword by Menkhar
PM AK-74 by Hoborginc
Paper Five Seven by TheFavGentleman
Paper MP5A3 by TheFavGentleman
Disney Princess Tangled Eugene Cubeecraft by SKGaleana
Mutahar Anas Cubeecraft by GrapefruitFace1
Mirage Cubeecraft template from Aladdin by SKG by SKGaleana
Mirage 3D Cubeecraft from Aladdin by SKGaleana by SKGaleana
Pinkie Pie Chibi Papercraft by Busgirl333
Origami - Modular
Wire-tailed manakin origami by marakiO
Origami - Stars 'n Cranes
dragon star by LostHawK81
Origami - General
Origami box in a box by marakiO
Paper Children
Of Cherry Blossoms and Kimonos . . . by WreckitAriel
Quilled Art
Fleur de lis wall art Medallion by quillingbug
Bookmarks, Book Covers, 'n Cards
Valentine Cards - Auction by GoldenTar
Magic Folding Cube instructions by RetSamys
Everything Else
Feel the breeze by JakoHun
Holidays 'n Events
Halloween 2018 - Cuts and Cuttings by JakoHun

Random from Featured

The helmet of the Black Knight by Martinux The helmet of the Black Knight :iconmartinux:Martinux 7 10 Navi Papercraft by Drummyralf Navi Papercraft :icondrummyralf:Drummyralf 141 12 Fairy in a Bottle Papercraft by Skele-kitty Fairy in a Bottle Papercraft :iconskele-kitty:Skele-kitty 308 134 Paper WALL-E by kspudw Paper WALL-E :iconkspudw:kspudw 201 67 Papercraft: Dachshund by Tsunaide Papercraft: Dachshund :icontsunaide:Tsunaide 49 3 Link Hat Papercraft by Drummyralf Link Hat Papercraft :icondrummyralf:Drummyralf 604 94 Finger RockBand by BlazBestia Finger RockBand :iconblazbestia:BlazBestia 13 6 Hero of Twilight papercraft 1 by ninjatoespapercraft Hero of Twilight papercraft 1 :iconninjatoespapercraft:ninjatoespapercraft 18 10 Ragnarok Papercraft by K-a-n-e Ragnarok Papercraft :iconk-a-n-e:K-a-n-e 32 30 Swordfish II Origami by chosetec Swordfish II Origami :iconchosetec:chosetec 73 14 Ebon hawk model template by Martinux Ebon hawk model template :iconmartinux:Martinux 140 48 Paper Model - Yamaha DSC11 by Insert--Name Paper Model - Yamaha DSC11 :iconinsert--name:Insert--Name 8 6 Dollar twist by MuggleHater Dollar twist :iconmugglehater:MuggleHater 32 28 Take Evasive Action by orudorumagi11 Take Evasive Action :iconorudorumagi11:orudorumagi11 235 39 Evading Capture by orudorumagi11 Evading Capture :iconorudorumagi11:orudorumagi11 296 29 Vader's Tie and escorts by orudorumagi11 Vader's Tie and escorts :iconorudorumagi11:orudorumagi11 190 19
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A new gallery, Bookmarks, Book Covers, 'n Cards, has been created and populated. Good for anything book-related! See the "Gallery Breakdown" section on the group's main page for a description and examples of what submissions go here.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!
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Gallery Breakdown

Featured - The default, irremovable gallery. We generally only occasionally use it to showcase anything above-average we've found. Non-admins cannot submit to this gallery.

Papercraft - Basically the opposite of origami; any 3d object that has been cut, torn, glued and/or taped. Currently divided into several sub-categories:

. . . Papercraft - Animals & Nature - Plants, cats, dinosaurs, etc. Note: Pokémon don't go here, they belong in the "Video Games" category.

. . . Papercraft - Figures - Somewhat of an evolutionary leftover, the "Figures" category is generally for personified objects (people, cartoon characters, etc.), like a Lego pirate, deviantArt's :la: icon, or a modeling skeleton. There are plenty of submissions in there that also fit in the "TV, Movies & Anime" or "Video Games" categories too, so try not to use this if your submission is better suited to one of the others.

. . . Papercraft - Mechs & Robots - Machines! Giant robots, mechanical armor, floating eyeballs and the like.

. . . Papercraft - Miscellaneous - Any papercraft that doesn't fit the other sub-categories, like a can of soup, a guitar, or a pile of hundred dollar bills.

. . . Papercraft - TV, Movies & Anime - Props from movies, cartoon characters, anything that fits this general vein.

. . . Papercraft - Vehicles - Boats, planes, motorcycles, anything you can ride (and no, that's not a euphemism).

. . . Papercraft - Video Games - Anything game-related; a creeper from Minecraft, a mini-GameBoy Color, or even the N64 Logo.

. . . Papercraft - Weaponry - Katanas, guns, bombs, anything you can maim or kill with.

Cubeecraft - While they are technically papercrafts, they are distinct in their simplicity. Generally speaking, they are objects composed only of cubes/boxes: Ex 1, Ex 2, & Ex 3

Chibicraft - A variant of Cubeecrafts (see above). They are distinguishable from Cubee's by their anime-style and (typically) increased complexity: Ex 1 & Ex 2.

Origami - Any 3d object made of paper that hasn't been cut, torn, glued, or taped. Currently divided into three sub-categories:

. . . Origami - Modular - Several instances of the same simple shape are fit or taped together to form a more complex structure; such as a Star, a Swan, or a Spherical Polyhedron.

. . . Origami - Stars 'n Cranes - Stars and Cranes are the two most commonly submitted types of papercraft we receive, thus they have their own sub gallery.

. . . Origami - Everything Else - Self-explanatory; everything that fits the above definition of origami, but isn't a Star or Crane; such as Origami Earrings or Paper Boats.

Paper Children - 2d characters drawn in a way that once they are cut out and held or propped at a certain angle, they look like they are interacting with our 3d world: Ex 1, Ex 2, & Ex 3

Quilled Art - Items made using of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together, creating decorative designs; examples include a Quilled Bunny or Flower Earrings.

Bookmarks, Book Covers, 'n Cards - A gallery for anything book-related: Ex 1, Ex 2, & Ex 3.

Tutorials - Guides for any paper-related craft, whether it's a complete start-to-finish set of instructions or only a small piece of the total work.

Everything Else - Anything made of paper that doesn't fit into one of the above categories. (Note: with the exception of "paper children", paintings, drawings and photography shouldn't be submitted to this group.) Typical examples include, but are not limited to, books, pop-ups and stencils. This may change if enough of a type is collected to merit the creation of its own category.

Holidays & Events - Anything that fits into one of the above categories can also go here, provided it's relevant to a current or upcoming holiday or PC-C sponsored event.

When a submission can fit into multiple categories, for example a spaceship from a movie that fits both the "TV, Movies, & Anime" AND the "Vehicles" categories, you can choose to submit multiple times (once to each applicable category), or if you only submit to one, we'll likely copy it to any other relevant galleries eventually.

If there is any confusion as to where your submission should go, use your best judgment, and we'll continue to do our best to keep things organized.










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thank you for accepting me! :)
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ah, there isn't many of us able to decide on submissions. i will see if there is anything i can do to make the process better. we may need more of the members to help with the submission process to get more through.
also be absolutely sure you submit to the correct category, some things may get overlooked if they are in the wrong one :)
I will look at the member roles and see if i can sort something out for future submissions
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Is someone still here? >>
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The-Bongmaster Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lots of stuff is being submitted still :)
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