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Paperchain: Raca by CamishArt
Tortoiseshell by Artoveli
Violet by DemiseMAN
Paperchain: Chip by CamishArt
Sketch Rounds
PCP: Even Soldier's Dream by SilverSugar
[PCP] Cornelia the Papercut soldier by Karura-Art
A quiet moment. by Blaye-Art
PaperChainProject - Eldwin by Ffaunax
Full Rounds
PCP: Full Round 39 -- Test by SilverSugar
PCP Round 39 by SquirrelBeanie
PCP Full Round 39 - Interfector by GoldenLionofRa
murderdino by iownfish
2016-17 Sketch Rounds
PCPS30: Brittany Comin' Atcha! by SilverSugar
PaperChainProject - Brittany by Ffaunax
Brittany by LadyAvren
2016 Full Round 32
Raca in the woods by EvveyLee
Paperchain: Raca by CamishArt
PCP: One Cannot See the Forest For the Roses by SilverSugar
2016 Full Round 29, 30 and 31
PaperChainProject - Clementine by Ffaunax
Paperchain: Thryskahl by CamishArt
[PCP] Thryskahl by Karura-Art
A Common Base by Ellucianne
2016 Sketch Round 23, 24, and 25
PCP: Rosy Starling by SilverSugar
PaperChainProject - Rosy by Ffaunax
PCP: Frustrations by SilverSugar
[PCP] Hertia by Karura-Art
2016 Full Round 28
Tortoiseshell by Artoveli
Anticipation by Ellucianne
PCP: TurtleCat in Faeryland by SilverSugar
TurtleKitty by MeEmilee
2016 Sketch Round 22
PCPS: Making Friends? by SilverSugar
And you are...? by Ellucianne
Pan by Artoveli
2016 Full Round 27
PCP: So Chipper [Lines] by SilverSugar
Paperchain: Chip by CamishArt
2016 Sketch Round 20 and 21
2016 Full Round 26
Vigilance by Ellucianne
2016 Sketch Round 19
PCPS19: In the Winds by SilverSugar
2016 Full Round 25
Temper Tested by Ellucianne
2016 Sketch Round 18
PCPS18: Jump Through the Portal with Omri by SilverSugar
2016 Sketch Round 17
Jin by Caehlynt
2015 Round 24
PCP Round 24: Treetop Thief by SilverSugar
2015 Sketch Round 16
2015 Round 23
Ayva by Caehlynt
2015 Sketch Round 14
PCP Sketch Round 14 :: Maybe Friends? by SilverSugar
2015 Sketch Round 15
Paperchainproject sketch round 15 CYNTHIA by NamelessObsidian22
2015 Round 21
[Sketch] : Lady Death by Zungie
2015 Round 22
Siromany by Caehlynt
Completed Rounds 2015
2014 Round 20
Violet by DemiseMAN
Previous Years
Weapon Cleaning by Shadow-Okami
Completed Rounds 2014
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About Us || Rules and Participation || Character Sheets || FAQ
Full Round Information || Sketch Round Information

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Seems like I'm always saying sorry for the delays, but life just has a way with throwing me curve-balls. If you guys need to know the reasoning you can refer to this journal, otherwise I'll just thank you for your continued support and understanding. If anyone would like to offer their assistance and become a member of Staff I am keen to talk with you. Simply Note the Group.

There's also my Discord, where you can always reach me, chat with awesome artists, discuss PCP things, and share your passions!

Thanks again to all of those who stick with the PCP--you mean the world to me.
With much love, SilverSugar

And without further ado the real reason for this journal:

Full Round 39 Results


murderdino by iownfish

Runner Ups

:iconffaunax: and :iconsilversugar:
PaperChainProject - Interfector by Ffaunax PCP: Full Round 39 -- Test by SilverSugar

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Please remember, you can't win or place if you don't submit anything. You're always free to submit WIPs to any round. Something is better than nothing.

Thank you all for your continued support and participation~!

Winners: Please fill out the following form within four(4) days to have your character registered for the next round:

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Sketch Round 34 Results


A quiet moment. by Blaye-Art

Runner Ups

[PCP] Cornelia the Papercut soldier by Karura-Art
About Us|| Rules and Participation || Character Sheets || FAQ
Sketch Round Information HERE~!

Remember: You cannot win if you do not submit anything. You are eligible even if you do not have a 'completed' entry. You are allowed to submit sketches, lineart, or flat-color pieces to the full rounds. Please just do your best! Thank you.

Participate in conversations with other members, and share your art and characters, in the PCP section of my Discord! -- SilverSugar

Round 39 Character

Submit/View Entries

Submission Due Date: February 3, 2019 at 11:59 PDT

Round Holder: InterfectorFactory

Name: Interfector
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race/Species: Utah Raptor

Height: Approximately 2 meters (or a little over 6 feet) at the shoulder.
Face Shape: Triangular
Hair: Black/white feathers
Eyes: Yellow to orange.
Nose: like that of a lizard: two slits in his snout
Lips: N/A
Skin: Feathered mostly, and more scaly towards the feet, hands and snout.

Clothes: No clothes please he's a dinosaur.
Personality: Interfector can be vicious and mean. Because of his past he can be cold and distant. He is a fighter and doesn't like to sit back and watch. His rather unsocial upbringing makes him very rude at times and he has difficulties with actually making friends and having relationships other than platonic, business-like ones. He holds grudges for a long time and isn't one to easily forgive and forget.

Cultural Reference: He's from a sort of science fiction setting, so he can be drawn in modern cities with people, as well as in forests, and prehistoric landscapes. His background in short is that he was created by humans in a lab, rebelled, and now aims to return the world to it's original ruled-by-dinosaurs state.

Markings/Piercings/Tattoos: Interfector has a metallic, cyborg leg, black tattoo that spells 8082 on his left leg displayed like the numbers of a digital clock. Scar over his left eye.

Image Reference
Interfector new ref by InterfectorFactory Project 8082 by TimelordLoki Come At Me In Spades by Drakongeist

Mood/Theme Request/Suggestion: You can draw him fighting humans in a war like setting along with other dinosaurs, it's not unlikely he'd be fighting other dinosaurs either. Calmer forest/nature settings are also possible or scenes from his past in the lab.
Other Important Notes: N/A

Additional Prize:
:iconinterfectorfactory: - One shaded and colored drawing for the winner!
:iconsilversugar: - One random Steam game (for PC) to the winner!
• To donate Core subscriptions, points, or any other such prizes, please send a Note to the group!

Thank you all for your continued support and participation. We love you!
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