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December 24, 2013
[Stock and Resources] The Magical Snowflakes CUSTOM BRUSH by ~papercaptain
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The Magical Snowflakes CUSTOM BRUSH



click download to get this brushes

2013 is one of the most wonderful year in my life. Many good things happened and the most important thing is... your supports for Papercaptain, especially in Papercaptain Facebook page.

I remember when I was selling my books at Popcon 2013. Sometimes I didn't believe if there's someone who wants to buy it. To whoever made that choice, you are "rewarding" my hard work and exhaustion, I won't forget that moments. 

Every likes that you tab and comments that you type, always made me feel special. I always said this; If I can paint a town, I will paint a big THANK YOU. Now, it's my time to REWARDING YOU, so I made this "The Magical Snowflakes" custom brushes just-for-you.

"THE MAGICAL SNOWFLAKES" contains 15 snowflakes custom brushes that you never seen before. Each of them have a name (you can see it in Photoshop) and crafted with every single joy and happiness. Hope you like it and happy holiday!


P.S: Merry Christmas :)

EDIT: Oh My Dear God, Thank you for DD!!! More importantly, it given in 24 December! You'll never know how grateful I am right now! 
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Thank you! 😊