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Penny the Pikachu (temp)

Tell me if I'm doing this wrong- Made a very simple sheet to put them on, I'll make a better one someday! 
*edit* Ahhh she reached level 100!! My baby girl's all grown up C':

Name: Penny
Species: Pikachu
Extra: Shiny!
Type: Fire
Gender: Female
Nature: Quirky
Characteristic: Loves to eat
Hatch Date: 03/08/14

Level: 100
Started Based Attack: 5%
Current Base Attack: 25%
- Thundershock
- Tail Whip
- Agility (x)
- Thunderbolt (x)
- Light Screen (x)
- Slam (x)
- Thunder (x)

Level Up Log:
Reference Sheet +3 (Full Body + Shading)
Swimming Contest + 19 (Full Body x3 + Partial x1 + Shading x4 + Detailed BG x4)
Midnight Training +15 (Full Body x3 + Partial x2 + Shading x 5 + Detailed BG x1 + Simple BG x1)
Lookout Point Discovery +17 (Full Body x2 + Partial x1 + Shading x3 + Detailed BG x3 + Extra)
Paykachu by Usili +5 (Full Body + Shading + Detailed BG)
Penny learns Light Screen! by StarblitzDragon +10 (Full Body x2 + Shading x2 + Detailed BG x2) 
Payment Penny by Capt-Lunanus +20 (Full Body x6 + Shading x6 + Detailed BG x2)
Penny learns Thunder + 6 (Partial x2 + Shading x2 + Simple BG x2)
Penny Evolves! +6 (Full Body x2 + Simple BG x2)

With Damar : Part 1 : 7 Babies
With KainePart 1 : 4 Babies
With KainePart 1 : 2 Babies
With KainePart 1 : 3 Babies
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Solaris-Meadow's avatar
Would you mind doing a fusion breeding with my liepard Katzby?…
I woud absolutely love some darkchus *.* with high BA~
PaperBirdhouse's avatar
Ah- You've caught me at a time where I'm thinking about retiring her from breeding for awhile. I'll get back to you if that changes though, sorry!
Solaris-Meadow's avatar
It's alright... I'd actually found another raichu to breed with so it's perfectly fine~
PaperBirdhouse's avatar
Ok that's good! Sorry about that!
Whitefeathur's avatar
Are you open for breeding this pokemon?…

I'd love to have a pikachu/riachu of my own!
PaperBirdhouse's avatar
I'd be interested in a pumpkaboo (especially a shiny~), but Spook would need to be a higher level first- Might you want to use a fusion syringe or dna stone with it?
Whitefeathur's avatar
I'd be certain to up spook by some levels, though it's a female and you're lady here is a female! So we'd have to trade clutches! I have no syringes or stones at the moment(I don't really dig the crosses most of the time). I could use one if you wanted, but I'm not partial to it :D 
PaperBirdhouse's avatar
Oh-- I thought Penny was still male, I guessed I changed her back already xP Ahh your ivysaur is female too-- Marrow though, I love cubone! If you rais him up a few levels I'd be happy to breed her with him c: I'm not feeling particularly inspired by fusions or crosses though, so normal breeding would be fine with me c:
Whitefeathur's avatar
Awesome! I will indeed work on cuebone for you then :_) 
PaperBirdhouse's avatar
Sounds great! Doesn't need to be too high, but a higher ba for the babies is good c:
Whitefeathur's avatar
Done! I'll work on it over a few days :D
upui's avatar
Oooo she became so cute!
PaperBirdhouse's avatar
upui's avatar
Your pikachu is reeeally cute ; v ; I'm looking for a pichu, so I'd be more than happy to do a breeding together or make a beforehand reservation for a pichu in a future clutch if possible! All my pokemon are really low leveled currently, so I'm not looking to breed them anytime too soon, but wanted to let you know anyways!
PaperBirdhouse's avatar
I'm not sure if she needs to breed with another pikachu to get pichus?? But yeah, first clutch I get with one, I'll shoot you a message! c:
upui's avatar
Noo she doesn't, the babies' species get picked randomly on both sides of the parents, so there'd be some pichus and some (whatever the father is) ; v ;
PaperBirdhouse's avatar
Ah, ok, I guess I was thinking of the games xD No problem!
TwiliShewolf's avatar
The shading is so nice and soft looking! Great job ^^
Love her eyes~
Charlieon's avatar
Oh wow! =D nah ypu did everything right and i love her colours! maybe after shes got a few more levels so the babies would have a good BA we could make some ice type pikachus?  =3
PaperBirdhouse's avatar
Yay, thanks! Ice type pikachus would be cute c: Currently working on leveling everyone up!
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