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hello yes i have not been here in a while whats new.
Neon Starters Wallpaper by paperbeatsscissors

I made some Icons for Mac and Windows to go along with the Neon Starters wallpapers and stuff.…

Enjoy, n00bs.
You can go to my shop and preorder the Batman/Potter IKTFB Tee RIGHT NOW.


I am like... dauntingly far behind on my comments. I will get to them... someday. I promise! Uh, but could you wait to cash that promise til like... friday, bro? Cool, cause right now it's all about

D   O   B   I   S

and then we're gonna hang.
Well, not new. Just... store.

After three days of staying up until the wee hours of the morning, hacking out code and devouring multiple boxes of Chocolate Lucky Charms, I finally finished updating my website and setting up an online store. If you don't hate kittens and Jesus, you'll probably go check it out.


It's a celebration.

If the answer is no, then you can safely leave now and go back to your job of fawn punching or math shoveling, or whatever it is you do that turned your heart into a shriveled, black, prune-pit of hatred and sadness.

If you DO love Pokemon, and you DO have a Tumblr, and you DO love getting free things that are the best things you have ever owned in your entire life, then head over to my TUMBLR ( and enter to win a FREE one-of-a-kind illustration by yours truly.

This is what's up for grabs:
Kisser by paperbeatsscissors

"Oh, would I need a collection of different lines arranged in a useless, although admittedly magical, way?"

Um, excuse me haters and hateresses. This is WAY more than a drawing. Imagine I've baked you a cake. What are the ingredients you say? Oh, nothing much, just ALL YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS.

It's so full of dreams, that when you try eat it, the dreams choke you and you slowly asphyxiate. But even as you're dying, in your mind you are saying, "Thank you, cake. Thank you for teaching my son to read. Thank you for showing me how to love again, and promising to give all my worldly possessions to people who deserve it, and not total douche-clowns."

That's what this is. A death cake. Of love. I think that's something we can all get behind.

You can read all the rules and stuff and blah-blah-blah over there. This place is reserved for friendship and whimsy, not facts and other facts. Good day.

  • Listening to: Smooth Jazz
  • Reading: YOUR MIND
  • Watching: You
  • Playing: With Myself
  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: Freedom

That's what we're selling here, and that's what you and me create together.

I know you all are not my minions, but that's how I like to imagine you in my mind world, and together we're storming the towns and villages of hatred and bad posture and shooting them with the white hot lasers of holding hands and friendship.

I also imagine that we sit down afterwards and enjoy an Olympic-size piping hot apple pie, and I might compliment you on your amazing minioning, and you might compliment me on my rugged good looks and overlordship.

And I might thank everyone for voting on my tee shirt, as I will do now in real life.


Just please don't try any funny business, because I WILL feed you to the ghost sharks as an example to the other minions.
  • Listening to: Winning
  • Reading: Winning
  • Watching: Winning
  • Playing: Winning
  • Eating: Winning
  • Drinking: Winning
The tape-and-floppy "I Know That Feel, Bro" design is up for scoring on Threadless (exclamation mark) Use your fingers for something besides failure today!

Obsolete Technology by paperbeatsscissors

Go! Run! Why Are you still here!? Run away!
Or good day I guess.

This is to officially notify everyone that it has become physically impossible for me to personally respond to everyone's favorite-ing, which is a true bummer. I'll still be responding to comments and Watches and all that good stuff, but Deviantart won't let me comment to more than like 50 people and I start getting error messages.

I will make it up to you! I will slay your dragons! I will bake you brownies! You will have my eternal love, and you can't see it, but you can feel it and kind of smell it.

I'm way behind on my watch/fav thank-yous... sorry guys...
So for anyone who's interested, my Muppets design actually DID end up getting picked up by Threadless, and it is officially on sale TODAY. So, go check it out:…

Here's the design on DA:

Your Love Keeps Lifting Me by paperbeatsscissors

Thanks to anyone who voted on this! Today, we're all winners.

So, I hate doing this, but I fell so far behind on my :+fav: thank-yous that I just decided to give one big thank you here. I really appreciate everyone who took the time to come check out my work! You guys are the reason being an artist is so much fun. It's very flattering to have so many talented artists coming and appreciating your work. So, again, thank you all. I'm going to try and stay on top of these things from now on.


I was out of commission for a while with some travelling for work and a wisdom tooth removal, but expect to see some new stuff on here pretty soon! Thanks to all my followers, and for all the comments and faves I've gotten over the past month. I have not forgotten you!

Just uploaded a few desktop versions of some of the more popular sketches. If there's a piece you'd like to see formatted for desktop use, leave a comment and I'll try to get one up. PEACE!

The Muppet contest is done scoring, and I just wanted to say a big old hairy THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to go vote on that mess, and also to all the :+fav:s and comments on the piece in my gallery. This community is one of the best, for sure.

Also, otherly thank you's to EVERYONE who commented/:+fav:ed my recent DD and any other art in my gallery. I know I missed a few of you, and I'm sure I probably spammed some people who :+fav:ed multiple things (sorry about that), but I am extremely flattered by all the OTHER great artists that have been taking the time to look at my stuff. I'm going to try and keep up with all the comments and :+fav:s, but just in case I miss you, or get too far behind, just know that I appreciate you checking out my gallery! Much love to all.

Hey everyone! This is the LAST DAY my muppet design is up for scoring on Threadless. If you hang out over there, I'd appreciate it if you dropped by and gave me a vote or two. Thanks in advance, and also thanks in general for all the love lately from my watchers, and for all the :+fav:. You guys rule!

Hey if you like my art (or even if you don't), head on over to Threadless to vote on my submission for the Muppet challenge. Voting's going on for the next week! ---->…

Here I am, bout to post today's Two Random Words, and I have 1 billion comments!

Great honor to be chosen as a DD, and much much love and thanks for all the comments and :+fav:. You guys are the best.

Super special thanks to =Clockworkaardvark for suggesting I'm Sorry Dave (which is my first DD), and to ^casperium for featuring.

I'll try and respond to all the comments as soon as I can. Thanks again!

Apologies if you've been following me on Tumblr and I recently disappeared. Because of a previous idea involving rapping robots that surf Facebook, my first Tumblr was called Rapstatus, and not Paperbeatsscissors. In order to stay sexily uniform, I renamed my lead blog Paperbeatsscissors, and my secondary blog Pixelbeatscissors. Eventually, I'll be migrating everything except pixel work over to the main Tumblr, but right now I have -1 amount of time to make a custom tumblr theme for Paperbeatsscissors. SO until them, you can find my work here ---->

Thanks for watching.

This journal might get updated periodically, but I'll typically post new wallpapers or WIP art pieces on my Blogger before they make it over here. If you want to check them out, head over to Thanks for playing.