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Obsolete Technology

Floppy knows that feel, Cassette.
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Hi, this illustration is awesome. My name is Elaine with Nerdio. We publish tech related art post every week in our blog art section and we think this is a great piece to be added to our blog. So we posted it☺️.
We listed image credits. If you have any questions, you can email me at
Great work again!
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Boy am I old! I still use floppys sometimes and listen to my old cassettes! Very lovely drawing!
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I feel old. I remember both. Good times.
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There will always be a place in my hard for these two bits of lost tech.
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I don't even remember floppy discs and cassettes were part of my life at two, but my parents talk about them so fondly I can't help but feel sad that they're gone.
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My favorite of these.
Don't feel bad cassette tape, I still like you. Come over, you can play what you got in my cassette player.
I don't care if it's just some stupid recording, or half of the film is wrinkled. I just like to hear you crackle and spin around.

(just don't invite floppy though, I don't really know him well)
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I need this as a shirt! Anywhere I can get it?
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Is there a shirt of this somewhere?
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Is there a shirt of this somewhere?
At least they don't break that easily.
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My favorite out of the bunch. No question.
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Aw, this is so cute!
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Ha ha poor floppy and cassette. This is sweet. I've been browsing through your artwork and it pretty much sums up my childhood. :D
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I also just went to vote & saw voting ended (: Lol...... :P
paperbeatsscissors's avatar
Haha it's all good! Thanks for checking it!
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K so I typed out "Teeshirt? Poster? x: Id' buy it " decided to check your home page Before I commented and saw its up for votes on threadless... goodluck Cause I want one (:
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Thanks! I'm also getting prints done as we speak! They should be available next week.
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Still using you two every day. My boombox ain't as awesome when it isn't spinning real cassettes, and a computer just doesn't sound right without the sound of a diskette being read and written...
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Floppy disks and cassettes will never be forgotten! :dummy: At least, these vintage technologies have an unique feeling, hearing the loud cracking of a floppy drive and subtle noise of a cassette is unique. ^^
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I always think about the book on tape thing... "When you hear this sound... *BLINGBLINGBLING*... it's time to turn the page."
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