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Imaginary Friend

Tyler knows that feel, Hobbes.
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shoot, i cant remember what tyler's from! can you tell me?
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HAHAHAHAHAHA !!! X'D omg HAHAHA ! good ! too good ! MouaHAHA !
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Thought it was the 10th Doctor, never mind!
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Awesomeness = this pic
tyler looks sad.... and it makes my sad. I want to cheer him up by destroying a buildyng... or burning a entire corrupted city.
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My Imaginary friend ! can i have Interview you in our blog
paperbeatsscissors's avatar
Totally. Let's do this thing.
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I choked on my tea when I saw this.
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My deviantart is dangerous.
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LOL HARD at this one!
This whole series is aewsome, dude, make postcards, magnets and stuff!
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Just got some prints done. They'll be up for sale soon!
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this would make a great shirt as well
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Your "I know that feel, bro" is simply amazing. You're a fucking genius.
¿How do you do them? I mean, the tecnique… ¿Markers?
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Thanks! Yeah, I draw in pencil first, then ink with Micron pens, then scan and color in Photoshop.
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Thank you, I think I'll try that!
Congratulations again for your work.
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The fact that Tyler Durden and Hobbes are in the same photo somewhat completes me.
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I thought the guy was the doctor
paperbeatsscissors's avatar
No, sadly I haven't used him for anything yet.
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Suggestions for 'I know that fee, bro' match-ups: Mowgli and Tarzan, Jughead Jones and Beetle Bailey, Swamp Thing and Man Thing, The Phantom of the opera and V, and Skeletor and Ghost Rider
paperbeatsscissors's avatar
Haha these are great! I never even thought of V, but that one would be pretty fun to draw. I was thinking about doing a Ghost Rider/Scorpion one, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
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Haha, this is awesome! I love it! :la:
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