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This is a lovely idea that I yoinked from my lovely friends Hatless-Sheep and The-Cosplay-Scion

I love to see other people's work so let me know if you want me to feature you!

1. For each of the first ten people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list! If you would like to suggest your own deviations, feel free to do so.

2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not simply getting a free feature, but spreading art around for everyone!

3. You must be watching my page!

First: :iconthe-cosplay-scion:, even though asking me to pick three favourites from her stuff is like asking me to choose between breathing or sleeping!
My name is Zatanna Zatara by The-Cosplay-Scion:bulletblue: The Death of a God by The-Cosplay-Scion:bulletred: Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch by The-Cosplay-Scion
bonus: check out her her awesomely fantastic tutorials!

Second: :iconhatless-sheep:
Guardian of the Cards by Hatless-Sheep :bulletgreen: Day Dress by Hatless-Sheep :bulletpurple: I Just Want To Play by Hatless-Sheep
bonus: Hatless-Sheep in a bucket

Third: :iconmegacameron:
When I first met Cam, he had sculpted an awesome Scott Pilgrim figure, and lo and behold his gallery is full of pieces every bit is impressive. I cheated a bit and chose one that has a lot of his figures pictured!
Megaman - Bring it on by MegaCameron :bulletyellow: Chrono Trigger - Frog by MegaCameron :bulletpurple: Gentlemen Mimic by MegaCameron
bonus: MegaCameron also made a really villainous Bowser!

Fourth: :iconseagullpendragon:
Gisele has an excellent sense of colour and space that has lended itself well to her making awesome comics (two short comics of which are linked through the last piece) and just general all-around funky art pieces that really pop!
Space Nightmare by Seagullpendragon :bulletpink: Space Dragon by Seagullpendragon :bulletorange:
bonus: read Seagullpendragon's really awesome online webcomic, Star Trip, which you can  start reading here.

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Hallo! Not much of an update yet for you guys, but I did want to let me know if you'd like you can add me on Facebook and/or tumblr! I will be posting costume photos there as well from now on.

Don't worry, I shan't be abandoning deviantART either!

On Facebook I also have an album of up-and-coming-sometime costumes as well as some photos that probably haven't been uploaded on dA yet.

You can find me here:
:bulletblue: Facebook

:bulletyellow: Tumblr

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Harley Quinn
Asuka or Rei
Squirrel Girl
something Adventure Time
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All the best to you and yours in the new year! Did you make any resolutions yet?

Also, I only just got the notification that some kind soul gave me a three month premium membership sometime around my birthday (November)! ;A; Thank you very much! I wish I'd known sooner though. *headdesk*... I have no idea why the notification showed up only now. I do check regularly. :(

That said: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the membership! I am in awe of your generosity. Thank you. ^^

At any rate, I want to make more costumes this year! I didn't really make that many last year (maybe one, if you count New Year's LAST year), and I've got a super hankering to get my costuming on! Mainly, I want to make a bunch of EVA and Rikku costumes! I finally got a hold of some Al Bhed contact lenses, so I'm part of the way there. ;)

The lovely lovely :iconvickybunnyangel: who is responsible for my journal theme (which I adore) is or was at some point thinking of making a Yuna outfit, sooo~ fun FFX-2 costumes might be on their way. x) I can't match her gorgeousness, vim, or vigour for cosplaying, but I'll try my hardest, yes I will!

The wonderful and talented :iconthe-cosplay-scion: and I have EVA plans for sometime in the summer. I can't wait!

Otherwise, my plans are a bit up in the air (unless I've forgotten things?) so hopefully we'll have some fun things to show you!

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Hello to the watchers, the lurkers, the dreamers~

My premium membership is almost up, so I figured I'd take the opportunity to do some features before it ends. ^^ In no particular order, here they be (and if I've forgotten anyone, I'm sorry! I'm a bit spaced-out these days...):

:bulletred: :iconquietcrazyness4:
QC seems to avoid dA lately, but her stuff is choice. I love her photos, particularly.
But a Hut by Quietcrazyness4 Another Picture of Winter by Quietcrazyness4 Shaft by Quietcrazyness4 Hanging on by Quietcrazyness4
:bulletorange: :iconstillvisions:
Kevin is an AMAZING photographer!  It's like he has the Midas touch… but for photos. (That one made more sense in my head.)
:thumb10628641: Twisted by stillvisions Reaching out by stillvisions Twin Lamborghinis by stillvisions
:bulletyellow: :iconrebel-moon:
"Rydia" as she's sometimes known is an absolute sweetheart. She's got lovely costumes and makes a pretty cute pin-up!
Mirror, mirror by rebel-moon Sarah-Vanille by rebel-moon Rydia of Myst_AN09 by rebel-moon Pin-Up Gal by rebel-moon
:bulletgreen: :iconadamtupper:
Like mash-ups? Adam is your guy! Unapologetically entertaining!
Fantastic Fork by AdamTupper My Little Lantern - Greed by AdamTupper Hell-o Boy by AdamTupper Powerpuff Lanterns by AdamTupper
:bulletblue: :iconwerehermit:
A ridiculously fashionable lady that makes ridiculously spooky and fantastic things!
:thumb178084280: Dangly beads- Another choker by werehermit Buttoned and Laced by werehermit Spoils Bag by werehermit
:bulletpurple: :iconanimeyume06:
Makes the cutest plushies EVER!!! Ahhh! I want all of them!
Chibi Midna Plushie by animeyume06 Chibi Sailor Moon Plushie by animeyume06 Chibi Pokemon Misty Plushie by animeyume06 xxxHolic - Yuko Chibi Plushie by animeyume06
:bulletblack: :iconk-i-e-r-i:
Kieri's got an arsenal of talent. Just check out her cute little emoticon dudes!
Cardcaptor Sakura Stamp by K-i-e-r-i Voltorb by K-i-e-r-i Kieri Flower by K-i-e-r-i Bouncy by K-i-e-r-i
:bulletred: :iconlizu-chan:
Lizu's plush's are super cute, and her art is grand~.
Wolf Skeleton Plushie by Lizu-chan Pterodactyl Plushie by Lizu-chan Dragon Fetus by Lizu-chan NARCISSISM by Lizu-chan
:bulletorange: :iconphoenixianstardust:
PS is the best Lighting. EVER. PERIOD. So go shower her in your admiration. :'D
upkeeping the law? by PhoenixianStardust Sergeant of Cocoon by PhoenixianStardust Final Fantasy XIII - Fang by PhoenixianStardust Lightning - Aya Brea Alt by PhoenixianStardust

Hope you enjoyed this tour through the many talented dears I know. :heart: Until next time!

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