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EDIT: 22nd May 2020. ( 1.3K Watchers : 65.1K Page Views : 1.4K Deviations ) I will no longer be using or updating this site due to the changes (Slow and buggy Eclipse theme forced onto us). The layout is a mess and it takes forever to navigate around the site on desktop, which I view DA 99% of the time. It's been a good 6 years, but I guess it's time to move on as there are just too many negatives compared to positive improvements to this site. In time I will probably delete everything and deactivate my account. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This account is created as a showcase of the amazing re-creation of comic, film, animation, manga and games costumes people make. Vast amount of time and in most cases, cost go into making these costumes. Cosplayers have great dedication to their hobby which gives me great pleasure to give back something for them to remember it by and provide additional material for them to use for their own pages/blogs/galleries. This collaboration allows me to be creative and imaginative when taking the photos, through to post production.

Please support me by adding me to "Watch" or "Comment", as this will give me encouragement to carry on uploading and sharing nice photos for you all to enjoy!

Also, feel free to share or repost any of my photos. All I ask is not to edit the photos in any way and please credit myself and the featured cosplayer.


All images I post are taken by myself. They are not to be taken to be used for stock, profit or advertising purposes, unless full permission is granted by myself.



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World Cosplay: LINK

I came here today to update you guys with more amazing photos, but instead of being greeted by the familiar classic DeviantArt theme, I was faced with the eclipse theme instead. I tried looking for the "switch back to classic" option, but to no avail. After a few google search it has dawned on me that there is no longer an option to use the classic theme which is now "retired". I've never liked the Eclipse theme of Deviantart, and have always preferred the classic theme. The Eclipse layout looks horrible and dated. Everything is so spaced out, and the user interface doesn't make any sense. I've put up with the bad encoding they use for the images, and now I have to put up with the theme as well? No thanks. So from here on, I will not be using the site anymore, in time will probably delete my account. Thank you for everyone that has stuck around, hope you enjoyed my work. Thank you all for your lovely messages and comments over the 6 years I have used this site. I have sooo much to
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Hi, So after a few years away from here, thought I'll start doing some much needed updating. Can't believe there are still people following me on here who are still so active! Thank you to all those who gave me nice feedbacks, liking my photos and giving me llamas (I still have no clue what they are for/use lol) but all I know it's sort of a thank you I guess? Either way, I appreciate the gesture! :) On another note, is it me or has DA's handling of images gone downhills? There's artifacts and pixelation all over the place, it's worse than facebook and that's saying something. It's terrible, especially considering this is an image based sit
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It's been a while since I've updated my DA, so I'm going to update it somewhat and do some general house clearing. I've already deleted many of the older folders which dated back to 2013 as part of this clearing process and rather than keeping each convention in it's own folder, they are now grouped (e.g All photos shot at MCM will go into one folder). I have to admit it's very time consuming, just because the way DA is. I'm not a core member, so I can only upload one image at a time, so you have to bear with me..I get side tracked so easily. Lastly, just want to say a thank you to all my watchers, the positive comments and llamas badges whi
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so sad to see you go from our group :iconcute-n-sexy-inc: and you didn't contributed much either
I tried but the cosplay folder was the only content I could have contributed to which had no option for me to contribute.
But dear! You submit to our special folder and we would have sorted it out for you.
Thank you, glad you like it! :)
Thank you for joining my group Sexy Legends as a member, I hope you enjoy all of the future content to come to the gallery :).