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Hey, guys! Long time no see.

I'd like to change my username and therefore would like to accept one colored sketch portrait commission in exchange for a 3 month sub.

'And who MIGHT you be?' - GW2 commissions by HasegawaVega     GW2 commission for Thea by HasegawaVega     GW2 commission for Queen Lise by HasegawaVega

PM or comment here. I can start working on the picture in a week after 21.10.
I might get back to art commissions due to having no job anymore. So yeah. If anyone's interested, you can consider contacting me.
Hey, just wanted to mention, that you can follow me Facebook , Tumblr and Instagram for progress pics, photos and more cosplay stuff!

Dsc 0077-02 by PapaVego

Summer changes to autumn with each kilometer traveled towards North-East, and here I am! Home, sweet home.

The first summer month was very hot by all means - the temperature was boiling and Nyaaa! 2016 cosplay shenanigans were in full heat! First of all, I want to thank all the Nyaaa! 2016 staff for letting me participate in this wonderful event. This was the first time I visited Nyaaa and Lithuania at all, so I decided to come in full gear - with two cosplay performances and merchandise for the art alley. Little did I know that I would be having troubles packing my suitcase for the way back home because... When the judges announced me two times - as the 1st place winner for the dance performance and as the audience's fav, I couldn't believe my ears. I still think that I kind of failed my dance towards the end and feel very bad about it ._. But anyways, thank you very much! This means a lot to me!

Also thanks to my friends Eztly Tigerlehik and Lin Celestine who let me stay with them in Riga! Got to celebrate Ligo, travel with the beautiful retro tram and visit your neat zoo. And the kittehs. OMG, YOUR KITTEHS!

Special thanks to the UniCon Latvia bus team for letting me on board! It would be otherwise impossible to reach Utena.

Aaaand it's also my birthday today, so I guess Nyaaa awards were the best gifts for me x'D Entering now the "Kahjulik Element" zone, if you know what I mean : P

Everything was hot.

I'm aware of the fact that I got to the point of treating my recent commissions in a horribly unprofessional manner, expanding the waiting times and sometimes not even replying to requests. I would like to apologize for that. I'm not sure if I got lazy or simply burnt out with the time passed. I'm feeling really guilty in front of my commissioners and I hate myself for being impossible to work with lately. Gah, I just wanna choke myself @____@

Thank you for your patience. Please bear with me for a little longer. I have a week off starting this Monday and will try to finish everything that has piled up till now.

A week has passed since Wintercon 2015 and I'm yet to write my small review about us attending it %) I entered the "being sick mode" as soon as we arrived home and wasn't able to produce any coherent thoughts till now. Fortunately, everything's fine now and I feel alive once again. Also, the wound on my forehead has begun to close by itself so no stitching is needed this time, yay!

First of all, I want to thank the Animatsuri staff for letting me join the ride on City Motorsi Sponsorbuss. It was very comfy even though we had to drive back home at night. That day I couldn't sleep till 5am : P If it's possible, I would love to travel to other cons in a company next time as well. The more, the better!

Also, I want to thank the Wintercon cosplay team for letting our group of five (Eliise, Eili, Heleri, Karen, me) join the cosplay competition! The preparations were though mainly due to us living in different towns. Once we did our rehearsals in Tartu, the other time - in Tallinn. Unfortunately, we didn't win anything and that left me with a sadface D: Of course, there were a lot of other great cosplayers who definitely deserved their prizes! I personally have learned a lot about group cosplay - what to do, how to do, what to avoid and next time it will definitely go smoother. I can be quite demanding and annoying when it comes to fulfilling roles )

Enough of my rambling. See ya at the next cons!


914187 945121668896097 6209291652935963941 O by PapaVego

1462602 940502346037619 6178045844543883377 O by PapaVego 921178 940502269370960 8563589947019315908 O by PapaVego

The time has come to write an uber-long post and get all emotional about AniMatsuri 2015. This year the craze has struck really hard and I sincerely hope that we all get well soon %) No haiguslehed, okay? Be strong! TSUYOI!

Anyhooo... I am not sure if it was more fun or stressful for me, perhaps both. If I have only known that armor making takes soo much time, I would have started working on it earlier than the beginning of July. There were a lot of hardships - doing all-nighters - thinking and designing, crafting and painting, compiling music and making props, getting yelled at by parents for neglecting personal well-being and health. Even though, I have managed to finish my costume in time and, gods, was the result satisfying. Looking at all the photos now I do feel like achieving something big this time!

About the character. A year ago a friend of mine, hooked me on Guild Wars 2. At first, I was very skeptical and didn't really want to try it out. But once it happened - there was no going back. I became fascinated with the universe and its characters. The cosplay for this year's Animatsuri was my very first and main character I created - a sylvari mesmer. A cabbage/salad if you like it better. For the armor I chose carapace light armor because, you know, BUTTERFLIES! Since it was the first time for me building something grand like this, the process was full of trial and error. I discovered, redid and revamped so that the next time I decide to build an armor, it would probably be a lot easier. A lot of thanks go to Hela for putting all the stuff on me together. The costume did have billion parts, lol! And you know what? I already have plans for the next year cosplay!

In the cosplay show I was performing with a defile for Eurocosplay and a stage performance. To be honest, the latter is the part I'm always looking more for. For me it feels awkward just strolling on the stage. I need action! Story! This year emerged successful as well, granting me a second second place for stage performance %) I would like to thank Suck At Love for allowing me to use their song for the play!

But that's not all. This year was special as well due to me being invited to join a panel - a Tokyo Ghoul panel. At first I was surprised. Why me? I haven't even watched the show and I'm not a fan. And thus I received my first homework in a very long time - to watch the anime. Okay, mission accepted! I was in. Even though I might have been a very sleepy and worn out Suzuya at the panel by the end of a day (I was running like crazy and creeping people out all day long), we still had a blast! %) I want to thank our Kaneki for inviting me to join the fun, Tsukki for being such a great and creepy (in a good way!) Tsukiyama, Touka for not dying from a cookie (I swear I didn't want to kill you x'D) and Uta for bringing me candy. Who doesn't love candy? You guys rock! We should definitely do more panels together %)

Sooo... That was all, I guess. Thank you for reading my overly long poem and see ya next year!

T9rZ3jGtgLM-edited by PapaVego    10679601 1052676601439983 1541817433836550155 O by PapaVego   
20150922 222423 by PapaVego
 Dsc6017 by PapaVego     Dsc6000 by PapaVego
 Dsc6076 by PapaVego     Dsc6201 by PapaVego

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? - 11 years.

  2. What does your username mean? - Just a shortened variant of my initial nickname (Vegeta, yea yea, I know, it was long time ago).

  3. Describe yourself in three words. - Loyal, workaholic, strange.

  4. Are you left or right handed? - Right.

  5. What was your first deviation? -  Sunset by PapaVego

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? - The stuff I like or I'm into at the moment. And sketches. Gotta love sketches.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? - I'd rather learn some arts and crafts like sewing.

  8. What was your first favourite? - That would be very hard to find!

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? - The one that stirs my curiosity.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? - I don't have exact favourites.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? - Probably no one.

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? - It was fun in the beginning, you got to leave comments, do awesome trades, have attention directed towards your art. Nowadays, sadly, it's a rather dull place for me.

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? - Anything that can be reached by hand. Mostly it's the tablet.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? - My workplace.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? - That one time when someone gave me my first subscription. Just for funsies.

I've been doing furry themed commissions for quite a long time. Right now I feel kind of drained from drawing them and only them.

I'll still accept other commissions - pokemon, anime (fanart or oc), games (especially Guild Wars), etc. Once I'm ready to do furry commissions again, I'll announce it in my journal/submissions.

I want to say sorry to all those, who tried to contact me but got no replies. Now it's been dealt with.

Cheers and happy summer holidays!
Because I decided that I needed a new simpler and clearer one:
The old will now be redirected to

I'm also open for colored sketch commissions!

Portraits go for $15 and full bodies are $20. These are the starting prices for 1 character and no adult content. Payment via PayPal.


'And who MIGHT you be?' - GW2 commissions by PapaVego

Orlya drawing nr. 790475461 by PapaVego

Commission for Fractus 1/2 by PapaVego
Today I received a message from user Infell telling me that a shop on Facebook Candy Stickers and Co. is selling my SnK art ( Attack on Titan chibis by PapaVego) as stickers. If you have time, I would ask you to drop by and leave a comment asking to remove this art (and possible other arts used without permission). The more people will comment, the more chance FB users will see the comments and will be discouraged to buy from this thief.

Thank you.
Hello, my fellow followers! I think it's about time I write something decent and long about the events that occurred to me during the last month and why I have been rather inactive with uploading new art.

First of all, the September was really hectic - cramped with festivals, events and work. In the beginning of the month I flew to Brussels to attend a youth forum about fundamental human rights. The news about me flying to Brussels was very surprising and unexpected but also very exciting. To be honest, it was rather hard for me to grasp the topic of our forum, since I'm not very familiar with the field that is the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. Nevertheless, the trip has left me with a lot of memories, especially with memories of our last day and the street event held in the center of Brussels. Thank you, guys! It was a great heartwarming experience!

Untitled by PapaVego
(I'm the one with the green shirt on the left)

The next week was even more crazy. It was finally Animatsuri time! This year I decided to make my debut on the cosplay stage and it concluded with a BANG! Literally. With me faceplanting against the floor. But do not worry! It was all staged %)
Back to business. This year I held a workshop on Japanese bookbinding, sold some keychains via 100Usagi Anime Shop and, of course, cosplayed. Cosmic plans, yes. But I somehow managed to overcome it all thanks to, fist of all, my mom, who helped me with sewing my cosplay, and some really nice people, who made me laugh in the moments of despair.

And now about the most important thing - cosplay. I was Hakutaku from Hozuki no Reitetsu.

-26208390 339267962-edit by PapaVego   10671250 587806657990649 2231801161221162919 N by PapaVego

I don't know why. He wasn't even my fav character until... The CAT happened. That friggin CAT. The CAT is a masterpiece, you have to admit it. And since I'm officially an Art teacher,  I just had to cosplay him. For the great justice and lulz %) I'm pretty sure that almost all Estonian anime-fans know now who Maohaohao (the CAT) is and that makes me a really proud little human!

I participated in the cosplay with Eurocosplay defile and a stage play. Of course, every cosplayer dreams of the first place and I wasn't the exception. Since my costume was 100% hand-made, I decided to enter Eurocosplay defile competition as well. Little luck there. I instantly forgot all the moves and poses I planned to do on the stage and just "weeeeent with the flow" %) Granted, working in a children's museum has made me immune to unexpected situations and crowds of people.

You can watch the defile here:

And then came the stage play, which was the most awesome, exciting, splendid, bombastic things of all! I couldn't just ignore it. It wasn't in my nature to ignore such an opportunity. So I participated. With a stage play. About the CAT. No comments here. Just watch it.

Stage play:

Special thanks to who volunteered to help me with the play! She was the victim I was drawing a picture of. And sorry for being a jerk (I know I was) the very last day. Stress, you know )

And them came the closing ceremony. And me? For the first time in my entire life I WON SOMETHING. Finally. The moment has came! It was the second place for the stage play. But my little spotlight didn't just end there. The most unexpected thing was the special prize from the Unicon's team in Latvia, Riga. That was a really pleasant little surprise, which I didn't even anticipate. Thanks and thanks again!

Dsc 0129 01 by PapaVego

To conclude it all, it was all very exciting and great and wonderful and... I think I'm in love with the cosplay world now, so...

-26208390 339270005 by PapaVego

Until next time! See ya %)
I've noticed recently that most of the commissioners whether stop responding to emails or abandon the discussion halfway when it comes to paying. I would like to ask you to check on the prices beforehand and send the order form only then when you are ready and willing to pay for your commissioned picture.

Thank you.
Good ol' Character Illustration is back. You can bid on it here ->…
Or email me if you don't want to join the auction and want to send you commission request straight to me!
Remember my colour scheme challenge? Well I want to continue with the tradition!

The Digital Colour Palette Commission is available here ->…
My dear friend :iconasari-rus: started accepting colored sketch commissions. Visit her page here ->…
Some may be wondering why they see me less and less on DA. I can explain.

* Firstly, after some tedious job-hunt I finally got a job! No. I don't work at school like I wanted (no school wants me, lol). Much better. I work at a children's hands-on museum as an educator/pedagog/teacher. In short - I compile educational programs and carry them on. Sweet, isn't it?

* In addition to that, I'm doing various workshops and stuff at my language school which is also really fun. For example, this year there were workshops on Japanese Art and a summer camp. We even managed to create a little animation. New achievement unlocked!

* Consequently, I have less time for drawing and stuff. Therefore, I'm minimizing my commission list to 3 on-going commissions. That means I will only take 3 commissions at a time from now on. You can still put yourself on the waiting list, though.

* Animatsuri in Tartu is getting pretty close! This time I will be holding a workshop on making keychains and selling my hand-made stuff as well. So stay tuned!

That would be all for now.
So what's been happening?

Master's thesis. Cum laude. Graduation. Meeting with the rector. Meeting with the president. And 10th failed attempt to get a job. Derp.
It's guessing time!

:: Interview - 2 :: by chochweets
Museum Madness by eat-milk
KIDS by lookforart

This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?
The job is done - the thesis defended and cum laude acquired.
I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeee like a bird!

Just kidding :P Time to DRAW!