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Well, it's a new year, and I'm returning to DA and resuming updates. I have a backlog of art ready to show, and the plan is to upload it gradually over the course of the year, along with any new stuff. Fingers crossed.

I acknowledge that I've been gone for five years, and I apologize for the long absence. To anyone who's returned to me after so long, I sincerely appreciate your patience and long memory. I hope that this time I'll be able to stick around for good.

Currently I'm busy working on some webcomics, so it'll still be a while before I'm able to review any comments, new or existing, but to anyone who leaves them, your support is appreciated. Links to my website and current projects are available below.

- Anthony

Plan Boom (my website), and current webcomics:
Blockheads | Letters to Eddie | Cloudlazing


Anthony Koro
United States


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wolfian Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2019
Happy Birthday! PhotoPhenom avatar 
wolfian Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018
I do wonder what became of you, but wherever you are, thanks for the laughs.
ravensdojo Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014
Hey there Anthony! I owe you a book! Contact me please!
stiffbonez Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
hey, happy birthday. love your letters to eddie comics. so far, my favorite character is a three-way tie between fir, annie, and the new character mela. the first several times i visited your da site, i didn't see much variation in your galleries, both your own and your favorites gallery. i haven't checked any of them out yet today, but you should think about keeping up with them. unless you have some other things you need to take care of that i'm unaware of.
tailowking Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
Happy Birthday :D
Raflynn Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy birthday.
ravensdojo Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Only Just Now Seeing the Comic!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Thanks !! I'm waving the flag and spreading the word as much as I can!
MegSyv Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Steamstrike Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Please consider signing my petition to preserve freedom of information: [link]

On July 1, Internet Service Providers will take matters into their own hands and do on their own what SOPA and PIPA failed to do, unless we stop them immediately.

Here are two news articles regarding this issue: [link] and [link]

PaparazziPulse Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012
Already signed it. Sock it to 'em.
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