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Fan art - Flandre Scarlet

By paparagus
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Character  Flandre Scarlet
Hi !
Another Flandre Scarlet fanart. I had no convincing idea for the background so i eventually decided to keep it blank. As usual, don't hesitate to tell me what you think about it, i'm allways happy to read your comments ! :)


Flandre Scarlet is a character from the game Touhou Koumakyou - The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil developed by Team Shanghai Alice / ZUN. This character (even if I like it a lot) is not mine.
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Beautiful drawing, she looks sassy and ready to fight... probably haha

Her wings look nice with a rocky texture, her coloring is pleasing to see as well,

no background was appropriate I think, only a overly intricate background

like a mansion could fit her, only improvement could be a slight shadow being

cast by her figure, anyway really good you should be proud of this one.

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Thank you verry much for your comment, as allways ! Indeed, i tried to make her look as if she was ready to strike. I'm glad you got it ^^

Actually, i tried with a sort of cloudy background, but it wasnt fitting verry well so i eventually decided to remove it (and i've done it with the shadow too, maybe it was a mistake)

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Yeah the background is good, but doesn't fit very well with her, probably lightning issues because of the strong light source coming from behind, an indoors background would fit her better I think, still she looks nice either way haha.

Nice you thought of adding shadows under her like I suggested, I always liked those since they disguise the "floaty" feeling a drawing with no background provides , it add more depth, but your drawings are excellent so they don't need those necessarily.

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You're right. Those lightning concerns need to be addressed before the coloration step (or even better, at the design step as an element of the composition), i think. Shadows are pretty interesting to manage as they can sometimes be tricky, especially with complexe light sources (more or less distant, multiple, ...). As for managing this "floaty" effect concern, i think sometimes ground reflect can be really interesting too, combined with shadows. And thank you for your compliments. Your comments are really helping me!

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Don't mention it I'm just stating a fact, your art is amazing keep the good work! :D:D

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Thank you so much, I'will! :D

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