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February 9, 2010
Sashimi's revenge by ~PapaNinja
Featured by archanN
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Sashimi's revenge

I usually don't post commission work but I do an exception for this one ^^
Another picture wich was very influenced by Hajime Sorayama's techniques. I tried some new tones for testing.
There will be some details on my website; it's a very big picture so I can do good close-up.
Done with Photoshop.

Print available here : [link]
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peterswiftart's avatar
MRCJames's avatar
Cute and sexy sea nymph and very original.
Cazgra's avatar
Love it. Cute and sexy!!
sissyroberta's avatar
Simply Fabulous !
jayemack95's avatar
This is magnificent!!!!!
greenhuntingcat's avatar
Perhaps the diver will escape the octupus....,.
kristine301's avatar
She appears to be...happy.
chocsox's avatar
I totally saw this piece on ink master. Just sitting on the wall. It was cool! Actually I think it was a slightly different version come to think of it...
ContrastCandy's avatar
PilesOfStuff's avatar
Great, really nice! :)
JBSWIF's avatar
I have seen this one before, feel in love with it instantly.Great to know the artists. Thanks for all the tentacles.
NemesisGreatrex's avatar
This one makes me actually like the "tentacle" genre!  :horny:
Shaylawriter's avatar
This is absolutely stunning. I love your work :)
OctavioP's avatar
nice job with your textures! I love this piece.
sbichrome's avatar
C'est décidé, je me met à la plongée sous-marine !
how much did that one cost?
Grainicus's avatar
I've seen this around so many times and it still pulls me in, fantastic work!
acekasbo's avatar
Absolutely love this one. Even ordered a print and I NEVER buy artwork.
This would make a sweet tattoo!
Haiaia's avatar
i really love your style,
Any tutorial of your workflow anywhere ?
PapaNinja's avatar
On Digital Art Masters Book, on ImagineFX, on my blog, on my FB page, on Livestream, .... :D
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