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Pamela Bouguereau

This one will be hard to explain ^^

I was very impressed by the last work of Eric Tranchefeux on Rembrandt.
As I was trying a new palete of skin tones inspired by William Bouguereau, I decided to make a feminine version of his autoportrait (yes, I know, I'm dispairing ^^).
So I had transformed this poor William in a mature bimbo (I'm a pin up drawer after all :D).

I've got no excuse ...

Print available here : [link]

Made with photoshop.
You can see some chaotic steps on my website.

Hope you'll like it.
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I love this! It's odd, but very striking. The color palette is fantastic.
JollyGolightly's avatar
I do love a mature woman :heart:
Kenshiro777's avatar
Bouguereau rules!
no-i-am-spartacus's avatar
hmm; &i don't remember taking the acid, but again i seem to have rolled off the edge of lucidity
there's alot to take in here,, +1fav
Lubna-fatiha's avatar
HA! really beautiful...Cannot imagine Bouguereau as a chick...but it has done it!
traydaripper's avatar
Hey i was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving me a little advice on something. Im trying to work on creating natural looking hair like this and im wondering if you had any tips.
Also feel free to check out my gallery. I would love your feedback
no-i-am-spartacus's avatar
after washing, try rubbing some olive oil into the ends ;)
Generate-sparx's avatar
damn scary dark eyes!!
ScottEllington's avatar
BigBad Bill is Sweet Christy (Hefner), now.
Power, painting, photography; pedestals and empires built on the shifting quicksands of trends in media -- go figure.
barksodaverne's avatar
pas besoin d'excuses, excellent travail!!
tsutar's avatar
ears look real!
Ru6y's avatar
Love that expression! wonderful tones:)
hoeee's avatar
This is amazing!!!!!!!
MrMaze's avatar
photography-by-vara's avatar
Lovely use of light, and detail in the hair. Great concept and portrait :)
JohnnyScharonne's avatar
I don't know if you want critiques, but her breasts look strange - as if she only has one - maybe she does.
The hair and the furry ears are amazing. Looks photographic!
Kusterland's avatar
don't know why but she reminds me of Laura Dern...
sinakasra's avatar
sooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooool:)
Annamari-annie's avatar
woooow details are...amazing!!
otrofco's avatar
her forehead looks strange for me (the painting), but the rest is pretty good
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Very nice job, and what a wonderful explanation about why you did it!
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