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Old Style

By PapaNinja
I saw too much paintings of Rembrandt and Aly fell ... ^^
I tried to do not use too much airbrush this time :)

Hope you'll like it ;)

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Absolutely fantastic work Heart Heart 
Very nice. I am searching for art to put on our skateboards, and thought perhaps a Steampunk style deck would be good.  That search brought up this. Great work!
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I do believe this was the very first image of yours I had ever seen and I've been hooked ever since!
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she's most beautiful 
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Yes, this is indeed one of my favorites as well, I like your slick renderings, but I love when you go painterly! Gorgeous! 
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One of my faves.... so soft but hard at the same time.... love love lust... uh hmmm love.
bratzilla716's avatar
this is great must have taken loads of time to get it to perfection
aw i love the corset juxtaposed with bows. very pretty
Deborah-Valentine's avatar
Do you pattern your women (or one women) after someone in reality?
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this is one of my favorite of your work!
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Amazing! You give your paintings life with how you detail the eyes and face. So cool!
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More DaVinci than Rembrandt I think?
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gorgeous work!
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Whoa, this is OOZING with style!
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I like how it looks more traditional. This is nice
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Dear God! I really really love it. That colors are nice! *----*
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I've bought a print of this in Berlin Box 32 last year and I absolutly love it. A pity that you didn't sign it. Anyway: Thanks for this piece of art!
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Thank you :)
Send me a email ( ), I will try to come to Berlin to visit a friend this year. I'll sign it ;)
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The vintage look is awesome here. :)
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