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Gong Li and tentacle

A caricature of Gong Li (for me the most beautiful woman of the world ^^).
It wasn't easy for me, I don't do this kind of lighting very often.
I was very inspired by the tones (blue/green) of my talented friend Denis Zilber ([link]) .
I used a photo reference for her face, you can see it on my blog ([link]).
Done (with Photoshop) for an exhibition in Paris and Montreal this summer.

And no, I have no problems with tentacles :p

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I'll bet it knows a few other tricks as well.
Fabulous in so many ways !
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insane. this is amazing. i love that.
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she finds as long as she allows it to explore her femininity, it does what ever she says.
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the octopus wonders:
"me suck you long time!"  :D

lucky lucky mollusc...

naughty miss Li...

hyper-mega clean, but dirty...

ultra supah cool ; off-da-hook drawing/artwork

i wonder how hard it is to make something this good, look this light(composition weight), so damn clean, pristine, joyful i would say...
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Excellent job on the light reflections!  They really enhance the flesh of the octopus' tentacle, and the material of her bikini top.
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a trained octopus? I want one!Miku Squee- Free icon 
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That bikini top is just mind-blowing. Best PVC/Spandex rendering I know of on DA.
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i love it. i didn't realize leather can be suitable for swim wear ;p lol
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well done give it two thumbs up
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wonderful piece of work
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охуенчиком делаешь!
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This is amazing!
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