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April 6, 2021
Another Queen by PapaNinja
Featured by lovelessdevotions
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Another Queen


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© 2021 PapaNinja
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Congrats on the Daily Deviation!

avirviescasart's avatar
Outstanding work!!

I do know someone very much like this. She advised me to take a class in creative writing. I haven't had the opportunity to do so yet.

LILURA2's avatar
She’s beautiful ❤️
Theeartistkid's avatar

Congrats on the dd!

Emmjayen's avatar

Very beautiful!

scofeld's avatar

Amazing! You are looks smart because you are the Queen :D

Gguywesker101's avatar

My my, she sure is a looker. Also, congratulations on your daily deviation!

LindArtz's avatar

Wonderful work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!

For My Personal Use Only
Raphaelle-Deslandes's avatar

You are back on Deviantart!!!!??

PapaNinja's avatar

I never leave ... Just forgot my password U______U'

ScottEllington's avatar

...check out any time you like,

Pops, but please never leave!


if you prefer.

Hot women with glasses and PapaNinja passes:

AJCoronado's avatar

"LIKE ME" That girl looks unhappy.

Nice artwork :+favlove:

EdwardDelandreArt's avatar

Je suis tres fan de votre travail Serge. Bonne continuation!

Iconic Generation ME. I hear there’s no cure for Digital Narcissism and it’s very contagious. We’re all going to die of the emoji plague! Excellent work.

Gurratheman's avatar

you post stuff all too seldom my wice art-professor. We need to see your awsome skills more often!

ggMattB's avatar

TFW I can finally see new art from Serge on DA again.

After a very long time, an update from you!

GORGEOUS as always, amazing work!

TheSadicPervert's avatar
Loopydave's avatar

Gorgeous stuff.... and great to see you around these parts again :D

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