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WW1 18 pounder shell deconstruction 2-2 by papajack1 WW1 18 pounder shell deconstruction 2-2 :iconpapajack1:papajack1 0 0 18 pounder shell deconstruction 1 of 2 by papajack1 18 pounder shell deconstruction 1 of 2 :iconpapajack1:papajack1 0 0 WW1 18 pound shell. by papajack1 WW1 18 pound shell. :iconpapajack1:papajack1 0 0 Precious little boy by papajack1 Precious little boy :iconpapajack1:papajack1 1 7 Winter is coming by papajack1 Winter is coming :iconpapajack1:papajack1 3 11
Hetalia40K Tears of blood: 30 days
“30 days”
The patrol moved silently trough the dark forest. The two bright moons in the sky cast their light on the guardsmen below with difficulty. Only partial rays managed to pierce the thick foliage of the surrounding treetops.
But the grim darkness of the forest could not possibly deter or hinder the experienced hunters within it, focused as they were with the tracking of their mighty and savage prey.
Captain Ludwig Beilschmidt led the three squads of guardsmen, their officers and NCO’s, walking in step with them as they were spread in a thin line, almost crouching, with their bayonet-tipped lasguns held firmly in their hands pointing forward and ready to be raised at the slightest hint of danger.
The steel-eyed captain’s communicator started to buzz and so he gave a sign order to halt, proceeding to kneel down along his troops. Only the tiny clacking of their flak armour and gear and the slight brushing of the long grass beneath their feet could possibly b
:iconpapajack1:papajack1 0 6
Hetalia40K(Tears of blood) : WAAAAGH!
It is the 41st millenium.
The Imperium of man stretches far and wide across the stars, filled with untold billions of souls and a million worlds. Vast beyond imagining, it rules with an iron fist greating it's enemies with bloodshed... For they are many.
The ever present threat from expensionist xeno races. Rebels. Heretics that abandon the sacred emperor in favor of the ruinous powers. Daemons with a a thousand names and much more would see the Imperium crumble from withing and without.
But under the banner of the God-Emperor of Man, the forces of the Imperial Guard, the mighty Adeptus Astartes and the holy inquisition fight to preserve the race of man from it's enemies.
It is their continued sacrifice that keep the dreams and hopes of an entire race alive.
For in the grimm darkness of the far future, there is only war.
A fine evening to a fine day was taking place befo
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Weer Vrij: In Flanders fields pt 2
After the departure from Antwerp, the 1st Canadian army along with Dutch, Belgian and Polish troops began advancing into the Scheldt, dislodging German resistance along their way. It was slow going and dangerous, as the flooded terrain made off-road movement dangerous for both man and machine, and the Germans hadn’t lost their touch for ambushes.
But those were things Matthieu couldn’t change from where he was. All he could do was pray for his men and leave the rest to them as he worked to keep those directly under his command safe.
“I can at least do that much.” He thought as he prepared himself for what was ahead.
The trio along with a small group of soldiers crawled silently trough the grass as they made their way towards the small farm house. Located as it was near the road, it was a perfect spot for the Germans to delay the advance… And inflict some terrible losses in the process.
“Bella, you see anything?” he asked, turning to the camouf
:iconpapajack1:papajack1 10 21
Weer Vrij: In Flanders fields pt 1
A bright orange sun shined as it’s rays lighted the strikingly beautiful landscape of the Dutch countryside. Fall had set in and the trees, grass and scrubs had all turned color. Birds flew low between the branches, disturbed as they were by the grinding of high-power engines pulling armoured vehicles, transport trucks and the accompanying jeeps.
From where he was sitting, Ludwig could see full well the small dirt road that lead to the village behind him and he watched as the convoy of raw recruits rolled past the dreamy scenery. His back against his jeep stopped on a small hill, he sighed. Duty was calling.
So he got up on his feet, brushed the dirt off his otherwise pristine uniform and turned to overlook the village. The trucks had entered the town square and the soldiers, young and old, were calmly getting out.
“Enjoying the scenery, brüder?”
Ludwig tensed up and did not turn to meet the voice that was speaking to him.
“I was, actually. It’s a sha
:iconpapajack1:papajack1 11 37
Still waters by papajack1 Still waters :iconpapajack1:papajack1 13 13 Snowmegadon by papajack1 Snowmegadon :iconpapajack1:papajack1 2 15
Moi chu né dans misère, j'ai vu l'espoir se pendre
J'ai pris des forces, j'ai dit au boss donne-moi un bout de viande
Il m'a dit ferme ta yeule, travaille ou sinon j't'étrippe
Faique avec mes douze tribus on s'est enfuis d'Égypte
On a partagé nos malheurs en guise de repas
Pis j'ai parlé d'une vie meilleure à ceux qui y croient pas
Effectivement on m'a pas cru, on m'a même renié
Même une fois on m'a vendu pour à peine trente deniers
Mais chu encore revenu pis j'ai poursuivi ma lutte
Sous la bannière d'une étoile et d'un croissant d'la lune
Du passé au futur, moi j'ai toujours eu l'même but
J'te l'avoue t'es un ennemi si un jour tu m'aimes pu
J'ai trop souffert, on m'a déraciné d'ma terre natale
Vers un nouveau monde, enchaîné à fond d'cale
Mais j'me suis nourri d'ma haine, j'ai pas attendu qu'on m'aide
Arrivé à Saint-Domingue, j'ai abattu mon maître
Comme j'ai buté mon roi, j'ai imposé la terreur
Chu allé un peu loin, le peuple m'a rappelé mon erreur
On m'a guillotiné, je l'méritais p'
:iconpapajack1:papajack1 1 0
APH: Vertreibung Finsternis
It was just another typical evening among others. A chilly wind blew outside, waving the flags around with some sort of grace, although none of it appealed to Philippe anymore. He had watched the horizon for weeks on end ever since Alfred and Arthur had been at each other's throats and he himself had been practically locked in Quebec City for his "safety". However, he had to admit that a setting sun over a snow covered sea was a beautiful sight.
As consumed as he was with the his own boredom and the thoughts that occupied his mind, he could not hear the door opening silently behind him, or the british nation silently walking past it and towards the small child.
Philippe felt his father's arms wrap around his small shoulders, "Evening, my little pumpkin," Arthur whispered before kissing his child on his cheek.
"Dad!" Philippe beamed as soon as he heard his father's loving voice. Turning as fast as he could, he clung to Arthur's neck in a hug. "I missed you so much, you know?" Half-laugh
:iconpapajack1:papajack1 5 22
APH: Center of my heart
Francis was walking up the stairs of the well-decorated apartment block, if it could be called that, down the corridor that leads to a single door. He gazed at the walls and such on his way there. While it was nothing compared to his own holdings in Paris, he had to admit.... Philippe had taste. Granted, some of that probably came from him, or so he liked to think.
And, with that, he knocked. Sounds of shuffling, tossing and running could be heard from the other side, accompanied by the sound of French-Canadian swearing the boy was known for. Francis stood there, waiting politely for the door to be opened. After all, he was a guest here, and just as he was about to whistle a tune, it did and a slightly embarrassed Philippe peaked his head trough the opening.
"Hi! I'm sorry for taking so long... My house's a complete mess," he smiled, nervously.
"Bonjour! Don't worry about the mess, Philippe, by now, I should be used to it!" Francis laughed back. "Can I come in? Unless, of course you're
:iconpapajack1:papajack1 3 63
Alea Iacta Est: Clash of Titans
Alea Iacta Est: Clash of Titans
by *KitakLaw
CONTINUATION of "Alea Iacta Est: Fall of Tyranny" by papajack1 - If you have not read that, please do so before reading this fic or you WILL get confused.  Thanks!
The day was bright and warm, here in the middle of the Italian summer.  Sunlight was pouring in through the open window to cast its light on the desk in the middle of the office where Feliciano sat.  He was doing his best to make sense of the documents and reports spread out in front of him, but with little success.  The Italian nation sighed and rested his head in his hands.  He had a good amount of knowledge when it came to business and the arts, but military and political matters were something else entirely.  In those, he was far better off relying on his older brother, Lovino.  Too bad the other wasn't around right now, and probably wouldn't be for quite some time...
:iconpapajack1:papajack1 11 4
Matthieu and Philippe: Colored by papajack1 Matthieu and Philippe: Colored :iconpapajack1:papajack1 50 48
i can only write and english is my secound language(i speak a little german but not enough to counsider it a third language.)



MO- I just love you_waring_BL by pandabaka
Mature content
MO- I just love you_waring_BL :iconpandabaka:pandabaka 1,953 0
Umbrella For Two by Twokinds Umbrella For Two :icontwokinds:Twokinds 2,287 82 Shower Keith by Twokinds Shower Keith :icontwokinds:Twokinds 955 100 Fire by gugu-troll Fire :icongugu-troll:gugu-troll 479 11 Cliffs of Moher by kippycube Cliffs of Moher :iconkippycube:kippycube 48 7 Forged In The Blood of Angels by ukitakumuki Forged In The Blood of Angels :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 308 35 knight by yy6242 knight :iconyy6242:yy6242 433 8 Paladin by yy6242 Paladin :iconyy6242:yy6242 616 11 Norman Knights, head study by Jerry-Teo Norman Knights, head study :iconjerry-teo:Jerry-Teo 7 1 sketchy sketch by ilovenuggets sketchy sketch :iconilovenuggets:ilovenuggets 113 29 Would you like to buy some cookies? by distressed-mess Would you like to buy some cookies? :icondistressed-mess:distressed-mess 14 54 Samus Aran by SongJiKyo Samus Aran :iconsongjikyo:SongJiKyo 1,985 64 Nomaid Aran by HeartGear Nomaid Aran :iconheartgear:HeartGear 2,201 44 Patreon Sponsored Art - Rivals in Love by HeartGear
Mature content
Patreon Sponsored Art - Rivals in Love :iconheartgear:HeartGear 1,467 46
Inefficient maid by distressed-mess Inefficient maid :icondistressed-mess:distressed-mess 69 58 That's a wrap, folks by distressed-mess That's a wrap, folks :icondistressed-mess:distressed-mess 186 65
just some pics i found here that i use for character developement and/or personnal enjoyment... props to their original creators whoever they may be.

(what i meen by character developpement is that i cant draw and i use these pics as a mental reference.)
So, been a while since i did one of these...

First off, sorry for the lack of actvity. Work is going and free time is short as will be this. I'm not at a pc and i don't  want this to take forever.

Well, the big news is that i'm buying a house. The house i am living in right now in fact. I am quite nervous at the prospect, to say the least!

The other bit of life news is that one  of  my cats has eye problems and it sucks. Hard.

That's kinda it, really.

Stay safe, healthy and happy and until next time!

J-P out.
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Jean-philippe Bonneville
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
what can be said about myself?.... Well, i'm an author, a starter up author, so my stories are a bit shody at the moment, but good(or so people tell me anyway). I love Hellsing, werewolves(and wolves) and guns, militay stuff, historical stuff and recently started liking Axis powers: Hetalia and am focusing most of my current stories towards that.. ( on that note, I recommand you read my friends stories, :iconkitaklaw: and :iconkelbora: they are very good and I take things form their head cannons, it's not stealing since I worked with them on it... well, with kitak anyway!)

I like the writting style of some of the best Auhtors around(stephen King, Robert Ludlum, Tom clancy...) and i try to write my stories in a similar manner. So, don't be surprised if you find yoursef reading something gory or suspence heavy. I love it like that....

I'm also French, or of French decent to be more accurate, and if that bothers you, leave it alone or I'll taunt you to death! And just because I'm French dosn't mean I don't get along with english speakers! Quite the contrary, this Frenchmen is Anglo-Saxon friendly... Just... don't go bashing France or Canada ( or anyone else, for that matter. But mostly these two) unless you got hard data to back it up or things will get violent, I have one hell of a temper and am not afraid to use it!

Current Residence: Canada/Quebec/ Terrebonne (Montreal area)
Favourite genre of music: any
Personal Quote: the wise man learns from his mistakes, the wiser man learns from the other's mistakes.

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