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Sk-8080 Featured By Owner 17 hours ago   Digital Artist
Muchas gracias por los faves! :)
Evil-Count-Proteus Featured By Owner 20 hours ago
I see you have favorited the enhanced booby sizes from my recent collection of ladies. You prefer the boobies huge it seems. :#1:
Pettyexpo Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the faves on  They Grow Up So Fast 2Callie looked down at her babysitter, as Jamie looked up at her charge. Something very strange had just happened and neither of them knew what to say or do. Jamie being the older of the two despite how they now looked was the first one to freak out.
“Holy shit, I’m a little kid. This is so not cool. My boobs are gone. I’m short again. This not cool man, not cool at all.” She was panicking. “How did this happen? Somebody did this to us. We have to fix it.” Jamie looked at Callie and knew almost instantly that any help she got would not come from the young girl.
Callie was transfixed on her body. “This is so awesome, it’s just like what I have always wanted. It’s just like I had always dreamed. I’m tall and skinny. I have boobs, this is amazing.”
Jamie wanted to try and reason with the girl but she wasn’t sure how to do so that would work. “It’s not all boobs and stuff Callie look at what it did to me. It
Friend Zone 4
As was the case with many malls in the country, her hometown mall was only half filled with stores. A few people visited the dying symbol of commercialism every day but mostly old people who used it as a walking track. Still there were some very good clothing stores left and that was what Casey was interested in. So she didn’t mind having to walk with her mom past a few old people to get to the stores she wanted to visit.
The two walked around looking at things for a while. Casey stuck to her plan and mentioned getting a few new bras and shirts and her mom didn’t really fight her to hard on the idea offering slight resistance and what little there was, was removed when Casey swelled chest up large enough to hang out of the one she was wearing. Just Little bits of flesh peeking out from the top and sides did the trick. So they picked a few out and Casey began trying on the clothes she liked the most. She shifted her body around to make the clothes look their very best on her
macromega Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Thanks for faving "The Undertall Virus, Chapter 1!"
Scaley-Randy Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2019  Student Writer
Thanks for watching! :D
Pettyexpo Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the faves on  Hannah's Comic Preview Image 2-12 Colors by Pettyexpo Hannah's Comic Preview Image 4-9 Colors by Pettyexpo
Sk-8080 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2018   Digital Artist
Gracias por el fave Papairus! :)
Sk-8080 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2018   Digital Artist
+1 :D
Pettyexpo Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the faves on  Titania Girl: Fangirl
“Comic book movies are the hottest thing in Hollywood these days, and the latest character to get the nod to head to the big screen is Titania Girl. A relative newcomer to the comic book world having only been created seven years ago. In that time the character has become a worldwide phenomenon. Thanks in large part to the characters weirdly struck balance of being both a serious action hero, and comedian in that the character doesn’t take herself too serious and even jokes about how absurd her abilities are. Titania Girl has had the best selling comic in the world almost from the start. There is also the animated show which had defied convention by premiering in primetime in a seriously competitive time slot and ended after three seasons because the creators wanted it to thus making it a cult classic. According to industry insiders the studio is gearing up for one of the largest open auditions of young women in history as they look for the leading lady for their newest tit
Friend Zone 2
The darkness didn’t abate for very long. The next days and weeks went by in a blur, as she began healing and learning to walk again. The lightning strike had wrecked her motor skills. The time also pasted mostly in silence for her, since she couldn’t really speak. She worked with several different therapists in regaining her ability to walk, write, and even speak.
It was very slow going but she was making progress. What never went away for her though, were the thoughts of everyone in the room with her, and sometimes even down the hall. She didn’t understand it. She wasn’t even sure if it was real. She couldn’t really tell anyone about it so she just worked day after day trying to get to where she could function again as a normal human being.
Her parents were always around, some of her classmates came by every once in a while. Justin though came by every day and sat with her. She enjoyed his visits the most because thanks to her new ability she could unders
Pettyexpo Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
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