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First Video trailer Strike Vector


We are a small team of independent developers and we are very proud to announce Strike Vector, our first game developed with the Unreal Engine 3.

Here is the video :…

We are 4 indie devs working on this game since 7 months and it's still WIP.

You can follow us on :

We hope you will enjoy the video!
Hey guyz,

i am now on twitter, you can follow me in this adress

Take care !
Hey, sorry for the wiat, i changed the link of the brush, hope it will work for everybody

hope you will like it : )…
Hi all, sorry for the long wait, but my brush are finally available, i'm sorry that i am not really active in deviantart, i will have more time now, please pardon me : )

here is the link >>>…

Have good time and take care !!