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Lullaby Close Up

Just a close on her.

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Nice artwork! Very pretty!
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I love her eyes, and I am so glad you got to draw her with your new style! :3
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I always look forward to new artwork from you because they're just always so breath taking.
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i love her expression and the instrument.... well i love geishas :heart:
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She could just be a musician. Geisha don't soully play Shamisen, it's just a skill they require for entertainment.
Besides that, her hair is inappropriately styled. The modern times are more lenient than the past, because back then they didn't have wigs like today, so their hair was constantly up (Hence the reason why they had to sleep on elevated planks to keep their hair from messing up. THey would only get their hair styled every 1-2 weeks.)
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May I introduce myself here? lol

Yeah, I know about the hair, though the idea of Yura wearing like a geisha (and acting/using her geisha skills) always attracted me too much. Unfortunatelly I couldn't put her a decent wig or I'd simply mischaracterize her...
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Hmm I understand.
I was just pointing that out though.
I'm the kind of person to gets annoyed when people claim geisha are prostitutes.
But you still did a lovely job. I adore the way you color your pieces.
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in that time are so difficult make that hairstyle.... and the instruments.... just i love the old school of geishas
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I adore geisha history, I've studied loads about it. It's probably one of my most favorite aspects of Japan.
It's sad that that profession isn't as common as it used to be during WWI ):
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This is so pretty... I love the feel of the scene. Nice job :D
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