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This is for my best friend ever, for his late birthday.

It's also a gift for myself.

Explaining; it's being a while since I don't make a finished piece like this for my own and it's been a long time I do not draw Inu fanart, specially of my favourite evil female character of all times. So I put it all together and this is the result.

It's also strange that she can remember me of so many good things of the past, when I was younger and faithful... It almost brought tears to my eyes when I realize what that time of my life really meant. It is like a lullaby for me to remember who I was, one day.

Guess I'll always miss the old me.

Close up:

Yura (c) Rumiko Takahashi
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Stars of Years, Blossoms of Days
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is.... is she dead? or a corpse??? O.o It's beautifully done, but I think you did the yukata/kimono wrapping wrong. it's supposed to be left over right (<- living), not right over left (<- used to dress the dead)....
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I know it wasn't the focus of your art (though it goes without saying that your artwork is beautiful), but I absolutely love the blossom effect you have going on in that tree! :aww:
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This is truly fascinating! I really love how beautiful this drawing turned out. =D :clap:
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This is a beautiful piece that does pay homage to your favorite character. I love your Inu-fan art, and I am glad to see it back with all of your new talent. It's gorgeous. :)
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aqueles eram bons tempos
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oh vary nice she is vary pretty :XD:
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Man, this is really an awesome gift :D

Happy late birthday to your friend ^^
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Love it! It's really great..... excellent work
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Very nice art! =3
Good work!
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Wow this is just absolutely gorgeous!
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She looks so pretty, and I love the atmosphere of this piece.
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Yura looks so pretty here.
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Lindo e sereno. Uma bela composição.
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Very nice work ♥
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