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Maleficent - Art Nouveau

Whew, my first attempt at Art Nouveau! I've always loved that artistic style so much, so I really had to give it a shot as soon as I saw this contest:… by CR-FanArt-Contests  :) (Smile) I did a bunch of research on it, but snapcrackers, is Art Nouveau one tricky style! 

 Front should have thicker lines than the back, the main character seems to be the most shaded, 
and then add tons of ornaments... I think I've fainted.

Plus, I have to mention, I loved the teasers of the Maleficent movie, and I really wanted to give her a shot drawing-wise.
So, combine the two and this is the result :3 

EDIT: Lineart now available too, free for coloring! :) (Smile)
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Thank you so much! :D

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Wow! Amazing work! I love Maleficent too!!
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Thank you so much!! Maleficent is so wonderful :D :heart:
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Wow! This is so amazing! And I love Maleficent! This goes straight into my favourites :) 
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Thank you so very muchly! :heart: Maleficent was such an amazing movie! :D :hug:
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Incredible technique. Amazing art I must say :D
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Thank you so very muchly! :D :heart: 
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no problem ^^ you deserve it!
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What was your opinion of that movie
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Mixed opinion, actually! I loved the characters, the graphics, the designs, but the storytelling had something that was a bit off, I'm not sure what. What do you think about this movie? :) 
Gojira012's avatar's interesting to see evil go good.
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That's very true! We all have some good and some evil inside of us, I think. I definitely understand why she did what she did, so that's a plus to the storytelling! :)
Classic cool and beautiful artwork 
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Thank you very much! :)
Your most welcome 
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((Alphose muchas??)) 
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Wondrous artwork! Thank you for sharing your Art Nouveau style. Your work is beautiful.


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Wow, thank you so much for that lovely comment! :D 
You brought a smile to my face! :glomp::hug:
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beautifully done
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Thank you so much! :glomp::hug:
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