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Jasmine Portrait

By Paola-Tosca
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I love drawing Jasmine's eyes :D Portraits are fun! 
Although I'm supposed to be doing homework! :arhh v.2  

Snowflake brushes used are from hawksmont:…

Previous portrait:
Snow White Portrait by Paola-Tosca 
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Doesn't Jasmine have one of the prettiest eyes you've ever seen? :)
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She really does! Whomever designed her eyes deserves an award! :love:

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I believe that was Mark Henn.
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This is gorgeous work. I love Jasmine. :heart:
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Thank you so much! :D
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Beautiful colours and design ;)
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Thank you very much! :D
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that the baddest Jasmine I ever seen.
I mean it in a very very good way...
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Thank you very very much! :D :glomp:
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I think you did a really gorgeous job on the eyes here and the overall silhouettes of objects.  There's some real nice shape language going on.  I also like the subtle textures you have going on!!
Now, as for crit, I gotta ask... why snow flakes?  The reason I ask is because while they look gorgeous, they almost seem to go against the character AND the overall color scheme (gorgeous warms, and a desert princess does not seem to evoke snowflakes)  I actually didn't notice they were snow flakes right away, because of how distant they are from the concept. 
Secondly, while I like the texture, start to think about what you want to accomplish with texture when you place it in. Right now it reminds me of an old painting, where everything is cracking just a little, but you can also use texture to reinforce materials, or to push your concept!  For instance, the cracks also subconsciously make us think of her as older, or from a time passed.  If that's your intention, fine!  But just be aware :)
Lastly, this one, and your previous portrait are both VERY well rendered, but they really do not tell us much about the character!!  Now, while I know who Jasmine is, because I've seen Aladdin, paint as if you're telling a brand new story no one has heard of!  What should her expression be, and what do you want it to tell to us as viewers?  These are just more advanced techniques you can think about in future works :)

Overall, though, it's a very nice piece!!  Keep up the work!
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Wow! :wow: I'm sorry for the late response, but this is so fantastic! Thank you so very much for taking the time to criticize and help others grow! :heart:

You are completely right, most of what I do is spur of the moment -whatever looks good- thing, and I'll definitely keep these points in mind with my next artworks. :)
Certainly things to think about, too.

I featured this comment! Again, thank you so amazingly much for doing this! :glomp:
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Wow, that's beautiful *___*
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Wow, thank you! :heart: :)
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beautiful!   did you it digitally?  if you did do it digitally  how did you do the texture because it look like wood i can see it in her hair
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Thank you! :D Yes, it was done digitally, and I used this website to search for a golden-like texture: Then I placed it on a separate layer on top with the setting -overlay- :) :hug:
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