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NATG V Day 1: Winona Pointing

By paoiue
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Draw a pony keeping still/Draw a pony holding tight.

A quick sketch of Winona doing the pointing dog stance. Didn't have much time because I have to wake up early for the con tomorrow. Therefore not super clean lines and it's phone camera quality.

Also, rushing leads to poor planning, so I didn't leave enough space for the tail.

Edit: August 23, 2015
Darkened the lines and uploaded a scanned version.
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Not exactly a pony, but still very well done! Good anatomy. :)
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Thanks! I used a picture of Winona and a picture of an actual dog for reference. That's probably why it turned out the way it did.

I think in the first day prompt page, it said it didn't have to be a pony. A dog in that stance was the first thing that came to my mind when I read that prompt, so I chose Winona because I think it's the only dog we see in the show.