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Nikita's wish is to become a mother one day.
I made her hair a little longer and features look older, more mature. For the present time I'm doodling/sketching out the baby/kid and making up a personality of him.
Louie just became an uncle!!!! :D but I think he's too occupied chasing around the father with a wooden cooking spoon than to enjoy the moment.

Guess who the father is! :XD: *hint: the child has inherted it's fathers girly eyes*

Art/niktia(c) me

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awezom :D I am going to draw her again, for the first drawing was awfull, so I have to do it again ^^;

Nic: :iconmiseryplz:
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Thank you again. Well, the idea (as you know) has circled around in my head a couple times so why not put it down on paper.

Nikita: -tries to comfort him- sorry, don't be mad at me
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I think it is an awesome idea ^^

Nic: how the hell did that even happen. do I suck that much in bed
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Nikita: don't say such things, you are -blushes- quite amazing. This was a mistake from my side. -holds around the large belly, like protecting it-
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Nic: we both did this *stand up* so, you know how to take care of a child. for I have no idea how to be a dad *he stand in front of her and she can feel that he is not going to ask her to remove the child*
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Nikita: you're not alone being unsure how to be a parent -strokes his cheek- but we'll manage... oh -holds her belly with an amusing grin when the baby is kicking- my, my, what a lively fellow ^^
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Nic: *just give the stomach a look* I can not say that I learned so much about being an parent by my mum, I just know what to not do
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Nikita: -smiles to him to not worry- It's a great feeling, but the morning sickness is awful and I have a strange obsession for chocolate covered pickles....I never liked pickles before
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