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Ok, ego trip time!

My humble Mordecai costume has been featured on Tracy J Butler's blog. Y'know, Tracy Butler- as in the artist of LACKADAISY?

I'm honored!…
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Hello DA Journal. Long time, no see!

Well, I've been a busy little bugger over the past few months. I've been falling all over myself (literally) in track, Our spring musical, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" just wrapped up this afternoon, and I won my State Speech/Forensics competition in the Serious prose category. Since then, though... I have missed the thrill from delivering a dramatic, serious reading. So, I laid hold of my copy of "The Phantom of the Opera" and recorded Erik's dying monologue to Daroga.
If your interested, follow the link down yonder rabbit hole!…
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This morning my brother and I went ditchin' around our local antique mall in hopes of scaring up some loot. Inititally I fifn't find anything, but it's truly amazing what you can find tucked away amongst all the bric-a-brac. In this case, my efforts were rewarded with a Spanish War Cross, a WWII-style American army visor cap, and-wonder of wonders- a Luftwaffe enlisted man's visor cap. but you know what the best part was?

The whole bunch only cost me $50.

Sure, the medal had no ribbon and was badly tarnished, the American visor is was the worse for wear and someone had ripped the insignia off of it. The same with the Luftwaffe cap... Some kind soul had taken a knife to the front and slit the insignia off as well. But hey, for $50 I can live with that. Lawd, I love it when antique dealers haven't the foggiest what their wares are worth.
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Hello boys and ghouls!

Seeing as how it's the most magical time of the year, I have been inspired to put out a couple of scary/creepy videos out in anticipation of the big day. Starting the ball rolling is my impression of Heath Ledger's Joker.…

Enjoy, throw up, whatever! I'm thinking I'll follow up with the narration from Disney's "The Haunted Mansion" or perhaps a reading of Eddie Poe's "The Raven."
Lemme know what you think!
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I realize that this is about as random as it comes, but my homecoming dance is rapidly approaching, and I *wait for it* cannot decide what to wear! and by that, I mean A WWII german officer's dress uniform, my Phantom of the Opera togs, or my steampunk threads.
Personally I'm leaning towards the dapper dress duds from Deutschland, but then that means I'd have to top it with something better once prom rolled around.

Good grief, I'm putting a lot of thought into this! SNAP OUT OF IT, MAN!
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For those of you who are interested, here's the link to my li'l slice of Youtube.
It's rather an eclectc mix of sing covers ,random silliness, short films, and impersonation vids.
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Love isn't a question of winning or losing
But all the same it can be pretty confusing
when you're still adrift and the other's perusing
for something or somebody new
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Break out the champagne, I have submitted my 100th deviation! YAAAAAAAYYYYY...! Ok, i know it has no bearing on anything, but still, it's surprising. I've been on DA just shy of a year and will remain for some time, so here's to the next 100!
hmm...time to go sniffing around the surplus store for some new yoo-nee-forms.

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G'day to my fellow deviants who are clearly wasting their time by reading this entry!
Due to developments in my private life for the last two weeks I have been in a major artistic rut... I can't seem to draw, paint or build a darn thing. So, this is an imformal request for a li'l bit of help. If you've been itching to see something drawn or fabricated or photographed I would be only to happy to oblige, as it might snap me out of this case of puppet funk I'm in.

Thank ye!
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While spending a contemplative few hours in my subterranean workshop, I mused on the idea of offering my services in regards to supplying cheap German visor caps, medals, insignia, and whatnot the to general public. I was always put off the by the high cost of the aformentione items off the 'net (which is why I set out to make them in the first place) and would like to be able to help fellow aspiring filmmakers, cosplayers or hisotry buffs get a leg up or just have a cool conversation piece. If anyone would express interest in this, let me stress that you get what you pay for- I can guarantee an itty-bitty price tage and durability, but not the uber high quality retailers can offer.
visor caps would run for $10
insignia would run for $1-$5
prop weapons would run from $15-$50 depending on make and type.

just puttin' it out there!
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On Saturday morning I recieved an exciting piece of news... my older brother decided to take the plunge and invest in a 1960 Chevrolet Biscayne. It appears to be in good condition and runs smoothly. The catch? Said sled-o-lead is located in Memphis, Tennessee. To me, that spells out one of the last great American passtimes... ROAD TRIP!
So, as far as i've been told, I'm buggering off to Elvis' stomping grounds to pick up the new aquisition immediatly after this school year terminates, which will be in six days! I'm rather excited. I plan to hit Graceland, snap a lot of photos, do some sketching, and drool over big bro's new cruiser.
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Hmm... my first official deviant journal entry. I suppose it's a tad odd that I'm only just getting into the real swing of things now, having been a deviant for eight months. The curse of teenage lethargy strikes again!  But, since DA has recently become available over my school's usually strict LAN firewall, I've been able to upload some of my stuff, and the reactions and feedback that I've received over the last week has been overwhelming.  What really irks me is that I've got a whole lot of scanning and photographing yet to do, but hey, that's what summer's for, right?

As I type, I must be careful to angle my head so that my running nose doesn't short out the keyboard. Alas, I am suffering from some sort of diabolical warm-weather cold that struck me during choir practice yesterday. But, with one week left of school I can tough it out. Once the summer rolls around I plan to finish a WIP I've been fiddling with since late October- Converting an East German uniform to resemble a WWII uniform. As of now I've only made the shoulder boards and breast eagle, but a cuff title and collar tabs are in the works. I plan to have pics of my 1930s Irish Republican Army cosplay up soon and some shots of my Phantom of the Opera costume as well.

Till then, PanzerForge signing off to go find some soup!
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