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Lost Innocence



Well... this is my first WW2 related deviation... well at least my first serious project. ;)

What we see here are two Wehrmacht soldiers patrolling the streets of an east german city (Won't specify which one but it's part nowadays of the Polish nation).

Just to have it clear... what is falling from the sky is not snow.
Its ash... From where?
From the extermination camps were many political prisoners, gipsies, homosexuals and jews were exterminated during the Hitler dictatorship. Many were burned alive... an example of what nazism can do... and will do if we let it rise again.


And era where a whole country lost completely the sense of innocence.

Meh I'm not really good at sending serious messages trough my drawings. I'm still a noob at that part. ^^;

Nor it was exactly pleasing for me to draw a WW2 related drawing. :roll: So I didn't bust my ass for awesome details.
The fact I added a nazi banner doesn't make me very happy either. But I wanted to make sure the symbol that represents all that senseless killing was present.

In this picture I have also added what is going to be from now on my own personal watermark. I'll be updating most of my pictures with this watermark so I can get rid of DA's default mark. ;)
I used a could brush from :iconredheadstock: and a snow brush pack from :iconfaeth-design:

There is still more WW2 stuff coming ahead but that won't be as my personal projects but as part of the ocean of requests I've got.

I still got other 4 linearts ready to color... all of them are Revy/Black Lagoon fanart ;) And the two next drawings I'll be making will be Revy fanart too =P And then... I'll start with the requests you all have been making. :)
I should mention that before I work on the colors of the next lineart, I will be working on a ONLY vector project that should be also WW2 related. I'm not sure how much it'll take me or if I will even work on it. So next project can be called a surprise ;)

I hope you like this. Anyone feel offended? Move on to the next deviant.

I'm going to reply all your messages, comments, notes, journals and deviations ASAP. See'ya in the Battlefield! :salute:
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It pains me to see that people still believe in a cause that took the lives of millions of innocent people and the lives of many soldiers who fought for the freedom of Europe and the world.  It's a nice pic.  May we, the human race, prevent such a conflict from occuring.  Nazism must not be allowed to rise again, not ever again.  Because of their evil intent and actions, the entire continent of Europe was thrown into chaos and millions of innocent people and soldiers young and old paid the price.