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Panzer Vor my friends!

This is group created to practice and share our deviant love towards tanks and cute girls!

Girls und Panzer is a 2012 Japanese anime television series created by Actas.

The story will focus around high school girls battling in tanks. The setting involves a universe where the art of operating tanks ( is a traditional martial art for girls. The protagonist, Miho, moves to Oarai Girl's High School, where she is ordered by the student council chairperson to participate in the national Sensha-do championship.

I noticed there is no Girls und panzer group up on DA so I decided to creat one! this is my first ever group, but i will try my best!

also the rules are really simple, putting your art or photos in right folder if there is no right folder ask to me, cofounders or admin?
also hentai or hentai websites links are forbidding here
romance is oke so long no nude stuff and yes yuri or yoai are welcome here ^^
if you have doubt ask freely or note to use?

Note me if you are interested being cofounder or admin!

Panzer Vor!
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Pravda [Koikatsu party] by jamoitzcaulton
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Saori from Girls und Panzer 3 by Heatray2009
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Saori from Girls und Panzer by Heatray2009
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Erwin by DarthS4nchez
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Rabbit Team (Usagi-san Chimu) - Girls und Panzer by miakArt
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Anzu's Recreation by Yilx
Anzu by Aposine
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Mallard team Girls und panzer wallpaper by mirage2000
Midoriko 'Sodoko' Sono Collage by Deutsch1918
Goose Team trying up Maus Armor (Trolled) by Xandier59
Mallard Team (Kamo-san Chimu) - Girls und Panzer by miakArt
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Tribute_to_Piyotan_girls_und_panzer by mirage2000
Girls und Panzer Omake 2: Girls und Paintball Pt.I by KilroyLW
World of tanks fans by lordsjaak
OVA 6? anteater and leo team by lordsjaak
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Ooarai Team Lion Evolution by NezumiYuki
Girls und Panzer Leopon VK4502 Ausf.B by NezumiYuki
Leopon team by mirage2000
Leopon Team Collage by Deutsch1918
I Team Shark
Ogin the Tornado by AsFoxger
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Centipede team on the run! by mirage2000
St. Gloriana Girls Academy
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Saunders University High School
GuP X RWBY: Saunders' Bumblebee by SSgt-LuLZ
Anzio High School
Fan Art (Anchovy) by Gabri--L
Pravda High School
FGO Card Katyusha and Nonna by Icelance669
Kuromorimine Girls High School
FGO Card Maho Nishizumi by Icelance669
Chi-Ha-Tan Academy
Girls und Panzer - Chi-ha Tan Academy by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Maginot Girls Academy
Eclair by Sharky-GuP
Anime Tank art not show related
Flandre's Fields II by MsZsc
Tank art not anime related
Ukraine, 1941 by ADiMarco
Tank Photos
Old Recovery Tank1 by DaveSheepek
humour pics
Borrowing forever IS stealing... by Sharky-GuP
Fan fiction
Monet with Seilah and Miho colored by DaveSheepek
comics anime tanks

Mature Content

AYC #114 Manga or Anime?-ENG by AsFoxger
Scale model tanks
ww 1 female tank by ironwolfAUS
BC Freedom
Andou and Oshida 2 (BC Freedom High School) by MTSjpn
University team
Girls und Panzer - Selection University Team by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
if you wanna know what happens to me. well i have tennis elbow... so take lot's of rest. for the members... please contact for your art posting to me or leave in mine deviantart profile a note. i don't getting the messages every times and i hate when it expired for adding to the group... so please leave message on mine deviantart profile if you added. than i can't forget it ;)
~Panzer Vor~
well that sucks...
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ChrisLoganHanssen Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello there everyone.  I just want to say thank you to the owner and admin for approving me here.  I appreciate it.

I have some questions to ask.  How do the school ships work???  I am talking about how do they get power to run the ship and the building on the main deck??  How do they get their water for drinking, cooking, and bathing???  How do they treat their sewage and trash removal???  How do they get their food??  How do they entertain themselves when they are not working or going to school???  How do they support the 30,000 people on the smaller school ships and over 100,000 on the bigger ones???  Do they have medical facilities???  I hope someone knows these questions
lordsjaak Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2020  Hobbyist Photographer
hello and welcome.

hhmm.. on your question there was a OVA episode that look inside of the ship. and another sample look for a school ship is more a aircraft carriers. that is closed sample for fiction to reallity. 

the episode i mean is OVA 3 "School ship war!" here you have the link for the information: sadly i can't find the episode for you :) but maybe you can look on google? or maybe on youtube? i hope that help on your question and sorry if it take long time for answer it?
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