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Here's a peek at the list of new incoming projects:

Heavy tank
Tracked artillery 
Medium tank
Tank destroyer
Flak tank
Lightweight tank 'bike'
Aerial recon gyrocraft
Aerial assault nautilus

Green team:
Enhanced recon monoplane (refurbished)
(Incomplete) Aerial fortress (or so the concept is right now)
Artillery diorama

Antique car replica (Prince Henry)
Several more that I'm forgetting right now
I've been working on a larger-scale project for some time. Due to a variety of reasons I've not finished it, but will soon. It will be a series of vehicles, figures, and one very large craft. As I have been adding onto it, its final design is not yet distinguished. What I mean is I dunno what I want to do with this behemoth. 
It was fun in highschool, did some of it in college. As the orders dried up, so has my interest. I'm ceasing taking commissions from furries. Sorry to all that may have wanted. My apologies. 
Its been a long time since I've had either free time to make something to post, or any commissions to complete to post. I haven't forgotten about this page, I'll be trying my best to do more.