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postage costs: 80CAD

For those wondering what the purpose of this collage is: [link]

and so it went:

40 - USA
7 - Canada
2 - Ireland
2 - United Kingdom
2 - Malaysia
1 - South Korea
1 - New Zealand
1 - Japan
1 - Australia
1 - Germany
1 - Hungary
1 - Vietnam
1 - Argentina

For a grand total of 61 (?). I think last year's were actually drawn better, so I'm a little disappointed at the overall quality.

A big thanks for those who participated, and sorry for those that missed the chance. It is always an interesting struggle to maintain motivation, variety, and some semblance of quality. Sanity and sleep is acceptably lost during this time.

I do want to continue the tradition this year, but it seems like the amount of time I have keeps getting shorter and shorter. With work, life, and other projects... 50 might be the limits of my ability while maintaining an acceptable level of quality. Just writing and folding all the envelopes took the majority of a weekend. I would rather not have to reject any requests, as I have not had to yet. We shall see if I can draw better and faster when the time rolls around again!
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XXArekushisuXX's avatar
I was first for that year its on my wall <333 xD
Beautiful drawings :D
SleepyTed's avatar
Well dayum Pant!es, that is a good spread :D
pantsu-pirate's avatar
i like to spread it thick.
I3I's avatar
61?! //faints o>o
you're beyond godlike *__*
thank you for taking your time and considered mine; (i've framed it, to serve as an inspiration haha)
pantsu-pirate's avatar
oh geez... i get all embarrassed when people tell me they're actually going to keep my cards. Why would anyone assign value to such horrible scribbles; I'm not that good yet!
I3I's avatar
who wouldn't want to keep your cards? i'll treasure it for life. ;v;
and yes, you are. i look up to you ♥♥
luke-4d's avatar
You are getting better. 'w'
pantsu-pirate's avatar
thanks, i will continue working and practicing.
luke-4d's avatar
>u< no problem.
you are incredible ' U '
MegBuns's avatar
Wooo wow thats a lot of freakin good drawings! lots of girl love going on! :heart: I love mine still :love:
pantsu-pirate's avatar
glad you like it; it was actually one of the easier ones to draw. Didn't have to draw a guy or anything heavily detailed for it :3
thank you soooooo much<33.
it was my favorite (and only) Christmas card -sniff- I FELT SO LOVED.
Szili0's avatar
Thanks for sending one ^^
Kiki-Daiso's avatar
[]-( ^_^ )-[]

... head bolts.
Domo arigato.
pantsu-pirate's avatar
headbolts, another niche fetish?
DagnKai's avatar
You're such a dear. Love your work ALWAYS. I swear. I love the way you draw girls that, gee, I actually went on the /h/ board.
pantsu-pirate's avatar
drawing girls is a long and joyful path.
Soulkreig's avatar
Thanks again! I really like my bird-man =D It came out great =3
pantsu-pirate's avatar
no problemo, thanks for participating.
JoseDu92's avatar
Neat initiative as an artist.
pantsu-pirate's avatar
it's always an interesting struggle to finish them in time and at a reasonable quality.
Kyuubiness's avatar
Whoaa that's a lot!
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