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Enough people have confirmed receiving the cards. I don't think anybody is allowed to complain if I just ruined the surprise.

Click download for the larger size, or ask if you want a larger scan of any specific. If I get lazy/inactive... I might start submitting these individually or color some of them.

If you weren't a cool kid and didn't request one... then make sure to do so when I run this again. (I'm trying to think of an excuse to do this again without waiting for Christmas)

4 to Canada, 17 to US, 1 to Europre, 1 to Japan.
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more than 5 things i've quickly seen, i loved them, viewing slowly i see u re great at this =)
pantsu-pirate's avatar
thanks, last year's had even more: [link]
usagimaru's avatar
I'm jealous of that space marine drawing.
pantsu-pirate's avatar
i didn't figure you to be a warhammer fan.
MegBuns's avatar
AW yay! wow you did such an excellent job with all these cards! I'm super impressed! nice work ^___^!!
pantsu-pirate's avatar
thanks for particpating, i had a fun time (even though some of it was rushed) getting them all done.
MegBuns's avatar
aw yay! I'm glad I could be apart! Rushed or not, I think they look great! ^^ sometimes sketchy is best! ya know? eee!
Syllogysm's avatar
I didn't wanna look at this until I got to check my mail rofl /late comment
BUT YAY I will oogle and stare at this card for the REST OF MY LIFE. *v*

thank you!! <3
pantsu-pirate's avatar
don't oogle too hard, you'll see a million mistakes and the magic will be lost.
brokenaoshi's avatar
They're all so great <:3 Wow...

but I like mine the best <3 I'm surprised that you drew yourself with a smile for some reason >.> Bur it makes me happy every time I look at it. If I want to send you one back do I just send it to the return address?!
pantsu-pirate's avatar
I like to think that we would have a decently good time hanging out.
brokenaoshi's avatar
Good times! Yay!
Shane-Rodriguez's avatar
these drawings are brilliant and definitely worth the wait, especially Chainsaw Girl. she manages to look both playful and dangerous. thank you for drawing her. great pic!
pantsu-pirate's avatar
no problem, thanks for participating.
Shane-Rodriguez's avatar
you're welcome! i was glad to be a lucky recipient.
kingskullkid's avatar
haha excellent bunch of drawings :D
blameshiori's avatar
omg the other card got a shanghai

that one is infinitely superior
pantsu-pirate's avatar
I was only able to muster enough ability to draw one shanghai.
kozumura's avatar
You forgot to pack teabags into my envelope.
pantsu-pirate's avatar
hey. I don't get the joke.
Jinzouki's avatar
I gotta say again I loved the art you did for my card, turned out really cool :D You captured the humour in the scene quite well, it'd be awesome if it was posted full/individual pic one of these days so I can include it in my fav's by itself and show some friends :XD: The others are cool too, they all seem to benefit from this sketchy pencil style, though inks are cool too :D
pantsu-pirate's avatar
i'll put it up as a scrap sometime.
Jinzouki's avatar
Cool :D Lemme know when you do that :)
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