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99.57 CAD

Canada doesn't use pennies anymore, so I guess it would now be $99.55 in postage. I was so close. One more card is all it would have taken.
(next year I'll aim for $100? or 100 cards? -I think 75 cards is pretty close to my max capacity)

But here it is. The collage of the Christmas/New Year's/Holiday cards I drew in November/December.

You can read about it here: [link]
Or read the dumb stuff I've been writing about drawing them here: [link]
(there's porn of various flavors on MW, so don't wander far without your parent's permission and a locked door's security)
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This is quite an undertaking and yet they all turned out original and good. How long did it take to do them all? Not just drawing, but also talking with people, keeping poses original, mailing them, etc. I read it took 6 hours just folding and labelling the envelopes.
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I want to say it didn't matter so much because I enjoyed doing all of it; but there were times (many times) that I struggled with meeting the self-imposed deadline and frustration on my own abilities.

At the end, I'm always glad I did it and wish I had done more. So I think I can keep trying until my ambitions become regrets; I hope that never happens.
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It's hard to say.. I started taking requests right before Halloween and went at it till the day before my birthday on the 19th.

I did some math on it:

Which is probably not at all an accurate estimate, but the closest I can come to. Another estimate would be to say I spent about 2 hours a day working on them: roughly 100 hours total with taking down names and requests, actual drawing, writing thank you notes, and folding envelopes.
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Wow, that's a lot. Your dedication is admirable. Hopefully it turns out well again this year.
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:iconiloveyouplz: great job as always.
i can almost feel the pain of your hands from drawing 75 postcards.. may the flying spaghetti bless you with more tentacles. :tighthug:
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My tentacles feel no pain, only the joyful tears of my followers.
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These are good.
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thanks, I enjoyed drawing them.
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Its a pretty impressive collection... How big are they?
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they're all done on 4"x6" cards.
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Cool, so middle-sized then. Is that how big you normally draw stuff, or was this just so they'd work with the cards?
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Most of my work is digital, so it varies on what I'm drawing for canvas size.

I normally only do traditional sketches at cons or for Christmas Cards. At cons, it's on normal 8.5" x 11" paper.
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I love my card, when I got it in the mail I was so thrilled. Thank you so much!
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you're welcome! I hope I didn't completely miss the mark with your request. It was weird.
iexisttolive's avatar
It was meant to be weird - it was exactly what I wanted :D
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holy crap i could never imagine paying 100$ for postage....
ALSO also your super late postcard will now be sent as a V-day card because I got really distracted over winter break ;__; (and still haven't gotten around to it because school)
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now if only you were a real magical girl.
pantsu-pirate's avatar
A valentines day card from a real girl... oh how far my life has come.
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Your card is in a very special place for safe keeping. Thanks again, I love it.
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haha i remember being the last person..goshhhh...
great job again yeah?
pantsu-pirate's avatar
You were number 3/4 of a hundred.

I think I did fairly well :/
shunao's avatar
you did very well haha
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