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44.62 CAD in postage

And the statistics go:
USA: 26
Canada: 3
Korea: 2
New Zealand: 2
Japan: 1
Denmark: 1
Mexico: 1
England: 1
Germany: 1
Australia: 1

Additionally, there were 6 more potential people that didn't give me their request, address, or gave it way too late. I would have broken 40~

I drew:
38 girls
17 things with penis
10 pairs of thigh highs
8 pairs of headphones
21 weapons (including gardening tools)

So this was a pretty cool year for cards and sort of not. Not bad for two weeks worth of work? I think I may have done a better job last year.
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usagimaru's avatar
I approve of all the penises!
pantsu-pirate's avatar
the red/green one at the bottom was supposed to be mailed to you, but i forgot.
usagimaru's avatar
that's okay - save the postage. I'm happy enough I got my requessst~
usagimaru's avatar
I can't believe I just said that.
UnluckyPrincess's avatar
yay the one you drew me was posted!!!!! it's like a hybrid of Pyramid Head and a Nurse.
I'm gonna frame it when i get a chance. Thanks! can't wait til next year to do it again.
you should do a kitty count as well.
Demonlord-Remilia's avatar
Thought I added this to favorites forever ago LETS FIX that.
MegBuns's avatar
wow wow! lots of these look super amazing! :D super great job! thanks for being so dedicated and nice to send all those! I really appreciate it! :)
pantsu-pirate's avatar
no problem, i always have a blast drawing things for other people.
SharkBoot's avatar
My gawd, the Yotsuba& one.
pantsu-pirate's avatar

it was a "yotsuba and jumbo" request
MMAADD's avatar
Drawing China twice is awesome, but I'd love to see that Yotsuba one in a bigger size.
pantsu-pirate's avatar

yea, turned out better than i thought
kurisu1991's avatar
Could I get my character in higher quality?

also ... in spare time ... do you think we could be index card sending, art trade buddies?
pantsu-pirate's avatar
if by that you mean once-a-year buddies around christmas time, sure :3

otherwise, i doubt i would have the peristence to do anything like that on a regular basis
kurisu1991's avatar

That would be fine!

Getting those from you is really fun!
Yuume's avatar
Ah this is wonderful :3 I love it~
The Panty and Stocking one, the Pokemon one in the third row, and the gasmask one with the kitty are my favorites :3
Great job this year! And don't underestimate yourself, that's GREAT for two weeks worth of work!
pantsu-pirate's avatar
i'm surprised i managed to finish it all in two weeks... i was worried my procrastinating would keep me from finishing them all in time for christmas.

i want to do even more next year and see how far i can really push it.
yanie24's avatar
I see mine D:
I didn't get/haven't gotten mine :c
could you give me a better quality please?? *-*
pantsu-pirate's avatar

it seems like there were a few cards that got lost in the mail this year:
yanie24's avatar
I received my card today!! i'm happy *u*
I tought it was lost forever :noes:, i'm glad I received it, thank you so much :love:
pantsu-pirate's avatar
wow.... two months to get there 0:

Well, i'm glad it made it. hope you like it and do it again next year!
yanie24's avatar
thank you so much it's perfect!!! D':
fish-roll's avatar
I love how all your illustrations have variety♪
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