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ok thank
you all
so much!
1500 watchers is a lot of people! ;u;
but y'all have come to find out who won the 2 requests, so I'll not be thankin u too long and get to the point! 
the whole lottery thing can be seen on my snapchat (pantiesaurus) for 24 hours now, so if you're interested, go there (:

first name I pulled out was


and the second winner is


yayyyy!!!! I'm really happy for the 3 of us^^ congratssss
I'll msg u in a sec if one doesn't reply within 2 weeks I'll pull out another name and give the request away to be fair <3
Special WINNERS by Pantiesaurus  < proofpic

and to everyone else who didn't win: there'll be another special definetly! (: :heart:

t h a n k   y o u  !

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Fuck, I won something? What kind of bizarre parallel dimension is this?!
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... just kidding, it’s awesome. <3
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oh cool! Congratulations! :D
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Aww- drats...  Congrats to those that did win.  Lucky ducks
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probs gonna do the next one at 2000, hopefully it's not too long until there haha XD
I wish I could do one for everyone ;A; but at 2000 is your next chance : 3
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You know Ill try again. And in the meantime enjoy the art. Grata on all the followers
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happy to hear that :heart:
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:D  congrats, winners!
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Congrats to the winners. Peace 
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