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s k e t c h d u m p

Happy new year (:
I sketched a lot over christmas but I was not able to make something bigger the past few days cause I was in berlin (which was pretty fancy, went the first time and saw so much beautiful art) but I got a new screen drawing tablet for christmas and gotta try that out now really soon.

everything you need to know abt this sketchdump: 
most of it r just weird dragons n creatures as always but that one guy who looks a lil like voldemort is death who I dreamt about. the text above him in german basically says 'Death is a nice and understanding guy. When your time has come, he will consume you alive, raw and unseasoned.'
the nude sketch's reference is this picture

 if you haven't already, check out my latest request raffle thing
So as most of you know, I'm doing this whenever I reach a new milestone. The next one is at 1500 watchers which shall again be celebrated with a request-special c:
This time however I want to change a few things about how it's all working (mostly for advertising issues hehe I'm now an attention whore officially, so there we go).
So here are the rules:
you must be a watcher of mine to take part
2 Requests can be won but each will go to a different person
• comment "I'M IN" under this journal if you wanna take part
• I will write all the names on pieces of paper, put them in a box    together and blindly take 2 of them out at the end, so this is    why the following will work:
you get to be in that lottery 2 times if you post a journal about this tiny event here, linking this journal.
pls link your journal in your comment, so I can see i

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Handgun by Pantiesaurus   Dr. Spencer Reid by Pantiesaurus   Ratman 'naked' study - sort of by Pantiesaurus  

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Fresh air by Pantiesaurus
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Nice sketches I really like those four armed dragons but i finally realized why  those genitals you draw always creep me out... they just look wrong. I mean dragons are fantasy creatures but they are based on dinosaurs and lizards. Which dont have open genitals. I had a few xD Well whatever ^^ just some thoughts.
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Awesome sketches and designs! Really nice critters :D
Pantiesaurus's avatar
DBrentOGara's avatar
Welcome a lot <3
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I like them all but my favorites have to be the rabbit, rat boy and the character studies in the top left. :love:
Pantiesaurus's avatar
yea I like the rabbit, too and this ratguy is actually the birth of my ratman, so his first ever appearence anywhere xD
I personally really don't like the one's on top left, wasn't even sure to include them lol
wondermanrules's avatar
His rat baby photos :XD:

I just like their expressions. They just strike me as fun characters 
Pantiesaurus's avatar
yesss although he now is a 'devil' rat and not a 'husky' anymore ^^

lol I hate them all for some reason except that one guy with dark hair XD
wondermanrules's avatar
sounds cool :D

I'm like that with this one character from MASK. I'm struggling between revamping his outfit or just drawing it as is because I think his original uniform is racist :XD:
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Rose-Hunter's avatar
you're welcome  :aww:
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