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Teamspeak Opossum

this is a thing I just made for my bf and friends.. I kinda said I'd draw it aaages ago and now that I got so into ratmen, I thought I'd just do it.

here's the backstory:
whenever they're gaming together they talk in TS and from time to time it can happen that one of them gets so distracted or concentrated on something that he won't answer anymore and doesn't react when the others call his name, so it can take a while until he notices. and it seems as if he's gone or dead or whatever when he's actually just concentrated, so it's pretty much unintentional possum playin'. they're calling that person the teamspeak opossum afterwards.
don't ask.

I wanted to do a real derpy image at first but then his pose looked kinda cool and I made him an actual cool boi lol idk this was actually not soo easyy....

Snapchat (WIPs): pantiesaurus

ratman crawling by Pantiesaurus  ratman by Pantiesaurus  Inktober #17 - lumpy dragon study sheet by Pantiesaurus  Inktober #16 - Dragon's back by Pantiesaurus
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It is a joy to view and too hard to select a favourite.

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How unique. I love the detail of the fur and teh soft background. Very cool.
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thanks a lot <333
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Whoa, this is amazing! :D
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So... when he gets real stressed he goes catatonic and smells bad? 'Cause that's how 'possums do it here... :nod: I like his mug... very hearty ;p Good pose, nice outfit. What game are they playing?
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haha maybe^^
thanks (:
mostly Destiny 2 and overwatch
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Good games! I like 'em :D
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gaaah, such a cute lil nibbler
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;-; thank u for the watch :heart: :heart: :heart:
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you're welcome! <333
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Amazing I’m in love with this creation !!!!!
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thank you so much :heart:
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I honestly thought this was a cosplay photo from the thumbnail until I clicked on it  :wow:

Awesome job on the lighting, pose, perspective and details. It's crazy how realistic this looks :iconclapplz:
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thank you so much <3
I'm not too sure about that image, but this comment is making it better^^
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Lol this an awesome parody of that term! I soooo wanna play this guy XD
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hahaah I also thought they were pretty creative there : D
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Das Licht sieht sehr schön aus, und die Pose und Farben gefallen mir auch :D.
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Hahah what a horrible team mate, he’s not dead he’s just playing possum
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