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Ratman 'naked' study - sort of

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such a precious rat X3
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you're most welcome Excited Rat emoji
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Wauw that looke really amezing.
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np i love rats, i got 4 of them <3 3 little ones en one grown up ^^
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ayy cool, I've got 5 ladies rn, they're adults I think since 4 are about a year and a few months and the 5th one is abt 2 years aproximately
best pets I ever had^^
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yeah i know, I have rats for 8 years now i always love them that you can walk with them. i believe the oldest one is almost 2, the little ones are 7 mouths old. and indeed the best pets I also ever had ;) <3
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This is wonderful 
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Ich weiß, ist nichts Neues, aber ich mag die Rattenmenschen immer noch. :D
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Jaa, ich finds auch noch toll und das ist bei mir eher selten^^°
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I feel you. Ich bin auch echt selten zufrieden mit meinen Zeichnungen. :‘D
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Great to see your amazing work again 
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thank you so much <3
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I really love how you managed to incorporate human hair patterns into the body fur. It's a small detail but I think it makes a world of difference. I also like that he has a regular build rather than some muscled up super hero. It gives him an average dude look and vibe.

I have yet to see a shirtless male get a mature tag on here let alone a shirtless male animal so I don't think this needs a mature tag at all since no genitalia are visible. Anyone who does think this is nudity that requires a mature tag is obviously having sexual feelings towards animals and should probably seek professional help.

Btw I'm surprised he doesn't have nipple rings or gauges considering he loves piercings. 

Great work on this :iconclapplz:
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yay thanks^^
I first wanted to make him a bit slimmer but then I found him cuter that way^^ and I don't like those muscled up males that much myself, so he really needed to be as average as possible : D
yea that was merely a joke bc if this really happened I would probably bury myself somewhere xD I even had intended to put a ding dong on him but I then thought he should have a teeny tiny rat ding dong that can easily be covered in fluffy pubic hair :'3

nah I think he's just into ear piercings as they're so big and have lots of room for them^^
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Welcome :D

Like if he were in a story I think he'd make a good main character just because he'd be relatable to the average person. 

Hey if Disney can get away with it you should be able to as well :XD:

fair enough :D
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nnnggghhhh is happy boi now
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actually yeah if they walk like people they should have em on the top
the anatomy looks very well thought through
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