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this is my weird first attempt at oil painting, so it's not that crazy lol figured for the beginning I'd do something sorta simple without ref photo, just my hand (which made my hand hurt u.u).
my phone camera this time could not really pick up all the colours how they actually looked, so I had to retouch it im Photoshop as good as I could. I really am not sure if it's accurate now though :/

anyways! happy holidays to all of you and if you haven't already check out my latest request raffle thing
So as most of you know, I'm doing this whenever I reach a new milestone. The next one is at 1500 watchers which shall again be celebrated with a request-special c:
This time however I want to change a few things about how it's all working (mostly for advertising issues hehe I'm now an attention whore officially, so there we go).
So here are the rules:
you must be a watcher of mine to take part
2 Requests can be won but each will go to a different person
• comment "I'M IN" under this journal if you wanna take part
• I will write all the names on pieces of paper, put them in a box    together and blindly take 2 of them out at the end, so this is    why the following will work:
you get to be in that lottery 2 times if you post a journal about this tiny event here, linking this journal.
pls link your journal in your comment, so I can see i

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Dec 23, 2017, 2:41:06 PM
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Fantastic work on the colours, you can even pick out veins and callouses on your hand! Great job! :clap:
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thank you very much, glad you think so <3
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Really amazing :D
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You're welcome :)
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Point and click. 
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[In goofy Russian accent] POW! Ha ha!
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Impressive smoke effects here
Pantiesaurus's avatar
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Puts new meaning to the term "FingerBang" x3
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Your work is so good, I can't even notice that is traditional art...
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thank you so much <333
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I really love how you did the flesh tones and ripples in the skin. :D

I can see why your hand would hurt if you had to keep posing it like that.  :XD:
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thanks (:
yea had to hold it like this at least half an hour for the sketch xD 
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Welcome :D

:XD: that must suck

I sort of have a similar thing with my hands. I used to pretend to be Spider-Man so much that when they cramp up, spasm or I stretch in the morning I do the "web shooter" hand gesture as a reflex at this point. :iconspideyplz:
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this is really well done
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:aww:  you're welcome
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Reminds me of cuphead!
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