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Fresh air

it took a lil while but I L O V E the outcome! I really needed to get to paint a dragon again, I missed it and I think I might have improved while not doing so. u know that thing when you're not doing a thing for a while and then u do it again and you're slightly or even a lot better than before???? that's the thing!
also ft. weird dragon genitalia :D decide for yourself if it's a girl or a boi idk either


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Very pretty. Nice pic, nice work.

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The pleasure is mine. Enjoyed looking through your gallery.

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flying spinosaurus with four arms, and visible genitalia 
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Gulliver's Travels could offer some light on why this is considered porn.  But to those horses, it sounds very confusing.
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This is the "pantiesaurus dracus"? 
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Ooo, nice one! Personally, I'm not a fan of pinky colors and such, but this one here looks great, gosh. : o Love it!
BTW, don't worry about the 'mature content'. People here report almost everything that has even a bit of nudity in it.. They see their cat's balls everyday, but in the drawing genitals are treated as something that shouldnt be noticable, lolz. :' )
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ayy thank you (:
ya I noticed, I shall now tag everyhing with genitals as mature u.u (although a friend evn told me she had already seen fetish drawings looking that way, so nothing will surprise me anymore lol)
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them colors are pure love!!!!
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Spinsaurus head
yay me
Is it weird of me to say that the butthole looks like opened lips? 
I just think you should adjust that \_('-')_/
Pantiesaurus's avatar
no, it does a bit and it also reminds me of a butterfly^^
how should I adjust it?
CircusBabyIsEnnard's avatar
Closed butthole XD
I feel like a criticizing jerk now ;-;
Pantiesaurus's avatar
hey dragons gotta take dumps, too ;A; no ok, you're kinda right but I'm too lazy to change that^^ I just thought it might be what dragon buttholes may look like. always partially open? .-. idk lol
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I really love this piece, the anatomy is wonderful, the pose is great, the lightning... Really, this is just great dragon art! 
It kinda sucks that everything is provocative these days... maybe it's just because people aren't used to seeing dragon genitalia (As most art makes it so they literally have none, which wouldn't make sense since in most stories they lay eggs so they should atleast have a cloaca like birds, or just...well, what you drew pretty much. ) 

I think people also got a bit triggered for it not having mature content since, of course, people always think about porn first thing when they see any genitalia on the internet, animal or otherwise. (Dragons seem to be quite an usual fantasy for people too, have you heard about BadDragon?)
It sucks, but I kinda understand why, still, love the picture so much! :Heart: Absolutely beautiful
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thank you so much for your kind comment!^^ :heart:
I think this was just too much of a 'hardcore actual genital looking genital', too detailed and that's why it's mature content. the thing that bugs me about it now is that anyone seeing this now immediately thinks porn while it was supposed to be one of the most innocent happy dragons ever ;u;
soooo ok no I've not heard abt BadDragon, gotta google that :D
but I saw some dragon fetish pics already that are definetly not what I wanna show : D
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I suggest not Googling too much :'D I was pretty shocked when I found it. It's basically uh.... A site where you can purchase "adult toys" inspired by dragons and other...Fantasy creatures.
I think it showcases just how humans can make EVERYTHING lewd... :/
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BUT I gotta say that I think it's pretty cool, cuz u need lots of creativity for the design of those umm dildos. an artform for itself : D although I think it's a lil weird if people get erections from creature genitalia idk
once I saw this creepy alien dildo that could lay eggs inside you and that was the most disturbing sextoy I've ever seen.
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Oh yeah I've seen that one too :'D
I agree with you, it's weird, but I gotta give them credit for coming up with the designs... Not to mention I once read that each item is handmade, so that's actually really awesome how much care they put in their craft.

.....Man this conversation really went to places. :D
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that's how onversations with me just are lol :'D
maybe I'd buy one of those dragon ding dongs one day, so I can put it on my desk and scare people : D
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