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Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Everything Changes
    Our story returns at last with Panther walking around Palutena’s temple, joining him on this is the Centurion 117 also known as John, a name given to him by Panther, who is looking around the temple before speaking.
“Captain, I can’t believe it’s been over 7 months since the attack from the Underworld forces.” John points out as Panther stops to think about.
    “Your right John, time sure flies.” Panther says before smiling at his soldier “Ever since then it’s been quiet. With Lady Palutena and Partner in Smash, it makes me wonder why even forces have been quiet since then?” Panther then looks at his Centurion who just keeps the same expression.
    “Indeed Captain, us in Squad B, however, have been keeping up our training up after all even if it’s been peaceful since the attack and..” John pauses before continuin
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Chronicle of Panther Book 2 Prologue
Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Prologue: A Different Tale    
    It has been one year since the R incident. An incident where I, Okabe Rintaro also known as Hououin Kyōma disappeared and was dead to the world. I was only saved by one of the two people I care about most in the world. Despite my warnings, she went through with it and ended up saving me from an eternity without the world.
    This leads me to the lab I founded; known as the Future Gadget lab located above a simple CRT tv store run by the at times infuriating Tennouji Yuugo, or as I call him Mr. Braun. I enter the lab and see two familiar faces in there. One sitting on the couch sewing together what I can only assume is a new cosplay costume, That girl is Shiina Mayuri, my childhood friend, Lab mem 002 and one of the people I went through hell just to ensure that her future is great and full of life.
    “Oh Okarin, Welcome Back Tuturu.”M
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Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Teaser #3 by pantherxl360 Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Teaser #3 :iconpantherxl360:pantherxl360 1 0 Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Teaser 2 by pantherxl360 Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Teaser 2 :iconpantherxl360:pantherxl360 0 0 Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Teaser #1 by pantherxl360 Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Teaser #1 :iconpantherxl360:pantherxl360 0 0
Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Epilogue
Epilogue: Legends Scatter
After her death, we did not mourn the loss of Mikan but I found what she dropped “Hey Panther do you know what this is” I ask my friend who’s green glow, I thought I saw, has disappeared “Yeah. it’s our way out it’s the button to open the door”Panther explains.
So we all stand in front of the door we all entered through with everything that we need from the academy “Well here it guys we open this door and leave” I say “Yep Wolf It’s finally over the nightmare is over” Panther says holding the laptop with Alter Ego in it “Heck yeah let’s get back home,” Kirbopher says smiling “Hey do you guys think what Mikan said about a new group of Ultimate Despair?” Brycen asks “The cards do not say if she was being truthful.”Lilith comments “So what we’ve survived this world and we’ve leveled up into new classes.” Pan says
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Chapter 6 part 2
“So shall we get started everyone since this is the ‘last’ trial,” Emma says as she stands in the only empty podium as I look at the other podiums and those who have fallen. “Yes ‘Emma’ we can start,” I say knowing what we must do. “So how should we start?” Pan asks “First, I'm going to restate this. Sure, this trial is about the invalidity of the fifth trial, but also about this school itself.” Panther declares. “The second part will continue after I'm cleared of suspicion.” “If you are cleared. But very well, I shall accept that.” Emma responds, almost in a smug fashion. Panther rolls his eyes and coughs. “I suggest we start by going over everyone’s alibis again from the last trial, as we have new evidence that was not known back then.” Panther suggests “Yes let's,” Emma says smiling
Nonstop debate START
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Chapter 6 Part 1
Dangan Ronpa 4: The Ultimate End of despair Chapter 6: Tagline
   After what happened in the last trial we all gathered in the gym where Monokuma was and well… “Monokuma are you sure that Panther was the one who killed Maya?” Brycen asked. “Yes I’m sure of it you all saw it he is the blackened end of story now all of you go back to living your lives in this academy”
   “THAT IS COMPLETELY WRONG!” I shout at the bear who has pretended to be our headmaster. “Yes as the cards have spoken Justice Fool is innocent,” Lilith says with a calm anger slightly different from her normal thinking. “I know somethings just don't add up,” Ryoko says agreeing with everyone. “I will not forgive myself - I KNOW PANTHER CAN NEVER MURDER” Kirb shouts at Monokuma nearly throwing his hammer. “I agree with everyone Panther was just a scapegoat,” Pan says clearly also angry at M
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Chapter 5
Suraisu Ronpa 4 Chapter 5: The Final Despair Killing
    I wake up to the room I've been in for far too long. I grab my necklace and head with the others to the cafeteria. I see Panther heading somewhere else. I guess he is up to something. I still can’t believe the events of yesterday. Emma NyaNya, or ‘Towa’, as Monokuma called her, had taken her own life.
However, what she said to Maya at the end of the trial puzzled me. What did she leave us and why did she say everything was for us? We entered the cafeteria as usual and I cooked the food I could.
”Well, yesterday was something,” Brycen told us, running a hand through his hair.
“It was, Emperor.” Lilith nods.
We all eat in mostly silence. Until Panther came bursting into the room.
“Sorry I'm late guys, but I think I found what Emma left us.” Panther proclaims.
“Really? What did she leave us?”Kirb says in a sarcastic tone. I guess he is not over
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Chapter 4 part 2
“H- how do you have that card? I thought Junko destroyed it!” Brycen stutters.
“Wolf, Kirbopher, and me are from another dimension. So, we still have the card. Junko can’t destroy every card in every dimension.”
“You have a gen card, so what? You still won’t win.” Panther and I burst out laughing, “What’s so funny?”
“Panther doesn’t have just one gen card,” I explain to Brycen.
Panther scoffs, “Well, I have them all! My deck is the gen deck. I have Dark Magician, Neos, Stardust, Utopia, and odd eyes. I end”
Brycen’s Turn
“Very well. I draw and end my turn with five spell/trap face downs.” That’s a weird move. Most duelists don’t do that unless he has a lot of traps. Which he does; it’s just odd.

Panther’s Turn
“Ok then. I draw and now I’ll have stardust attack you directly.” Stardust readies fo
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 chapter 4 part 1
Suraisu Ronpa 4 Chapter 4: The Final Song

I wake up grabbing the necklace that I will always wear from here on out, I can still remember the screams of Benito but I can’t give up I can’t lose hope. I head to the cafeteria where everyone has a face of worry say for me, Ryoko, and Panther. “Man, we now have more room in here,” Kirb says, letting out a nervous laugh.
“Too soon Kirb,” I tell him, shaking my head.
After that I make breakfast for the day, the monitor turns on, “Well well it seems you're all glum but come on you’ve got a new place to explore so have fun!” Monokuma sings playfully on the monitor.
“So should we go?” I ask everyone.
“Yeah, Wolf. I think we should something tells me we may find something there.” Panther nods.
“I also agree,” Ryoko says
“If you and Panther want to go, I’m in.” Kirb agrees.
“I also say we look at the
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Chapter 3
Dangan Ronpa Chapter 3: Luck of a Programmer
So, after we had lost Shade and Mike hope was hard to find. Say for Panther, Ryoko and Wolf. Those three kept hoping. So a day after the previous deaths we were all gathered in the cafeteria for the normal breakfast say for the ones we have lost. The monitor turned on with Monokuma on it as always. “Well, it’s time. Another death means the new world has opened up for you. Have fun!” After the bear’s monitor turned off, I looked at everyone. “Guys, this is ..the time .. to despair. We have to see this place we may have something.” Panther tells us. Once again, his focus from the trial is all gone and he is back to who he is always. “Panther is right we can’t just give up.” Wolf confidently says. “Yeah, we should see this new place. I will not despair.” Ryoko also agrees. “Well, if Panther and Wolf are in I guess I 'll join up as well.” The blacksmith, Kirbop
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Chapter 2
Dangan Ronpa 4 Chapter 2: Perfect Shot  
It’s the next day and I'm still reeling from what happened Marvin and Leaf are dead. After I enter the cafeteria and eat the food Wolf made, man, that guy can cook. The monitor them turns on, revealing Monokuma “Well, I see all of you are still mopping at those who have passed. Well, cut it out! There is a new world open to you and you may investigate it btw I  also have some new rules. Number eight: SLEEP IS ONLY ALLOWED IN THE DORMS! If you sleep anywhere else, it will be considered sleeping in class and you will be punished. Nine: I can’t believe I forgot this but, you can investigate freely. No limit will be placed say for locked doors and if you break them or cameras, well, you know. Well, those are the rules and I will add more if necessary. Bye!” Monokuma says before leaving. “New world? What could that mean?” Wolf wonders. “I hope it doesn’t end the same.” Panther say
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Chronicles of Panther special 2 Chapter 1
Dangan Ronpa 4 Chapter 1:Welcome to Despair Tip
All of us looked the same. We all had the same shocked expression. The bear that was our ‘headmaster’ simply grinned. “That's right. You have to kill. You can stab, burn, poison, strangle,etc etc.” Monokuma explained. “Kill… Can .. us really do something like that?” Panther choked, who was panicking behind me said in a weak voice. “Panther, calm down. Don't worry. I'll protect you.” Wolf told the programmer.  “Right. Please continue Monokuma.” Panther told the bear in a calmer tone. “OK. Now if you check your pockets, you should find a special gift.” Monokuma told them as all of the students check their pockets, finding a small tablet like device.  “Wait.. Where is it?! .. Oh, there it is! Good. I thought I lost it.” Panther pulled out a device looking like a skeleton of a machine “These are e-handbooks. They have info o
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Prologue
Our story Begins with Palutena looking through the library as it is the last place to be fixed in the temple from all the explosions. Pit then comes in “Hey Lady Palutena do you know about the event? Panther mentioned it a few times but never told me what it was.” Pit asks “Well I do but, why do you want to know?” Palutena replies “Well in the virtual skyworld it seemed to hurt him. I want to know my partner’s past. Please, Lady Palutena tell me!” Pit Begs “Very well. This tale is from over 4 years ago.” Palutena starts.
Legends are told ,some turn to gold ,others turn to dust. This is the Dust on the golden legend of Panther ... The event.
4 years ago
PROLOGUE: The Ultimates
My name is Ryan Schmidt and now I was at the gates of one of the greatest academy's ever Neo Hope’s Peak Academy centered in Neo Tokyo. Great names. Btw, it was created not to long after the Future foundation Massacre… that was a hard time. It close
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Chronicles of Panther Book 1 EX Chapter 1 part 5
The silence was eerie. The air was tense. At its climax, The Mizutorikkusutā broke out into a sprint. The demon was too fast for her to have time to activate her Protect ability. As a defense mechanism, Lana used her Dragon Pulse to block the hit. The ball protected her from the hit but, like before, it scattered. She held the water trickster in place as she jumped back so she could defend herself better. As soon as he had the chance, the demon ran at her again, ready to kill. With a deep breath, she placed her hands flat in the air to summon a purple, translucent barrier and placed it between herself and her attacker. The demon only registered the wall when he hit it and fell on his side. When he picked himself up, his eyes observed the wall. As he tried to go around it, Lana bent the barrier so he couldn't hurt her. She also gave him a glare that said, ‘I'm no fool. I'm not letting you get anywhere near me.’ Lana isolated herself into her barrier box, unsure of what
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Chapter 1: Everything Changes

    Our story returns at last with Panther walking around Palutena’s temple, joining him on this is the Centurion 117 also known as John, a name given to him by Panther, who is looking around the temple before speaking.

“Captain, I can’t believe it’s been over 7 months since the attack from the Underworld forces.” John points out as Panther stops to think about.

    “Your right John, time sure flies.” Panther says before smiling at his soldier “Ever since then it’s been quiet. With Lady Palutena and Partner in Smash, it makes me wonder why even forces have been quiet since then?” Panther then looks at his Centurion who just keeps the same expression.

    “Indeed Captain, us in Squad B, however, have been keeping up our training up after all even if it’s been peaceful since the attack and..” John pauses before continuing “... the training program incident.” the Centurion then looks guilty like he just said something he shouldn’t have.

    “It’s Fine John.. I know the training program has been fine since then.” Panther explains as he remembers that from months ago where he and Pit were thrown into an adventure. "Besides, that wasn’t even the worst of the last 7 months, there was also that mirror... And that demon with those ears.” Panther explains as he also remembers that moment when he visited yet another dimension. There he met a demon and had an experience with a mirror.

    “I wonder.. Captian do you think that this peace will last for long?” John asks.

    “.. I don’t know from what I’ve experienced, nothing stays peaceful for long, ” Panther says with a clear knowing tone.

    “Ok Captain, I accept your wisdom,” John says before bowing.

    “Right.”Panther starts before the device on his right wrist, known as an InterDimensional Communicator or I.D.C, starts to go off. “Now who could this be?” Panther questions out loud before he opens the device to see the screen display. .. “Unknown …”Panther starts speaking as he suddenly turns serious. “Might be something important.” Panther then presses a button on the device which accepts the display and changes the screen to say ‘Audio Only Unknown Number’ Panther then speaks into the device “Hello?” Panther questions before a loud voice answers back in a language Panther knows.

    {Assistant I have need of you again.}the voice says before Panther realizes he has heard this voice before.

    {Hold on I can speak Japanese. Also is that you .. Hououin Kyouma?}Panther quickly corrects the voice as everything goes silent on their end before Kyouma responds

    {I am to assume that I am speaking with you, Ultimate Programmer}

    {Yes you are speaking to me .. I can only assume Kirb gave you my number, sorry about not telling you about the number change. May I ask why you called me? I can only guess that Hashida had some kind of trouble.}Panther says to Kyouma

    {I SWEAR IF YOU COME I WILL THROW A BOOK AT YOU!}A new voice speaks in an incredibly rage-filled tone.

    {That was Hashida wasn’t it… Am I on Speaker?}Panther questions.

    {To Answer your questions, Yes I have you on speakerphone and yes that was Daru.}Kyouma explains.

    {I figured you must have done that so you could get a feel for the conversation, as for you; Hasida I highly doubt that you can hit me with a book.}Panther says almost sounding like a boost {Now then back to the question I have at the start, Why did you call me?}Panther once again questions.  

    {Ah right, .. you see we receive a strange email.}Kyouma begins.

    {What’s so strange about it?}Panther asks {I don’t think an email is that bad?}.

    {It seems this email has been encoded and Daru can’t crack it.}

    {Ah so you want a second try to decode it .. what you think it’s a message from the organization?}Panther says before ending with a joke.

    {The Possibility has crossed my mind so you think you can come over to where I am located?}Kyouma jokes before asking.

    Panther thinks about it since it’s been at peace for a while maybe it would be good to take a break and do something fun for once.{Yeah, where are you guys located? I’ll take the shortest route to you guys.}Panther says pulling out his dimensional book.

    {Oh .. really ok we are located in Akihabara district….go down Chuo-Dori hang a left at the Suehirocho Station intersection onto Ruramae-Dori, then find a multi-use building in the ally just before the next light.}Kyoma explains to Panther.

    {Ok got it I’ll Be there in the hour.}Panther Says as he smiles.

    {Ok Be seeing you then.}Kyouma says before the call is ended. Panther then closes his I.D.C.

    “Captain…”John finally Speaks after remaining silent to let his captain speak.

    “Ah yes Sorry about John it was an old friend... They want me to help them with something.”Panther stops walking then looks at his loyal soldier “Say do you have the device I gave you with you?”Panther asks.

    “Ah yes I do Captain,” John says as he pulls out his own I.D.C., This one Designed to be used in the hand instead of the wrist version used by Panther.

    “Good, Do you recall how to use it to contact me?”Panther asks.

    “I do, I also recall that should I need to I can just have N.E.X.E.S. contact you if I can not,” John says recalling everything.

    “Good to know, now I need to go help out this friend I still owe him one, ”Panther says

    “Very well Captain I shall respect your decision to leave in this peaceful time should any threat emerge I shall inform you of it immediately on my honor I swear this as a Centurion, ”John Says before saluting in the Palutena Army style.

    “Thank you for understanding John, ”Panther says before he takes out his dimensional book and opening it up “Ok input the dimensional coordinates.”Panther mutters as he presses his hand to it and a string of numbers appears as fingers began to glow. “Nazo No sunpo bukku dimensional portal open!”Panther shouts as he creates a plus sign with his fingers before creating a circle causing a teal colored portal to open in front of him “Ok this should put me a few from the lab so I can make it believable that it took me a while.” Panther says as he enters the portal.

    Panther then exits the portal Arriving in Japan “So N.E.X.E.S. You got the route ready.” Panther says as he reopens his I.D.C.

    Appearing on the screen was a young man with teal colored hair and teal eyes, wearing a butler outfit the man speaks “Yes I calculated the quickest route and the most filled with sights route.”N.E.X.E.S. Speaks with a clear purpose in his words.

    “Good I’ll take the quickest route, ”Panther says as the screen changes to show him a map and directions to go.

    After less than half an hour Panther ends up at the lab looking at the building it is in “Huh Interesting place you got here Hououin.” Panther mutters out loud as he looks at the building. While looking he sees the ground floor is used for some kind of TV Store for older models that Panther hasn’t seen in many dimensions, looking to the side of the building and finding a staircase he notices a locker with a sign taped on to it. On the Sign is written ‘Future Gadget Lab’. Panther now confirming he is the right place heads up the stairs and opens the door to the building. Afterward, he goes into the entryway and as he passes a wall, a thick book is suddenly thrown right at him. Panther reacts quickly and catches the book right before it can hit him in the face.

“I told you over the phone Hashida ..I doubt YOU can Hit me with a book, ”Panther says as he puts down his arm and takes off his shoes. Panther then Looks at the gathered Individuals a total of five people are in the lab, two are guys while the other three are female, excluding himself.

“YOU'RE the Ultimate Programmer.” one of the gathered females says sounding quite surprised. The girl being a redheaded girl with light skin, dull violet eyes, wearing a lab coat and looking at Panther with an extremely confused expression.

    “Yes I am the Ultimate Programmer my name is Boss Panther, but I would prefer it if you just called me Panther.”Panther introduces himself. “I'm sorry for the surprise, I can only assume you were expecting someone like Hashida.”Panther then looks toward the person sitting at the computer who in terms of athletic build is Panther’s opposite. Hashida, unlike Panther, is much bigger in terms of the weight department. Hashida with his messy brown hair mostly covered by a yellow hat is wearing a green shirt and like Panther has a pair of glasses and a slightly darker skin  

    “Thanks for nothing Panther.”Hashida comments

    “Wow ok sorry my name is Makise Kurisu,” Kurisu says snapping back to reality as she extends her hand as Panther shakes it.

    “Oh, a new friend.” one of the other women in the lab says, This girl with short black hair wearing a blue dress and working on some outfit of some kind.

    “Oh hello, you must be another member of this lab.”Panther says before he looks like he realizes something “come to think of it... Are you Shiina Mayuri? Hououin Often mentioned you.”Panther then asks

    “Yep but Mayushii prefers Mayushii, ”Mayuri states in a very cute way.

    “Noted.” Panther Comments.

    “So Can I ask why Daru hates you so much?”The last of the woman asks

    “I can’t answer that Hashida has just seemed to hate me sorry I can’t answer your question… come to think of it I haven’t been introduced to you.”Panther Says before revealing the last bit.

    “Oh, right I’m Amane Yuki, good to meet you.”Yuki introduces herself, Yuki looks like a cosplayer in her outfit with her light brown hair messy and unorganized, also her green eyes show a determined individual.

    “Now that introductions are done PANTHER I request you get to work on the message, ”Kyouma shouts as he points to the computer.

    “Got it Hououin, Hashida If you would, ”Panther says as Hasida, also known as Daru, gets out of the chair. However, before Panther can sit Kurisu speaks up.

    “Before that,’Panther’ do you really think his name is Hououin?”Kurisu asks before Panther looks like Kurisu said something weird.

    “I have always assumed that wasn’t the case but I never got corrected so I just went with.” Panther explains cracking a knowing smile.

    “Yeah, after all, you call yourself Panther Boss,” Kurisu says before Panther’s expression turns from smiling to serious.

    “.. Makise, as far as I know, my first name IS Panther, you are correct about Boss but it’s not like I have any other.”Panther then just looks at Kurisu.

    “Really?... Did your parents ever explain why?”Kurisu says as Kyouma and Daru look at her like she just said something very wrong. Panther just looks downward “What, did I say something wrong?”Kurisu asks.

“Kurisu .. that wasn’t a good choice of words, ”Kyouma says.

“No, It’s fine Hououin I’m sure that you didn’t mention it to her since Hashida probably didn’t want me to be brought up.”Panther starts still looking down before looking up straight at Kurisu. “ answer your question Makise, no they didn’t because I never knew my parents I grew up in an orphanage.”Panther explains as Kurisu looks slightly horrified.

    “Oh my god I’m sorry to hear that,” Kurisu says quickly.

    “It’s fine in my 20 years of life I’ve been through worse.”Panther says before his expression softens up “Now before the message, what is your real name Hououin?”Panther asks.

    “Oh right  .. well if I must my other identity is one given the name..” Kyouma starts but Kurisu looks made and Kyouma just coughs before “Okabe Rintarou.” Rintarou says in a more normal voice.

    “Ah, that’s what it was. Got it, I’ll be calling you Okabe from now on.” Panther says.

    “Or you could call him Okarin, ” Mayuri shouts

    “I think I’ll just go with Okabe,” Panther says before he gets on the computer and looks at the email. After looking for a little bit Panther’s expression turns surprised “Who sent this email?” Panther asks.

    “What, you having trouble with it, figured even you can’t crack it”.Daru says boastfully.

    “Oh no, I can solve it quite easily.”Panther retorts.

    “You can!”Daru says surprised.

    “Of course I can after all..”Panther says before turning from the computer to look at Daru “This is encoded in my own personal programming Language.”Panther reveals shocking everyone.

    “You MADE a programming language,” Kurisu says surprised.

    “Yes, I did, as for why I did well..”Panther says as he turns back to the computer “I did it to use my skills as a programmer.”Panther then opens a text document and has it next to the email to translate. “This should be easy since while it is my programming language … though it’s much simpler almost like it’s someone who made the programming language for everyone to use.” Panther explains as he starts typing on the keyboard. After a few minutes, Panther stops typing “Done…” Panther says as he says looking at the text document he typed out.

    Okabe then comes over to read it and after reading it he stumbles back as Kurisu goes to read it “To Okabe If you are reading this, then you got Panther to decode this message. Good, Listen ... we were wrong. This timeline it doesn't end well we can't send anyone back anymore... they have almost gotten to me .... everyone else... You must recreate future gadget 08 we need to use it if Panther is there then a new timeline can be found GO TO IT, YOU CAN STOP THIS. RECREATE FUTURE GADGET Eight, Barrel Titor.”Kurisu reads out loud.

    “If I may ask, What is Future gadget eight?”Panther asks while looking at Okabe “I understand that it must be something you and Hashida made.”

    “.....Future Gadget zero eight...we called it Phonewave real name: TBA.”Okabe says in a serious tone “It was a microwave hooked up to a phone it was designed to allow you to control a microwave with your phone...however it had a special function that I found out.”

    “And That is?”Panther asks once again.

    “It could sent text messages back in time in sets of 36 characters at most,” Okabe says

    “So Titor thinks we could use that to cause the timeline to shift to another timeline because of the change in the past.”Panther figures out.

    “Yes, the problem is that I had it destroyed but I guess we have to rebuild it,” Okabe says.

    “Shall I help?”Panther suggests as Daru makes a motion of no at Okabe.

    “The message did say that you being here might change it .. so.”Okabe coughs before smirking “Very well Ultimate .. If you wish to help then you must join this place of study.”Okabe then points at Panther who gets up from the computer.

    “Very well if that is what I need to do to help.”Panther then sticks out his hand. “I will join the Future Gadget Lab.”

    “Ok Panther from now on you are Lab Mem Zero one zero,” Okabe says as he shakes the hand of Panther as Daru looks stunned.

    “Yay More friends,” Mayuri says happily

    “Ok so number 10, wait then what are the other member numbers?” Panther asks

    “Ah yes I suppose you deserve to know as the founder and Leader I am Lab Mem double o one, Mayuri is double o two, Daru is double o three, Kurisu is double o four and finally, Amane is double o nine”Okabe explains

    “So where is five, six, seven, and eight?”Panther asks looking around the lab.

    “Um...There is no number eight.” Mayuri says.

    “Why did you skip eight?” Panther questions.

    “More accurate is the eight is not able to be a lab member as let's just say there's a reason for the number to be saved.”Okabe explains “As for the other members of the lab they are simply not present at the moment.”

    “Huh, Well I guess that makes sense, So now that I’m a lab mem what's our next course of action Okabe.”

    “Ha, That is a simple matter.”Okabe laughs as he points to an area in the lab near another computer “We must begin plans to remake Future gadget eight so the path Barrel saw will never come.”Okabe finishes as Daru finally snaps out of being stunned.

    “Okarin I can’t believe you let Him join the lab, ”Daru says clearly annoyed “But I understand why you did so I’ll be fine but only if he agrees to something.”

    “And That would be?”Okabe asks

    “Panther you must swear to not do anything to my computer also don’t be in the same room with Yuki alone, ”Daru says looked right at Panther, while Yuki just looks alway slightly blushing.

    “Very well Hashida if it will calm your nerves.”Panther then places his left hand over his heart “I swear on my life I will not do anything to your computer or be in the same room with Amane alone” Panther swears.

    “I’ll accept that..also that is a weird tattoo and what is that on your arm?”Daru says before asking about the device that Panther has on his right arm.

    “Yeah... ‘Tattoo’...”Panther says as he looks at his arm on his hand is the mark of the Triforce. “As for the device on my arm, it’s something unique I’ll tell you later.”Panther then looks at Okabe “One thing I forgot to mention.”Panther then quickly says “Don’t Lock the door behind me and if you do, don’t let me find out.”

    “Why you have claustrophobia or something?”Kurisu asks looking curious.

    “Something Like that more it’s a fear of being in a locked room, ”Panther says looks bashful for once.

    “Anyway Panther now we begin Operation: Ragnarok Stopper, We shall reconstruct Future Gadget eight and use it to save the world.”Okabe declares

    “Ragaonark .. Huh do you like Norse mythology, Okabe?”Panther questions

    “Why yes, I do.”

    “Ah neat I’m more of Greek-Roman Mythology guy.” Panther Jokes

    A few days pass as Panther, Daru, Okabe, and Kurisu work on the rebuilding the future Gadget number eight. They managed to get a new microwave that would work for their purposes. After a Few days, Mayuri calls Okabe to come to a shrine the future gadget Lab members know.

“Ok I’m here oh and Panther came along,” Okabe says as he and Panther head towards the shrine seeing Mayuri and another figure, this figure is wearing a shrine maiden outfit with short black hair. Once Mayuri sees them she waves to the two of them.

“Hey, Okarin here’s oh and hey Panoss,” Mayuri says

“Panoss? That’s a new one.”Panther says to Mayuri “May I ask why you called that Mayushii?”

“Oh, I thought Panther wasn’t that cute to say so I took Panther and combined it with Boss and tada Panoss, ”Mayuri explains

“Ah, that makes sense.”Panther says as he turns to the Miko “And Who is this?”

    “Oh, I’m Urushibara Luka.pleasure to meet you.”The Miko introduces themselves with a bow and a quiet voice.

    “Boss Panther is my name, and same.”Panther introduces himself as well to the newcomer  

    “Lukako here is also Lab mem double o six,” Okabe says introducing them

    “Lukako? I guess that’s a nickname for the guy.”Panther says as Okabe looks surprised.”And It’s good to meet another lab mem I've been given the number 10”Panther says to Luka

    “Hold on Panther how did you know Lukako was a guy off the bat,” Okabe says surprised as Luka has a very feminine appearance and is wearing miko clothing.

    “Oh let’s just say I’ve had experience noticing something like that, ”Panther says knowing something.

    “Ok Then, now then,” Okabe says as he turns to Luka. “I can assume that training with Samidare has been going well.”

    “Oh Um yes it has been.”Luka answers “oh and the password is um El Psy Congroo? right”

    “Yes that is the password and bring it out I wish to see how you have improved,” Okabe says as Luka heads back in to grab Samidare.

    “Samidare?”Panther asks wondering what Okabe is talking about

    “You shall see programmer.” Okabe boasts, Luka then returns carrying what looks to be a sword as he unsheaths the blade. Samidare is revealed to be a normal katana.

    “Oh, it’s just a katana, ”Panther says looking at the sword.

    “It is not just any katana this blade only reveals it’s true strength when it has been mastered.”Okabe says in his usual over the top manor “Mow then disciple show me how you have been doing.”Luka then starts doing downward swings with the blade.

    “Sure it does, ”Panther says as he watches the swings “Those are pretty good swings.”Panther comments as Luka finishes his swings. “Hey, Urushibara might if I see Samidare?”Panther asks

    “Oh um.. I guess it would alright.”Luka says as he hands Samidare to Panther.

    “If you think you can handle the blade then give it a few swings.”Okabe jokes.

    “Alright, ”Panther says as he readies himself. Panther then does multiple swings in different directions with Samidare using only his right hand and having his left hand free and doesn’t even use it to stabilize his strikes as he seems to be able to keep his stable with just one hand. After a little bit, he stops swinging as Luka and Mayuri clap to what they just saw as Okabe looks impressed.

    “That was cool Panoss,” Mayuri says happily.

    “I will admit that I didn't expect anyone except Lukako to be able to Samidare as effectively,” Okabe says jokingly.

    ‘Um Boss-”Luka starts but Panther then speaks.

    “Just Panther, Ok Urushibara I prefer to be called by my given name.”

    “Oh um okay Panther do you think um., ”Luka says stumbling over his words.

    “Yes?”Panther says looking slightly worried.

    “Um ..could you teach me how to do the swings you just did?” Luka says while looking away in an incredibly cute way.

    Panther looks stunned for a moment but regains his composure “I don’t think I would be the best to teach you. Most of what I just did was self-taught.”Panther then hands Samidare back to Luka “I can give you some tips after all .. we are both Lab Members after all. Panther says in a very cool manner.

    “OK, then Panther,” Luka says as the group then heads back to the lab.

    As the group arrives back at the lab they see a blonde hair girl typing away at her phone. She is also wearing an apron that says ‘I Love Crt’.

“Huh, I don’t think I've met her.”Panther says as he notices her “I know you told me about Tennouji Yuugo and that there was a part-timer so I guess that’s her.”

    “Correct.” Okabe says as he stops in front  of the lab “Hey Shining Finger there's someone I would like you to meet.”The girl says nothing as she just types away at her phone.

    “Wow, that was fast typing, ”Panther says as Okabe opens his phone and shows it to Panther “Let’s see ‘Who’s the glasses, also holy crap is he jacked.’ I’ll take that as a compliment. My name is Boss Panther, but please just call me Panther.” Panther says as he introduces himself to the girl
“Kiryu... Moeka.” Moeka says in a very soft voice

    “Good to meet you, ”Panther says happily.

    Moeka then just texts on her phone at a fast rate again with Okabe just showing his phone to Panther.

    “Let’s see ‘Hey Are you a lab member by any chance’ why Yes I am Kiryu I am Lab Member zero one zero or number ten, Are you also a lab member?”Panther explains then asks as instead of typing Moeka speaks

    “yes … Lab Member five” Moeka says with her voice being very quiet and withdrawn.

    “Good to know guess I’ll See you around Kiryu, ”Panther says as he heads up to the lab.

The next day Okabe Invites Panther to come with him to a maid cafe near the lab to hang out. After sitting down the two began their discussion.

“Mayqueen huh Neat name.”Panther says “Didn’t you say Mayushii worked here.”

“Indeed anyway back to the main point it’s good you helped us with the Neo Phonewave,” Okabe says

“No problem I happen to know how to mess with a microwave. We should have it done by tomorrow.”Panther says as a pink-haired maid appears with food placing in front of the two, she is also wearing a pair of fake cat ears

“Ah, Kyouma I didn’t know you would be here nya.” The maid says as she looks at Panther “And who might this be?”

“Boss Panther I’ve been helping Okabe with something.”

“Ah if your an ally then it is fine I am Nyanya Fairs,” Fairs says as Panther suddenly tenses up at the name.

“Panther you ok, ”Okabe asks concerned for once as Panther calms down.

“Yeah I’m fine so Fairs by any chance are you a member of the future gadget lab,” Panther says

“Oh um yes I am For Kyoma here say my potential to grant me the member number of seven.”Fairs explain in a manner very familiar to Panther

“So your the last one.”Panther mutters to himself “Good to know, myself I am Lab Member ten.”Panther says

“Good to know as well nya.” Fairs says as she leaves the two to discuss again

“So about Fairs, that’s not her real name right?”Panther asks

“Indeed it is not but it be best you call her by it.”

“Pretty weird for a name,” Panther says eating some of the food he got.

“Say the one whose name is a big cat.”Okabe Points out

“Yeah sure Phoenix Temple Madness of Truth.”Panther jokes

The next day Panther is working on the microwave they have as everyone watches. The people there are the same as the day when Panther arrived.

“Ok, that’s the last bit of fixing.” Panther says as he gets up.”You ready Okabe?”Panther asks as Okabe looks focused.

“Are we sure that this will work..”Okabe says in a very serious way “Are we sure this will get us to a new timeline.”After Okabe says that everyone looks down.

“...Okabe”Panther starts but then gets focused as well “We don’t, but if what that message said is true this is our only option. Even if we don’t change the timeline I’m sure we can get to another timeline. Plus Where the timeline changes, I will make sure it is a timeline where you get what you want.”Panther says seriously

“..Ok I don’t know how but maybe .. if this can protect what I can Let’s do it,” Okabe says as he gets motivated again.

“So what’s going to our message?”Kurisu asks

“Okabe, you got any ideas?”Panther asks

“Yeah ‘Call HIM to the lab Kurisu will die’” Okabe explains

“Why Me!”Kurisu says angrily.

“Because Assistant It will Impact the past me more,” Okabe says in his usual manner

“You can such a jerk sometimes,” Kurisu says

“Now we began, ”Okabe says typing out his message and the amount of time to be from before they received the email.:”Now we Begin a new world by the will of steins gate!” Okabe shouts as he presses the button and electricity courses out of the microwave. Okabe then looks at Panther who mouths something Okabe can’t hear. Just as his head start to ack and his vision blurs Okabe hears a scream as he suddenly loses focus….

Chapter 1 End

Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Chapter 1
Holy crap I didn't mean to take this long to make this Sorry but finally the true beginning of the 2nd book has started

Xet xzui ucw flxckvl, rby nryocip nseyeuh twek lmq vlh rbl zrzmndphw zweeoi? Bppb skt sw blr piz gxc wrdi gji gev qyk elnv mv xet gfax, gjvhi txpc lmr, qroc x smxqxnn vrsq dj wwye eeq wlazv blr ocvxbgc

Panther Boss and John are owned by PantherXL360, Darkdragonair, and Dallsam25 
Pit, Palutena, and Kid Icarus are owned by Nintendo and Sora 
Steins Gate and All its Characters are owned by 5pb., Nitroplus, Mages, and Spike Chusoft 
Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Prologue: A Different Tale    

    It has been one year since the R incident. An incident where I, Okabe Rintaro also known as Hououin Kyōma disappeared and was dead to the world. I was only saved by one of the two people I care about most in the world. Despite my warnings, she went through with it and ended up saving me from an eternity without the world.
    This leads me to the lab I founded; known as the Future Gadget lab located above a simple CRT tv store run by the at times infuriating Tennouji Yuugo, or as I call him Mr. Braun. I enter the lab and see two familiar faces in there. One sitting on the couch sewing together what I can only assume is a new cosplay costume, That girl is Shiina Mayuri, my childhood friend, Lab mem 002 and one of the people I went through hell just to ensure that her future is great and full of life.
    “Oh Okarin, Welcome Back Tuturu.”Mayuri greets me as I enter.
    On the computer looking at what I assume is another one of his 2D girlfriends … even though he has one in reality. The man is Hashida Itaru also known as Daru or as I like to call him super hack. He is also known as Lab mem 003.
    “Hello, Mayuri and Hello Daru I assume you are hard at work.” I answer Mayuri and question Daru “Shall I inform 009 of your recent activity?”
    “Please don’t, I like to keep my 2D and 3D Girls different.”Daru answers to my quip. Then as if Steins; gate its self-willed it. The door opens and Daru lowers his game with the speed of an experienced gamer.
    “Yo Guys I’m back and I met up with her on my way.” a familiar and optimistic voice rings out as the aforementioned Lab Mem 009 enters also known as Amane Yuki. Yuki is a new addition after she came to our neck of the woods to finally meet Daru in person. As she leaves the entrance and heads straight over to Daru and opens the game he had just downed. It’s surprising how fine she is with Daru’s perv nature. Even then she is annoyed he spends his time on them.
    Turning back to the entrance the other girl I gave up everything for and the one I have given my heart to “Welcome back My Assistant!” I shout to the girl who enters known as Makise Kurisu also known as Lab Mem 004.
    “I’m Not your assistant, seems like your not any different in person than in text,” Kurisu says slightly angered in her typical tsundere nature.
    “Welcome Back Kurisu Tuturu,” Mayuri says as she puts down her cosplay.
    “Good to be back.”Kurisu replies to Mayuri “Sweetie I hope everything has been fine.”
    “So Christina How was the land of Various pastimes and deserts.”
    “It was fine as I said in the emails I sent, my theory is developing quick and my special project is going along well.” Kurisu explains confident and prideful  “Also still with the nicknames you’d think you would stop after 2 years.”
    “Ah yes, your Secret project. Wasn’t some kind of Ai?”
    “Yes, the theory is that the memories of a person can be persevered using digital code effectivity creating another version of them in digital form,” Kurisu explains her theory as Yuki goes over to Mayuri and looks over the cosplay she created.
    “Man Mayushii you are really good, I should totally have you create my next few cosplays I have a few ideas that I’ve been meaning to try.” Yuki gushes over the skill Mayuri has in the form of cosplay.
    “I vote for a maid outfit like Mayqueen,” Daru adds his two cents think something slightly perverted.
    “You're still in the doghouse.” Yuki points out. “But that is a good idea I’ve been meaning to try my own design based off it,” Yuki says coming up with her own perverted idea.
    “Those two are perfect for each aren't they.”Kurisu gives voice to my thoughts.
    “Yeah,” I say as I look at Kurisu and we then turn away
    “Anyway I have to check into my hotel, I’ll be in the town for a little over 2 weeks this time,” Kurisu says as she leaves with the suitcase she had brought and leaves.
    “You two really don’t know how to show feelings do you.”Yuki points out
    “Agreed,” Daru adds
    “Ha as if a mad scientist like me has any time for the Romantic.” I joke. However, they are right I wonder if I’ll ever fully get with Kurisu. It would be a great idea to finally be with her.

    The Next day goes well as I head out to check in with another lab mem. The lab mem is known as Urushibara Luka or also known as Lab Mem 006.
    “Hello, Kyōma,” Luka speaks as I see him, despite his feminine appearance
    “Ah hello, my disciple, however, you forget the passcode.”I point out.
    “Um isn’t it El Psy Congroo?”Luka asks
    “Correct. I assume you have been practicing with Samidare?”I ask.
    “Yes, I have been, ”Luka says still looking as girly as ever but he’s a dude.

Afterward, I headed back to the lab and find waiting outside on her phone lab mem 005 also known as Kiryuu Moeka or as I call her Shining finger.
    “Hello Shining finger business as usual I see.” Instead of responding she simply types up a message on my phone
    {Better than last year. That was bad. How are you?}
    “You know that i’m right here we can just talk, ”I ask as I feel it is just unnecessary to do.
    “.. sorry,” Moeka says sadden looked defeated at her phone
    “It’s fine and I’m fine, is Daru back?”I ask wondering if he has returned from gathering more funds for the lab
    “.. yes he just returned,” Moeka says looking back up from her phone.
    I head in as I see my assistant looking over our stuff as Yuki and Mayuri are working on something. Daru is looking over his computer.
    “Oh, Okarin Tuturu, ”Mayuri says as I enter
    “Good to see your all at work, Assistant just what are you looking for?”I ask ss Kurisu Just look angry
    “Nothing in particular but would it kill you, after all, this time to use my real name hell at this point I would take Christine over Assistant.” Kurisu points out as she removes a box takes out a card and leaves it on the table as she continues searching.
    “Huh .. hey Okabe you’ve got to see this, ”Daru says as he opens an email
    “That’s a cliche line.”Kurisu points out as I look at the email
    The address is random and the subject line is empty and the body of the message is just a random assortment of characters.
    “The devil some kind of,” I say before grabbing the new smartphone that I got as an upgrade since I may need it to be stronger later.     “Code red I need everything transferred to prepare for this,” I say to an off cell phone as I do many times.
    “Whatever let’s see.”Kurisu shrugs as she looks at the screen. “Oh wow it looks like a someone just went nuts on a keyboard.”
    “So Super hack can you figure this out.”I request in my normal way.
    “I can, looks like it’s a coded message but I’m sure I can decode it, ”Daru says as he grabs one of his books and gets to work.
    “Huh, he didn’t even comment that you called him Super Hack,” Yuki comments upon. “Must be really focused on this.”

    As we let Daru take care of it Me and Kurisu head to Mayqueen a maid cafe run by a good friend of ours.
    “So do you think Daru can do this .. I don’t doubt his ability but that more complicated then anything I’ve seen and I’ve made an AI,” Kurisu says as we discuss
    “I believe in Daru if he says he can do it I’m sure he can. He has only ever been stopped once when he starts hacking.”
    “Was that in another timeline?” Kurisu asks
    “No that time he just didn’t have the right tools, in one of the first weeks of college he challenged another student to a hack off and he was a bit tupped at the firewall of that student.
    “Was that guy, I assume it’s a guy any good at programming?”
    “Yeah, he was, Heck he called himself the Ultimate Programmer.”
    “So like you with your mad scientist thing.”Kurisu points out.
    “Ha, you dare compare some commoner to the genius that is Hououin Kyōma.”I boast.
    After that, we receive our food and are greeted by Lab Member 007 Fairs, the owner of MayQueen.
    “So Myaster. What's this about Daru, have the seven Emperors of Holy sanctum Appeared.”
    “Fraid not just a random email we received that might hold a clue to the Organization's latest scheme,” I explain as Kurisu rolls her eyes.

    The Next few days roll by….  
    The lab is calm as Daru types away on his computer. Kurisu keeps looks through the lab’s old collection of stuff. Meanwhile, Mayuri and Yuki are working on some form of cosplay. At least it was peaceful until...
    “FUCK THIS!” Daru says getting up to his feet and angrily slamming his desk. “This is worse than a hard level it’s impossible.”
    “Daru What happened?” I ask as Yuki rushes over to Daru’s Side.
    “You ok Itaru?”Yuki asks as she looks at his hand which seems to be fine.
    “Yeah I’m good but sorry Okabe but this is too much for my skill I’ve got no skills for this boss, ”Daru explains as I think about this … and come to a bad realization.
    “... is it some kind of proprietary code?” I say think about what I don’t want to hear. “Like something an IBN 5100 could solve?” I ask regretting it as everyone looks at me…
    “.. no Okarin it isn’t something like that.”Daru admits before returning to his seat “Nothing I’ve tried worked so you are on the right track. it’s some kind of Custom code language that I can’t figure out how to solve.”Daru admits looking defeated “I don’t think we should keep at this.”
    “Hey what about that Ultimate Programmer guy. Do you guys have some way to reach him?” Kurisu suggests before I can stop her as Daru looks at me angrily and gets up quickly knocking over his chair in the process.
    “You brought HIM up!” Daru says angrily as he approaches me “I thought we swore never to bring him up.” Daru says but then looks away. “However I think he might be the only person who can probably solve this, ”Daru admits.
    “Thank you, Daru,” I say as I head over to the cabinets and looks through them looking for the thing I need.
    “What are you looking for?” Kurisu asks as I Continue looking through the various piles of junk.
    “A small card with his number on it,” I say as I look finding the card on the table and looking at it. I then proceed to pick it up.“Here it is.” I then take out my phone and punch in the number. The number dials and a voice picks up on the other end.
    <Hello Thor Metalworks, founder Kirbopher speaking what is the nature of your call?>
    I realize that they are speaking English so… “Assistant it is time for your expertise I need you to translate.” I hand the phone to Kurisu, making sure to activate the speaker, Kurisu then takes it annoyed.
   [I will ask Again... wait are you trying to reach Panther? Must be someone he never gave his new number to.]the voice speaks
    “Hey what’s the Programmer’s name?” Kurisu asks
    “I think his given name was Panther, ”I tell my assistant.  
    <Yeah we are .. hey is he also known as the Ultimate Programmer?> Kurisu asks
    <Yeah he is, guess he never gave you're his new number.> The Voice starts before pausing <Hang on I’ll give it to you. Got something to record the number?> The Voice speaks.
    Kurisu then goes over to the whiteboard and picks up a marker <Now I do.> Kurisu says
    <Good Now it Extension 1 XXX-XXX-XXXX.> The Voice says as Kurisu rights down the number. <Ok now if that’s all I’ll be going.>
    <Thank you for this.> Kurisu says.
    <No Problem any friend of Panther’s is a friend of mine .. just don’t do something stupid with him,> The Voice says hanging up as Kurisu hands me back the phone.
    “Now time to Call upon the power of Steins; Gate.” I boast as I put in the number Kurisu had gotten us. The phone then begins to dial …. Please work.

Chronicle of Panther Book 2 Prologue
Finally here after 6 months since my last story and over 2 years Chronicles of Panther has returned to its main story 
This is just a prologue to the main event later this month 

Steins;Gate and its characters are owned by 5pb.,Nitroplus,Mages, and Spike Chusoft
Panther and Kirphoper(PSV) are Owned by PantherXL360,Dallasm25, and DarkDragonair


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