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Chronicle of Panther Book 2 Prologue
Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Prologue: A Different Tale    
    It has been one year since the R incident. An incident where I, Okabe Rintaro also known as Hououin Kyōma disappeared and was dead to the world. I was only saved by one of the two people I care about most in the world. Despite my warnings, she went through with it and ended up saving me from an eternity without the world.
    This leads me to the lab I founded; known as the Future Gadget lab located above a simple CRT tv store run by the at times infuriating Tennouji Yuugo, or as I call him Mr. Braun. I enter the lab and see two familiar faces in there. One sitting on the couch sewing together what I can only assume is a new cosplay costume, That girl is Shiina Mayuri, my childhood friend, Lab mem 002 and one of the people I went through hell just to ensure that her future is great and full of life.
    “Oh Okarin, Welcome Back Tuturu.”M
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Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Teaser #3 by pantherxl360 Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Teaser #3 :iconpantherxl360:pantherxl360 1 0 Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Teaser 2 by pantherxl360 Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Teaser 2 :iconpantherxl360:pantherxl360 1 0 Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Teaser #1 by pantherxl360 Chronicles of Panther Book 2 Teaser #1 :iconpantherxl360:pantherxl360 0 0
Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Epilogue
Epilogue: Legends Scatter
After her death, we did not mourn the loss of Mikan but I found what she dropped “Hey Panther do you know what this is” I ask my friend who’s green glow, I thought I saw, has disappeared “Yeah. it’s our way out it’s the button to open the door”Panther explains.
So we all stand in front of the door we all entered through with everything that we need from the academy “Well here it guys we open this door and leave” I say “Yep Wolf It’s finally over the nightmare is over” Panther says holding the laptop with Alter Ego in it “Heck yeah let’s get back home,” Kirbopher says smiling “Hey do you guys think what Mikan said about a new group of Ultimate Despair?” Brycen asks “The cards do not say if she was being truthful.”Lilith comments “So what we’ve survived this world and we’ve leveled up into new classes.” Pan says
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Chapter 6 part 2
“So shall we get started everyone since this is the ‘last’ trial,” Emma says as she stands in the only empty podium as I look at the other podiums and those who have fallen. “Yes ‘Emma’ we can start,” I say knowing what we must do. “So how should we start?” Pan asks “First, I'm going to restate this. Sure, this trial is about the invalidity of the fifth trial, but also about this school itself.” Panther declares. “The second part will continue after I'm cleared of suspicion.” “If you are cleared. But very well, I shall accept that.” Emma responds, almost in a smug fashion. Panther rolls his eyes and coughs. “I suggest we start by going over everyone’s alibis again from the last trial, as we have new evidence that was not known back then.” Panther suggests “Yes let's,” Emma says smiling
Nonstop debate START
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Chapter 6 Part 1
Dangan Ronpa 4: The Ultimate End of despair Chapter 6: Tagline
   After what happened in the last trial we all gathered in the gym where Monokuma was and well… “Monokuma are you sure that Panther was the one who killed Maya?” Brycen asked. “Yes I’m sure of it you all saw it he is the blackened end of story now all of you go back to living your lives in this academy”
   “THAT IS COMPLETELY WRONG!” I shout at the bear who has pretended to be our headmaster. “Yes as the cards have spoken Justice Fool is innocent,” Lilith says with a calm anger slightly different from her normal thinking. “I know somethings just don't add up,” Ryoko says agreeing with everyone. “I will not forgive myself - I KNOW PANTHER CAN NEVER MURDER” Kirb shouts at Monokuma nearly throwing his hammer. “I agree with everyone Panther was just a scapegoat,” Pan says clearly also angry at M
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Chapter 5
Suraisu Ronpa 4 Chapter 5: The Final Despair Killing
    I wake up to the room I've been in for far too long. I grab my necklace and head with the others to the cafeteria. I see Panther heading somewhere else. I guess he is up to something. I still can’t believe the events of yesterday. Emma NyaNya, or ‘Towa’, as Monokuma called her, had taken her own life.
However, what she said to Maya at the end of the trial puzzled me. What did she leave us and why did she say everything was for us? We entered the cafeteria as usual and I cooked the food I could.
”Well, yesterday was something,” Brycen told us, running a hand through his hair.
“It was, Emperor.” Lilith nods.
We all eat in mostly silence. Until Panther came bursting into the room.
“Sorry I'm late guys, but I think I found what Emma left us.” Panther proclaims.
“Really? What did she leave us?”Kirb says in a sarcastic tone. I guess he is not over
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Chapter 4 part 2
“H- how do you have that card? I thought Junko destroyed it!” Brycen stutters.
“Wolf, Kirbopher, and me are from another dimension. So, we still have the card. Junko can’t destroy every card in every dimension.”
“You have a gen card, so what? You still won’t win.” Panther and I burst out laughing, “What’s so funny?”
“Panther doesn’t have just one gen card,” I explain to Brycen.
Panther scoffs, “Well, I have them all! My deck is the gen deck. I have Dark Magician, Neos, Stardust, Utopia, and odd eyes. I end”
Brycen’s Turn
“Very well. I draw and end my turn with five spell/trap face downs.” That’s a weird move. Most duelists don’t do that unless he has a lot of traps. Which he does; it’s just odd.

Panther’s Turn
“Ok then. I draw and now I’ll have stardust attack you directly.” Stardust readies fo
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 chapter 4 part 1
Suraisu Ronpa 4 Chapter 4: The Final Song

I wake up grabbing the necklace that I will always wear from here on out, I can still remember the screams of Benito but I can’t give up I can’t lose hope. I head to the cafeteria where everyone has a face of worry say for me, Ryoko, and Panther. “Man, we now have more room in here,” Kirb says, letting out a nervous laugh.
“Too soon Kirb,” I tell him, shaking my head.
After that I make breakfast for the day, the monitor turns on, “Well well it seems you're all glum but come on you’ve got a new place to explore so have fun!” Monokuma sings playfully on the monitor.
“So should we go?” I ask everyone.
“Yeah, Wolf. I think we should something tells me we may find something there.” Panther nods.
“I also agree,” Ryoko says
“If you and Panther want to go, I’m in.” Kirb agrees.
“I also say we look at the
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Chapter 3
Dangan Ronpa Chapter 3: Luck of a Programmer
So, after we had lost Shade and Mike hope was hard to find. Say for Panther, Ryoko and Wolf. Those three kept hoping. So a day after the previous deaths we were all gathered in the cafeteria for the normal breakfast say for the ones we have lost. The monitor turned on with Monokuma on it as always. “Well, it’s time. Another death means the new world has opened up for you. Have fun!” After the bear’s monitor turned off, I looked at everyone. “Guys, this is ..the time .. to despair. We have to see this place we may have something.” Panther tells us. Once again, his focus from the trial is all gone and he is back to who he is always. “Panther is right we can’t just give up.” Wolf confidently says. “Yeah, we should see this new place. I will not despair.” Ryoko also agrees. “Well, if Panther and Wolf are in I guess I 'll join up as well.” The blacksmith, Kirbop
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Chapter 2
Dangan Ronpa 4 Chapter 2: Perfect Shot  
It’s the next day and I'm still reeling from what happened Marvin and Leaf are dead. After I enter the cafeteria and eat the food Wolf made, man, that guy can cook. The monitor them turns on, revealing Monokuma “Well, I see all of you are still mopping at those who have passed. Well, cut it out! There is a new world open to you and you may investigate it btw I  also have some new rules. Number eight: SLEEP IS ONLY ALLOWED IN THE DORMS! If you sleep anywhere else, it will be considered sleeping in class and you will be punished. Nine: I can’t believe I forgot this but, you can investigate freely. No limit will be placed say for locked doors and if you break them or cameras, well, you know. Well, those are the rules and I will add more if necessary. Bye!” Monokuma says before leaving. “New world? What could that mean?” Wolf wonders. “I hope it doesn’t end the same.” Panther say
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Chronicles of Panther special 2 Chapter 1
Dangan Ronpa 4 Chapter 1:Welcome to Despair Tip
All of us looked the same. We all had the same shocked expression. The bear that was our ‘headmaster’ simply grinned. “That's right. You have to kill. You can stab, burn, poison, strangle,etc etc.” Monokuma explained. “Kill… Can .. us really do something like that?” Panther choked, who was panicking behind me said in a weak voice. “Panther, calm down. Don't worry. I'll protect you.” Wolf told the programmer.  “Right. Please continue Monokuma.” Panther told the bear in a calmer tone. “OK. Now if you check your pockets, you should find a special gift.” Monokuma told them as all of the students check their pockets, finding a small tablet like device.  “Wait.. Where is it?! .. Oh, there it is! Good. I thought I lost it.” Panther pulled out a device looking like a skeleton of a machine “These are e-handbooks. They have info o
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Chronicles of Panther Special 2 Prologue
Our story Begins with Palutena looking through the library as it is the last place to be fixed in the temple from all the explosions. Pit then comes in “Hey Lady Palutena do you know about the event? Panther mentioned it a few times but never told me what it was.” Pit asks “Well I do but, why do you want to know?” Palutena replies “Well in the virtual skyworld it seemed to hurt him. I want to know my partner’s past. Please, Lady Palutena tell me!” Pit Begs “Very well. This tale is from over 4 years ago.” Palutena starts.
Legends are told ,some turn to gold ,others turn to dust. This is the Dust on the golden legend of Panther ... The event.
4 years ago
PROLOGUE: The Ultimates
My name is Ryan Schmidt and now I was at the gates of one of the greatest academy's ever Neo Hope’s Peak Academy centered in Neo Tokyo. Great names. Btw, it was created not to long after the Future foundation Massacre… that was a hard time. It close
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Chronicles of Panther Book 1 EX Chapter 1 part 5
The silence was eerie. The air was tense. At its climax, The Mizutorikkusutā broke out into a sprint. The demon was too fast for her to have time to activate her Protect ability. As a defense mechanism, Lana used her Dragon Pulse to block the hit. The ball protected her from the hit but, like before, it scattered. She held the water trickster in place as she jumped back so she could defend herself better. As soon as he had the chance, the demon ran at her again, ready to kill. With a deep breath, she placed her hands flat in the air to summon a purple, translucent barrier and placed it between herself and her attacker. The demon only registered the wall when he hit it and fell on his side. When he picked himself up, his eyes observed the wall. As he tried to go around it, Lana bent the barrier so he couldn't hurt her. She also gave him a glare that said, ‘I'm no fool. I'm not letting you get anywhere near me.’ Lana isolated herself into her barrier box, unsure of what
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Chronicles of Panther Book 1 EX Chapter 1 part 4
In the real world, Panther’s wounds worsened slightly but, it was nothing compared to the beating he took in the mirror. There was more bleeding around his arms and some prominent bruising around his face, especially his eyes. After the injuries slowed to a stop, Kagome took advantage of the situation to step outside to clear her mind and watch the stars disappear with the midnight blue sky to the gentle grey preparation of a sunrise. She, and everyone else were beginning to realize how run down they were but, all of them refused to rest. Kagome pondered in her thoughts. “Ever since I’ve came here, my life has been nothing but chaotic, even when I come home. Demons and all that crazy stuff follow me. Even literally sometimes. I’ve nearly died more times than I can count. Sometimes I just want the life I had before. The hardest thing before all of this were the tests I took in my history class. Now, I have to fight these things from history.” Kagome sighed
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